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VR Smart Grid

VR Smart Grid is a multifunctional Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 terminals, which allows trading with order networks. The algorithm of the adviser allows you to trade with the trend and against the trend. Trading according to the trend is constructed in such a way that each new order is opened only if the previous order has Stop Loss in the profit zone. Trade against the trend is conducted in order to close losing positions with a profit. The Expert Advisor has a large number of settings that allow you to conduct a conservative, aggressive or scalping trading of financial instruments.

Advantages of VR Smart Grid Advisor

  • Easy to set up
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals
  • Can work with any financial instruments. (Forex, Crypto, CFD, Futures, Metals)
  • Can be optimized in the strategy tester
  • It can trade on any time periods.
  • It has several trading modes.
  • It has several averaging modes, including smart averaging.
  • It has several types of trailing stop
  • Two versions of Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 have been developed.

The algorithm of the advisor depends on the selected settings. The standard algorithm of the advisor - the adviser is waiting for a signal from the CCI indicator. If the indicator is in the oversold zone, the adviser opens a buy position, if the indicator is in the overbought zone, the adviser opens a sell position. If the price rises, the adviser will be added to the position according to the trend with the lot specified in the settings, provided that the last order has a stop loss in the profitable zone, and against the trend, the adviser opens orders according to the type of lot calculation selected in the settings, in order to close the network of orders profit. The network of orders against the trend is closed by one of the averaging options. All orders, the lowest and the highest orders, the last two orders can participate in averaging, and “Smart Averaging” can be used, which selects the most optimal variant from other averages.

It is important to note how orders are closed. The advisor algorithm allows you to close a network of orders with the minimum profit specified in the program settings. Also, the most risky orders can be closed with previously accumulated profits. When trailing a stop with orders against a trend, the situation can often occur when a trailing works on large orders with a large lot, having worn a large order several times, the adviser accumulates profit and, if this profit is greater than the profit specified in the settings, the adviser closes the far-off distant order.


  • Conduct testing in conditions as close to real. Use demo accounts for tests.
  • Test at least 2-4 business weeks
  • For quality and reliable testing, use VPS servers whenever possible.
  • The program settings allow you to run several copies of the adviser in one terminal, use this feature
  • Do not allow yourself big risks
  • Any. set files check on tests (. set files do not take into account the spread, chart period, broker quotes, commissions, etc.)
  • Testing the adviser in the strategy tester will not give you guarantees and reliable good results.
  • Do not leave the advisor on 24/7, always monitor the work of the adviser and, if necessary, adjust the setting

The program is distributed on an “as is” basis.

All modifications and updates are made at the discretion of the author.

Additional material:

danielshang 2020.04.27 02:54 


Na Channel
Na Channel 2020.04.15 19:52 

Very profitable ea i depost 500 and i gained 618 good profit for one week thank you very much vladmir

whwaite777 2020.02.15 12:58 

VERY IMPORTANT: The main rules about a Grid-based progression system like this is that your currency pair correlation must eventually, over a period of time balance to as close to 50% (50% movement on the one pair and 50% on the other) in order to mathematically balance out the trades. Please see this site as a reference and you will find that USDGBP on 5min is almost the ONLY currency pair you can use with such a system. Also what you must remember is that your movements on the lower timeframe must always (KEEP IT THIS WAY) fit into the Bollinger Bands of the higher timeframes, so you know you are safe. This is what you need to monitor frequently in order to not sell for example on the Lower Band of the 4 Hour or Daily, as this will be crazy. Anycase I'm just trying to help you guys. Maths/Logic/Common Sense always prevails. PS! Loved my tests on GBPUSD 5min ONLY! ;-) Well done Vlad

Revo Trades
Revo Trades 2020.01.30 00:26 

before buying 3 month sub. i did a demo for 3 weeks, it blew up on last 2 days, however, it was most stable grid trading ea i have ever used. Until that last 3 days, it took profit from both ups and downs in every market wave; If i had only a bigger account, it would have made profit from that last bad trend also, but alas, it did not.

But note: i think this is meant to be traded with external indicators. This part i have not used yet.

I paid for the ea around 2 weeks ago, and on live account deposited 200usd, traded pairs aj, ej, gu, eg, cadj. has gone close to margin call a few times, but this was due to the number of pairs, not the ea trading.

Today, it is 305 balance, 80 floating loss, this means that it is in profit!!!!! thanks Vladimir for your fine work!

спасибо, что оценили

Evgeniy539 2020.01.22 09:04 

Торгую вторую неделю.при оптимальных настройках 100% прибыль.очень доволен советником.

Rustem_HC 2020.01.06 17:52 

Добрый день господа! За советник ставлю отлично. Техподдержка со стороны Владимира тоже на отлично, все вопросы решаются оперативно. По вопросам работы советника могу сказать одно, на каждый инструмент свои настройки. Так что тестируйте, по настройкам и периодам. Ну и самое главное как к советнику данного типа отнесется ваш брокер. Смело могу рекомендовать.

David Herein
David Herein 2019.12.05 22:25 

Demo worked in two week but live blow my account in a day (EUR/USD bounced at 2019-dec-02). Like others said, do not leave this EA alone. you have to check every 2,4 hours

Gustavo Da Moser
Gustavo Da Moser 2019.11.01 18:40 

Great system

I use 10 months, possibility N of configurations - just have good money management

It's a cash machine

Congratulations Vladimir

Yen Hao Su
Yen Hao Su 2019.10.01 06:06 

You have to properly manage it and modify set file time to time based on market situation. There is no easy job as "turn on and print money".

Please see my MQL5 signal as below


adelolad 2019.08.20 17:14 

if i should say something about this ea i tell it's amazing. thanks author

Lorraine Pierce
Lorraine Pierce 2019.08.09 23:52 

I want to love this EA, but it has blown half of my account twice now. It will randomly take a trade that's 60 times bigger lot size than others, and then I wake up to half my account gone. I used the developers set files for each pair. Very dangerous EA. Not recommended by me. I brought this to the developers attention and his response was just "Very strange ! I also use these settings! But I have everything ok! Orders like yours closed with profit!" That response does not help resolve bad coding.

Ravi De Silva
Ravi De Silva 2019.08.01 20:31 

Very dangerous EA. Long way in the wrong direction and you will have a big draw down and lose lot of money.

Mike Yupangco
Mike Yupangco 2019.07.30 13:42 

This has many options for risk management and there are set files. As the author says, backtest and run it on a demo to get familiar with the system and controlling the orders.

I am extremely happy with the performance thus far.

Hasan Alkhalifa
Hasan Alkhalifa 2019.07.22 15:30 

Honestly, this is the best EA I have been seeing in the market so far. It's very stable and profitable. I have been using this expert adviser for three months now, and it generates steady and concise profits. I highly recommend it for everyone. I thank the developer for the great job, well done.

Alik 2019.07.05 13:10 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Aleksey Chirkov
Aleksey Chirkov 2019.07.02 10:11 

Торгую на пред идущей версии, по ка что все хорошо

Mihail Musihin
Mihail Musihin 2019.06.25 12:22 

Это феаско, братан! До обновления не мог нарадоваться на советник, уже был готов его купить... а потом обновление и всё кувырком. Стабильно не торгует, замучился гонять тесты и демки.

Banpodj Titipat
Banpodj Titipat 2019.06.23 09:47 

Aydin 2019.06.18 10:40 

I've blown my account today (on EURUSD drop) after three weeks trading on Live. However, I leave a 4-star rating cause I think the EA just did what it's been told. Although I have tested the EA on several demos with several settings, I think that I needed to learn more about the EA's setting and parameter. I would recommend people get a lot of confidence of how this EA works before hitting the road. I will continue my learning on a demo account and maybe I will come back to the EA again.

PeterSwaby 2019.06.15 13:55 

At some point the grid will be set up and the market will go a long way in the wrong direction and you will have a big draw down and lose a lot of money. Don't buy it or use it.

Sathiroth 2019.06.15 04:08 

Will provide a detailed review after some more testing.

Only testing on the Asian session at the moment.

john127 2019.06.14 09:45 

scam EA. seller is not helpful and unresponsive.Fake positive reviews.

berlintokyo06 2019.06.07 16:03 

perfect system

waleed060 2019.06.03 17:55 

Been using this EA for exactly 3months, heavily tested it on 7 demo and 2 live accounts, each account with 4-6 different pairs, this EA is a money making machine only if you use correct settings which would match your capital size so the account will not be blown, take it easy on the settings for small capitals and enjoy the profits. Thanks dear Vladimir

icaroantunes 2019.05.22 15:45 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

liqianghe 2019.05.19 15:33 

Very good EA.

RIZA DOEK 2019.05.18 23:30 

Very Strong EA .

lutz66 2019.05.15 15:21 

Very interesting EA. Good job VP.

Abraham Santiyagu
Abraham Santiyagu 2019.05.14 04:35   

Would anyone share a good set file? I am back testing

more than week but still finding hard to find one!!

cominghome 2019.05.13 10:55 

I think It is very powerful tool. But there are some problems about settings. I experienced that default settings are not good to get success. If you try to manage setting, you will see that there are millions of combinations and very few of them can get successful result. I see that giving set files to everyone is not idea for author. Then maybe he can sell set files seperately. It works indeed. I can be one of the first buyers of set files. But in current situation, I don't recommend that PRO tool for persons which are not trading genious.

Ting Wei Wu
Ting Wei Wu 2019.05.10 23:40 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Heiner G.
Heiner G. 2019.05.06 09:07 

Extreme risk. Yes, you can make money from it, but at what price is the question. I received a setfile from a colleague, which earns about 30 Euros per day. The risk is enormous, so I take distance from this Ea. There are better ones who also earn 30+ euros per day, but who are not ruined with one leg. There is a chance to earn money with this Ea. There is also the chance to lose the entire account in a few hours.

Christos Andronoudis
Christos Andronoudis 2019.05.05 09:13 

The only way to get the set file from the author is by giving a 5 star review, so be sure that the reviews are most likely fake.No matter what set filew you use finally you will loose all your money.

majid heydari
majid heydari 2019.05.01 19:47 

I tested the robot and was profitable, as a large number of subscribers said, the author is a committed and responsible person, answering questions and responsive, and constantly updating the robot, hoping for days full of Of profit

jason14wm 2019.04.30 21:17 

So far so good, I talked to a few people who have made a good profit using this EA, and i hope to be one of them soon ahaha

cronnies 2019.04.25 19:32 

Followed backtesting settings of Vladimir and started with 42 EUR. After one month I am on 69 EUR with DD not more than 20%. Great EA!

julaic 2019.04.24 15:35 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

berlinbek 2019.04.22 22:09 

Stable and consistent profit even on a $150 account - love it, thanks!

Aldo Archundia
Aldo Archundia 2019.04.22 21:34 

Nice Robot!

Marcus Witab
Marcus Witab 2019.04.21 19:16 

A powerful EA. Good job!

Munch Makuchi
Munch Makuchi 2019.04.21 17:14 

Amazing EA but for any EA used in trading make sure to back test back test back test!!

Wenxiao Wang
Wenxiao Wang 2019.04.21 14:59 


abrindusa 2019.04.21 08:11 

A powerful EA. Good job!

John Patrick Siao
John Patrick Siao 2019.04.21 07:29 

Great EA!

sachanvajra 2019.04.21 05:35 

It's really a powerfull EA. It's 5 STARS! Amazing EA

paulcruz095 2019.04.21 05:31 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

khoi1009 2019.04.21 04:50 

I have just purchased the EA based on many good reviews. This 5-star review truly shows my seriousness in exploring this EA. Haven't started the EA yet but hopefully I can come back to this page again with another 5* after using .

plentypvp 2019.04.20 13:26 

Если настройки правильные - то советник отличный. Хорошее отношение профита к риску.

VVCC5038 2019.04.20 12:42 

Great product!

Lander Revuelta
Lander Revuelta 2019.04.20 11:54 

Its a very flexible EA, so you need to spend time watching and understanding its behaviour. After its much easier to think and find a way to make money. Also, the owner is attentive and willing to improve his product.

grillmaster 2019.04.20 11:02 

Very nice EA!

Николай Осолодкин
Николай Осолодкин 2019.04.19 15:01 

Отличный советник

Abdul Hakim Bin Ahmad Latiffi
Abdul Hakim Bin Ahmad Latiffi 2019.04.17 01:35 

i blew my account with this EA... be careful...

Fallet Willy
Fallet Willy 2019.04.10 22:31 


Horace Delapenha
Horace Delapenha 2019.04.10 03:54   

very risky EA, as developer say do not leave unattended.

Jens Bruns
Jens Bruns 2019.04.05 12:15 

Great EA! Of course you must understand how the Grid System work and how you trade with. Find the right settings and pairs is the key. Community and Author are really good!

thapelofocus2 2019.04.01 10:09 

this is a crap EA,i wonder where these people get all these 5 stars from,this EA will blow your account test it and you will see and the seller doesn't even respond to messages,bad support bad EA.stay away.

iromo 2019.03.31 23:00 

I am very satisfied, my losses and profits have been the result of a bad and good configuration respectively, we would all have to understand very well how the expert advisor works and perform the tests as many as necessary to understand each parameter, I do not consider myself an expert and I learn from all, and I would never blame others of my configuration much less to the author to whom I thank all his effort to improve the adviser.

maakuone 2019.03.29 12:38 

I'm getting some profit from this EA, then author released an update with a different Magic Number. Too bad for me I updated, didn't see the different magic number, after checking after 2 days, I'm left with orphaned grids

Andrey Khalizov
Andrey Khalizov 2019.03.28 11:28 

Рабочий советник, со множеством вариантов настройки, от агрессивной, до спокойной. Много раз менял настройки, искал свой вариант. Нашел. Депозит увеличился на 50%. Поддержка хорошая, быстрая. Советником доволен. Стоит на виртуальном сервере, в работу не вмешиваюсь.

Hector Mestril
Hector Mestril 2019.03.28 00:56 

Drained my account....

Revilo2200 2019.03.22 13:56 

Maybe it's a bit too early to give a realistic rating, but the SG recorded 500 Euros within 3 days. Start Lot 0.04. Crazy. I will renew my rating after one month.

wildflower29 2019.03.22 11:35 

The best EA I've ever used! It's a powerful tool for trading! Thank you Vladimir!

FM24 2019.03.19 15:04 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Stefan Marjoram
Stefan Marjoram 2019.03.18 23:31 

Lost my whole account this is not a safe EA

Pruntyi1974 2019.03.15 15:38 

Works very nicely, I'm happy.

valinari2008 2019.03.15 12:05 

Perfect EA, i m on real account after weeks of testing and its working :)

apeder 2019.03.15 08:05 

Super good EA, the best I have tried

Thx Vladimir

Muhammad Zubir Bin Abdul Basir
Muhammad Zubir Bin Abdul Basir 2019.03.13 23:47 

so lied

Mohammad Yousaf Hameedi
Mohammad Yousaf Hameedi 2019.03.13 17:05 

The author isn't cooperative and also I didn't find the real monitor account.

RobotGrail 2019.03.08 10:56 

Шикарный робот - для умных,не жадных людей ! Я Сам долго следил перед покупкой - положительных отзывов только прибавлялось точно не зря ! Считаю что очень выгодно его купил,автор его постоянно развивает - стоимость однозначно со временем уверен будет больше !

Негативные отзывы пишут - глупцы,не обращайте внимания !!!

Yandong Li
Yandong Li 2019.03.06 06:10 


Gdamjb 2019.03.04 23:51 

Excellent Grid Ea, one of the best if not the best. You still have to manage the margin as for all ea´s i suppose. Thanks Wan Ping Fei and Clifton for your work done and of course VP

Mohammad Bablu
Mohammad Bablu 2019.03.04 15:04 

so far so good!

I MADE ERI NOPANDI 2019.03.02 05:54 

It's a profitable EA.

For those who buy it, keep in mind, do not need to chase a huge profit!

As Vladimir once said, "for hotheads, keep in mind the advisor can drain the deposit."

It is definitely the best EA I have ever used.

Rahul Jain
Rahul Jain 2019.03.02 05:15 

So far So good !! With manageable drawdown less than 20%. It work as a money printing machine, thanks to it's averaging strategy..

My only concern was when a big spike comes from nowhere, what does this ea will do??

Does it open new opposite position to contain losses??

Or we have to wait till all things settle down??

Thanks in advance

Krest857 2019.03.01 14:07 

Всем Привет!

Владимир, огромное Вам спасибо за советника!

Как уже однажды Владимир сказал " для горячих голов имейте ввиду советник может слить депозит".

Я горячая голова! Я установил советник на 7 валютных пар в максимальных для заработка условиях. В результате на коррекции 7 пар потерял 200$ из 500$. После того как я увидел работу в максимальной нагрузке, я выставил настройки в минимальной нагрузке на депозит, и на каждой паре советник зарабатывает минимум 30-50$ в сутки!

Еще раз огромное Вам спасибо Владимир! Советник просто супер!!!

С НОВЫМ обновлением советник стал еще круче!

Тем кто его купит имейте ввиду, не нужно гнаться за огромной прибылью! Настройки позволяют с минимальной посадкой заробатывать!

Браво Владимир!

Доказательства что советник работает при правильных настройках идеально могу любому предоставить!

Если есть вопросы по тому как именно я настроил и зарабатываю с этим советником, пишите мне в лс.

Nereorp 2019.03.01 13:08 

A piece of Junk, please do not spend money on these Robot.Those reviews with 5 stars are not real.If u want to see that I'm not kidding test it on demo!You'l not gonna see your money back!

Chakalaa 2019.03.01 08:17 

I'm so happy. Super Good EA,perfect support.

Merci Vladimir

AirOne1 2019.03.01 01:50 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

waseem_m.t 2019.02.27 20:01 


Kong Jian Hshung
Kong Jian Hshung 2019.02.27 17:05 

Bad support

This ea opened 2 buy with 0.01 0.02, and sell 0.01 but when buy already profit at all the ea never take profit, when I come back to see it has turned to floating loss... very disappointed with this ea

EDITED: Respond is a bit slow by author but i do understand because he is facing not only me and he is working on the EA, so be patient to get reply.

This EA works really great, even though it is not make a huge profit but stable profit, even news is coming I don't care just let the EA do it is job.


cShellPro 2019.02.26 09:58 

This has got to be the best EA I ever used.

It generates steady profit, 5 days a week.

robinchba 2019.02.26 05:45 

Very good EA must test it on demo account before going real and check time frame before

xm89743 2019.02.23 03:39 

Good EA,nice support.

Julian Greaves
Julian Greaves 2019.02.22 20:26 

Purchased in Feb. Been running on two MT4 live accounts. 20% gains on both accounts. Thanks Vladimir for a very smart grid.

hzwnrw 2019.02.21 01:01 

Very flexible,, please remember that this is not a full ea, please monitor yr ea every 2-3 hrs, in 6 hrs i made 20 usd with capital of 200 usd but you need to be careful

Wan Mohd Safwan Bin Wan Daud
Wan Mohd Safwan Bin Wan Daud 2019.02.17 14:28 

With 40 usd initial balance (for testing), i got 70USD just in a day. Amazing EA, use with caution. EA just a tool, u r the king. Thank you Vladimir!

Takumi Ryu
Takumi Ryu 2019.02.17 02:26 

profitable ea :)

Nicolaas de Mol
Nicolaas de Mol 2019.02.15 06:43 

Most disappointing experience, after testing set files put ea on a 10K account, so far 10.25 profit and for week 2 1125 in DD with 0.01 lot size start. You have to have patience with Grids and their set file.

Nari_N 2019.02.12 05:26 

Nice job Vladimir, keep up the great work and can't wait for new updates.

TTchu C
TTchu C 2019.02.10 09:19 

about to try this out :) after reading comments I hope this is good

Jian Xu
Jian Xu 2019.02.08 12:28 

great work, good EA

qq012ccx 2019.02.08 06:45 

very good EA!!!

feesto 2019.02.07 08:43 

Great work, the EA works well.....please can you send me the EURUSD settings...thanks

Berkay Yildiz
Berkay Yildiz 2019.02.06 16:18 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

-1234- 2019.02.05 05:50 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

tbone6677 2019.02.04 23:39 

Really flexible EA with many settings. Great work!!

Yingnan Li
Yingnan Li 2019.02.02 13:17 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

elad atias
elad atias 2019.02.02 10:43 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Georgii Aravidis
Georgii Aravidis 2019.02.01 21:53 

Nice Work!!!

Update 20/11/2019:

With proper settings and right money management this EA is an incredible instrument in your trading !


Adam Horvath
Adam Horvath 2019.02.01 11:53 

Good job Vladimir. EA is very good.

Athikom Thaiprasansup
Athikom Thaiprasansup 2019.02.01 05:44 

like it :)

Hao Wang
Hao Wang 2019.01.31 18:25 

Good job Vladimir

Lorant Nemeth
Lorant Nemeth 2019.01.30 11:02 

Very good EA.

Thanks Vladimir. Excellent work

fetz77 2019.01.28 19:30 

Very good EA with many possibilities of profitable settings

Gwaihir79 2019.01.27 22:21 

great ...

MR.E 2019.01.27 00:03 

Great EA! Have been using it for 3 weeks with over 70% profit so far!

EDIT: After 4 weeks, 167% profit! Amazing EA!

Raiden1 2019.01.26 09:25 

Great EA, thank-you Vladimir

EwaS 2019.01.26 04:52 

A very powerful & professional EA and it comes with a lot of support from the author and the community

ksusanti 2019.01.26 03:18 

The best EA on the planet! Money Making Machine if you know how to use it!

Salute to Vladimir the creator and Peter for the settings and relentlessly ongoing improvements for the community! Thank you so much!

zainulabdeen7 2019.01.25 14:02 

great EA, 3 weeks on back testing. most profit i saw on EURUSD ON M15 and 1H

Venna 2019.01.25 11:50 

Great EA. One of the best EA's I have seen thus far.

tranhoang791 2019.01.25 11:39 

I finally found it already, really a great ea, very thank to Vladimir Pastushak!

tigerakai 2019.01.25 09:59 

Reliable and Profitable EA

Ashtray 2019.01.25 09:43 

I'm learning about the EA for now, but it seems very promising! Keep the great job VP!

hermann fraenken
hermann fraenken 2019.01.25 08:31 

im strategietester läuft gut und werde noch im demokonto weitertesten!!!!

Poenforex 2019.01.25 07:15 

One of the best EA in my life which provide me stable profitable result.

Really thanks Vladimir and also Peter's idea and all any comments explanation.

tomvanosselaer 2019.01.25 06:50 

best ea ever

jc4fun 2019.01.25 06:45 

Start with rent the EA one week ago. EA managed well all news untill now. Close every day with profit. Quiet impresive.

The community around the EA is active and provid many advise. Wish a nice ride with VR Smart Grid

noshali 2019.01.25 06:36 

So far so good..making good small profits daily on a small account.

zhenglah 2019.01.25 06:27 

one of the best EA I have tested so far, and a great and helpful community especially peter for helping out new comers.

ta2ta2_2016 2019.01.25 05:35 

Great EA with a lot of different settings and great support from author and community.

aodthth 2019.01.25 05:01 

Very good EA. Try on demo and real account, this EA gives constant good profit. Special thanks to author and Peter for excellent contribution.

Alan Alphapoint
Alan Alphapoint 2019.01.25 04:51 

Good EA with great potential. Using 1h default setting, will leave positions always open. Have to use shorter time fame to close open positions.

Good support from community.

Vladimir has been actively in support and improving EA capability.

feier007 2019.01.25 03:41 

Great EA. One of the best EA's I have seen thus far.

Bruce 2019.01.25 02:47 

Good Profits on real account and great support from author and community..

tradesafe2015 2019.01.25 02:08 

This is the only EA that makes me profit so far, with great help from the community hopefully we can grow together.

VP the author takes time to continually update this EA to meet growing development in the market, makes this EA even more valuable.

chipsy5 2019.01.25 00:32 

Great EA, great people involved. Can't wait to go live :D

Joebuckets99 2019.01.24 22:05 

Guys what time frame to use to trade EURUSD and what are the settings to be profitable? trying to get answers

please help

ratsalad 2019.01.24 16:44 

After trying a few EAs, this is the best. But beware, this is not a set and forget EA, you need to pay attention and profits will be yours

Chris Koh
Chris Koh 2019.01.24 16:20 

This EA is very good.

Demo for 15 days and so far have been profitable gains.

Have go live account. So far is profitable gains too.

Special thanks to Peter Fei for his parameters too.

Vladimir had also been very helpful with support.

Thanks all.

VP is not much helpful and does not reply much recently since Mar2020.

Disappointed with the customer support.

Tangi18 2019.01.24 15:43 

Superb EA! Best support from the creator and from the community. Thank You for this opportunity.

littlegem2 2019.01.24 15:03 

After years of trading, never really finding a style that suits me I am so pleased to have found this EA. It is simple to understand and simple to adapt to your balance and margin. There are numerous combinations of settings to suit your needs and allow for the ever changing market.It has so far given me a steady profit with very little stree. Thankyou VR for all your hard work on this EA and for listening to requests for additions to the EA, really looking forward to the update to make the software even better! Peter, thankyou for being the guru on this expert advisor and for being there to guide people through it. You are always very helpful and courteous.

Michael Ogbonnaya
Michael Ogbonnaya 2019.01.24 14:28 

I have used a number of expert advisors in this mql5.com market place, including getting a couple of EAs coded for me by developers. None has come close to:

1. The consistency of the VR Smart Grid EA.

2. The low draw-down and good money management.

Now I can trade without my blood pressure rising about loosing my funds.

Keep up the good work VP and keep the updates coming.

David Barros
David Barros 2019.01.24 14:16 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

丁伟华 2019.01.24 13:41 

very good EA!Thank you Vladimir! And also thank you Peter and Cliphton for your great contributions.

Dhruv Patel
Dhruv Patel 2019.01.24 13:25 

It is truly an EA that even a newbie can use and profit from. Please read through all comments to learn the basic mechanism and to learn how to get out of tricky situations. Peter has been a great help to this community. Thank you Vladimir for your hard work. Peter you have truly directed everyone to a gem!

Win Thu
Win Thu 2019.01.24 12:52 

One of the best Grid Algo ever!

Don't be greedy, money management is important and know your leverage.

Check the market movement and trend..

Thanks Vladimir.

woodann007 2019.01.24 12:34 

I loved it.

Vojtech Dubina
Vojtech Dubina 2019.01.24 11:30 

very good EA

Kad Mech
Kad Mech 2019.01.20 10:53 

i loved it

Aravind 2019.01.19 18:00 

The best and smart EA. This EA should take first place in the market. Much better than all other expensive EA in the market.

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2019.01.18 23:27 

There is potential... requires testing and optimisations to discover best settings for use.

Vendor has done much work. Now much work required by user before using Live.

Christopher Christian Kobiela
Christopher Christian Kobiela 2019.01.14 23:04 

Awesome EA! Find your right settings. Don't be greedy and build up your capital step by step. The key is not to loose money. Be happy about every profit whether it is much or not.

Thank you Vladimir! And also thank you Peter and Cliphton for your great contributions.

Ken 2019.01.14 20:28 

Great and reliable EA. Yes. This EA is smart!. Thank you Vladimir.

rsk123 2019.01.12 13:28 

Прекрасный советник. Выдержал все мои тесты не только на валюте но и на европейском индексе. В реале приносит стабильный доход, без усреднения лота. Если использовать усреднение, то постоянный контроль обязателен. Автору большое спасибо за продукт и компетентную поддержку.

Muhammad Shareef
Muhammad Shareef 2019.01.11 07:16   

Best and trusted Robot ever.......Excellent work....Please Give me more best robot setting thanks

Stop loss no working

FRANCE VUSUMUZI NYAWO 2019.01.10 16:54 


Thank you Vladimir

Staffs123 2019.01.08 08:29 

Adjustable stop needed... For the trend function. This could be advantageous to prevent counter-trend trades from giving massive DD... Better to have small losses with potential big profits, versus consistent profits, and mass drawdown...

ikoubaa 2019.01.08 06:05   


Which currency pair and which time frame please.

Thank you

dcheuqueman 2019.01.05 02:23 

the best only the best, thank you Vladimir for this great work. you have to know how to use it and study. After that, do not be greedy.

Hichame18 2019.01.02 13:18 

Great EA with a lot of different settings, but still a Grid logic….. so please Don't be greedy!!! On top the Community is also very helpful!!! Good job Vladimir!!!

vladimir.zajakin 2019.01.02 10:06 

Consistent profit. EA works great!!! I like it! Best EA that i have ever used! Many thanks to author!

King Lok
King Lok 2018.12.28 01:45 


Start from 20 Dec with 1500USD deposit, 400USD profit at 28 Dec.

And this EA provided flexibility to meet the different situation.

Clifton 2018.12.07 04:01 

My turn to give thanks. Potentially a great place for social and like minded friends to learn and exchange ideas!

Least aside, I started with $600+ on 30nov 2018. It’s grown to 1k at the time I’m writing this now. 7dec 2018

Do fiddle and find your personal threshold for drawdown and timeframe and capital to start up.

Highly flexible and customisable. Vladimir-

Author is recommending it with 1hr time frame

Peter has his tailored 1min time frame

I’m doing it with 1min time frame too

Im thiking of combining author’s 1hr and my 1min set. One to work as short term and another as mid/Long term. Sorta like, two strategies running. And mitigate and spread risk.

(I’ll be withdrawing too at the end of the month 😀👊👍)

02.04.2019 - update - I seen how this EA grew from a small community to a large one. This EA requires a lot of diligent effort on TDS and a lot of time doing your personal homework. There’s no lazy way out. I’m still surviving and hanging around. Some fun fact , the broker makes a big difference and the VPS as well. When you are confident with your personalised set, you could go it your way or use the author’s or other users’ sets in the comments

m4passive 2018.11.23 20:10 

Superb EA I ever use, I really love it.

googs666 2018.11.15 13:02 

this is the best program for making steady income, if you can use this on 1:500 ecn account you can use bigger lots, and the money will blow your mind, no need for work just sit back and see the profit !!!! just keep an eye out for news on heavy trend days. Vladimir you have done an excellent job !! keep up the good work !!

Wan Ping Fei
Wan Ping Fei 2018.11.10 04:50 


Dmitrii Dergausov
Dmitrii Dergausov 2018.09.25 11:49 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

sergmir2007 2018.07.26 12:15 

очень грамотная , отличная работа, автор всегда откликается и помогает если требуется

52269601 2018.07.13 17:17   

hi mate, I have rent from you the program. Could I have pls the setting for eur usd ? Time frame ? real account 200 USD

Giuliano Karoleski
Giuliano Karoleski 2018.06.23 18:14   

Hi Vladimir, can you give me a preset for EURUSD and EURGBP. One more thing, what´s that magic number for? I couldn't find information about it.

Saeed Al Mahdi
Saeed Al Mahdi 2018.05.02 14:09   

You can give me his Euro and US dollar settings

Joshua Mondragon
Joshua Mondragon 2018.04.06 21:45 

Backtest looks amazing! This is the type of scalper i have been looking for! In the market all the time!

Demo start date will be 4/9/18

Version 20.27 2020.02.13
Revised calculation of compensation for swap and Commission
Optimized and accelerated algorithm of the program
Version 20.26 2020.02.01
Optimized calculation of the percentage of the lot
Version 20.25 2020.01.30
Fixed-message and maxlotchek lot calculation
Fixed-Trading at the intersection of moving averages
Version 20.24 2020.01.25
Working with the averaging type Maximum and minimum orders with partial closure, fixed a situation where a large network of orders accumulated.
Version 20.21 2020.01.22
Closing positions in case of partial averaging
Improved closing when using maximum + minimum averaging
Version 20.20 2020.01.20
Connecting custom indicators
Version 20.19 2020.01.20
Compensation for the swap and commission
Version 20.18 2020.01.10
The settings are applied to all orders signal network
On order the entire network open to signals from strategies
Off the signals open only the first starting order

Added support for PTP indicator
Version 20.17 2020.01.09
Comments on orders.
Version 20.16 2020.01.09
Close all orders when the specified profit or loss
Version 20.15 2020.01.08
Conclusion comments on the positions and properties of warrants
Version 20.14 2020.01.07
Optimized insertion check adviser trade time
Version 20.13 2020.01.07
Fixes when dealing with the general take profit
Fixed and optimized to work with a trailing stop on indicators Donchian
Version 20.12 2020.01.06
Fixed take profit if there was one order.
Version 20.11 2020.01.06
Calculation of lots
Version 20.10 2020.01.05
Fixed calculation of the lot, before increasing the bid could stop at 0, 28.
Version 19.121 2019.12.27
Minor improvements and optimization of the virtual network algorithm
Version 19.120 2019.12.24
What was done:

1 - Reworked calculation of the lot, fixed lot and the lot on the percentage. Previously, some brokers might have problems.
2 - The types of averaging, averaging two types have been added. This partial closure of the maximum orders. To understand how they work, run the program in the strategy tester.
3 - restored and brought into operation manual trading mode!
4 - Changed the function with the balance, you specify the allowable amount now for the loss or the amount of profit at which the adviser has yet to close and stop its work
5 - Added calculation of compensation for the swaps, the Commission is now the sum of losses from the commissions and swaps accounted advisor.
6 - Improved trailing stop earlier, some brokers have been identified problems with trailing
7 - Improved built-in trading strategies, signals are adjusted.
8 - Added the ability to manually change the overall take profit, adjustment is included in the EA, and draws a line that can be moved.
9 - Improved work in manual mode with virtual levels. Earlier levels could be shifted.
10 Added virtual trade regime, a separate unique mode, this mode uses a stop loss and take profit.
11 Added to import signals or any other indicator systems. Advisor can read signals from the global variables with SignalBuy names, where 1 is to buy, and 0 to do nothing and SignalSell where -1 is to sell, and 0 to do nothing.

Much has been done to optimize the code, it is considered a large number of features of different brokers. . . .
Version 19.72 2019.07.24
Optimized trailing stop, previously some brokers had problems with a large number of modifications
Version 19.71 2019.07.22
Optimized lot calculation for interest
Optimized lot calculation for sell orders
Improved behavior of the trading strategy on the new bar
Optimized trailing stop code
Improved and optimized the work of the profit distribution function on the balance sheet
Fixed grammatical errors.
Improved behavior on the main trading strategy
Optimized code for strategy tester
Several tests were conducted on real and demo accounts.
Optimized the work of additional embedded trading strategies
The program code is optimized and made universally for different brokers.
Updated instructions for settings in Russian and English (read blog)
Version 19.60 2019.07.04
Code rewritten from scratch, added additional checks.

Much work has been done to optimize the algorithm.

Much preparatory work has been done for the following improvements.
Version 19.51 2019.05.15
Optimization of the profit distribution function.
Code optimization
Test the new version on a demo account.
Version 19.32 2019.03.19
Trading strategies included
Version 19.30 2019.03.18
The trading strategy is installed from the advisor version 18. 120
The code is fully optimized and accelerated.
Improved work with the balance of the adviser and the distribution of profits.
Balance information.

Added by:
Added low margin margin setting (Margin Alert)
Advisor Balance - added a warning about the negative balance of the adviser.
Version 19.20 2019.02.25
Global update advisor!
The program is completely rewritten from scratch!
Before updating, be sure to test the program on a demo account!
Version 18.120 2018.12.03
Maximal Orders buy-Maximum number of BUY orders (0-off)
Maximal Orders Sell-Maximum number of SELL orders (0-off)
Maximal Lots buy-Maximum volume of BUY order (0-off)
Maxi Mal Lots Sell-Maximum volume of SELL order (0-off)
Version 18.110 2018.11.04
Added by:
Time to stop trading, the expert does not open new orders, but at the same time controls and modifies previously opened orders. The setting is useful for situations when a broker at night can raise security requirements.
- Dont Trade Hour Start - Start a pause in trade
- Dont Trade Hour Stop - End of a pause in trade
Version 18.81 2018.08.31
In some cases, the EA did not correctly calculate the profit and closed one order with a loss.
Version 18.42 2018.04.24
Important update!
Fixed the issue with Magic numbers.
Earlier, changing the magic number during in the process of operation could lead to opening numerous orders.
The issue has been resolved!
Version 18.40 2018.04.02
Description of the program in the dialog box.
Added information about the program to a special window.

Speed of operation with a large number of orders.
Minor improvements.