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VR Orders History MT5

VR Orders History MT5 is a professional script for downloading trading history in the csv format (EXCEL).

This universal script can run both on hedging and netting accounts.

The script divides the report into two stages:

  • The first stage includes existing current positions and deals, which have opened these positions.
  • The second stage includes historical positions and associated deals.

VR Orders History MT5 can download the trading history of any financial instrument (currency pairs, CFDs, Futures, Bitcoin, Ethereum and others)

An additional analysis of the trading history will help you:
  • Avoid gross mistakes in the future
  • Identify the most profitable trading instruments
  • Create a heatmap of successful trading time
  • Analyze the trading history using external analyzer software
  • Calculate profit, loss and volumes of selected symbols, Expert Advisors and trading tactics

VR Orders History MT5 launch instructions

Drag the script from the navigator to any chart. A file with the name (account number-trader's name-account type-[date].csv) will be created in the terminal folder.
The csv file is located at: Terminal > File > Open data folder > MQL5 > Files > App Data Trading-Go > VR Order History

Other script versions

A lite version for MetaTrader 5 at https://www.mql5.com/en/code/19702 with a small demonstration of the source code and a limited functionality.
Version for MetaTrader 4 https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/5635
A lite version for MetaTrader 4 at https://www.mql5.com/en/code/11164 with a small demonstration of the source code and a limited functionality.

VR Orders History Script Settings

  • Separator - the separator to be added in value in excel, either comma or point
    • Comma - 0,00000
    • Point - 0.00000
  • Symbol - leave the field empty to download the entire available history or enter a list of symbols separated by dashes (-)(Example: EURUSD-BTCUSD-GBP). You can download the trading history for a list of currencies (GBP-USD-BTC). In this case the trading history that includes the specified currencies will be downloaded. You can use a hybrid selection (EURUSD-BTCUSD-GBPUSD-GOLD-BTC-ETH-_BA-BABA-RUR)
  • Magic Number - a unique number used by Expert Advisors to mark their orders. Leave empty to disable the filter. You can specify a list of magic numbers separated by dashes (-) (Example: 0-227-325695-2156- ... 256). The 0 magic is used in the MetaTrader platform for manual orders.
  • Start Time - the beginning time of the requested period
  • Stop Time - the end time of the requested period
  • Separator Line - visual separator in the report

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