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PZ Pivot Points

Are you looking for a high-quality pivot points indicator? The PZ Pivot Points indicator is for you!

  • It plots historical levels for backtesting purposes, not only the current day
  • It allows you to select the reference timeframe
  • It implements customizable colors and sizes

What are Pivot Points?

A pivot point analysis is often used in conjunction with calculating support and resistance levels, similar to a trend line analysis. In a pivot point analysis, the first support and resistance levels are calculated by using the width of the trading range between the pivot point and either the high or low prices of the previous day. The second support and resistance levels are calculated using the full width between the high and low prices of the previous day.

For Developers

In order to build an Expert Advisor, you can read data from the indicator using the iCustom() function as exemplified below

int start()
  // Read values from the indicator
  double r1      = iCustom(Symbol(), Period(), "PZ_PivotPoints", 0, 1);
  double r2      = iCustom(Symbol(), Period(), "PZ_PivotPoints", 1, 1);
  double r3      = iCustom(Symbol(), Period(), "PZ_PivotPoints", 2, 1);
  double pivot   = iCustom(Symbol(), Period(), "PZ_PivotPoints", 6, 1);
  double s1      = iCustom(Symbol(), Period(), "PZ_PivotPoints", 3, 1);
  double s2      = iCustom(Symbol(), Period(), "PZ_PivotPoints", 4, 1);
  double s3      = iCustom(Symbol(), Period(), "PZ_PivotPoints", 5, 1);

  // Now do something with those values

  // Exit


Arturo López Pérez, private investor and speculator, software engineer and founder of Point Zero Trading Solutions.

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Version 2.0 - 2016.08.19
- Added mid points calculations