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VR Watch list and Linker MT5

VR Watch list and Linker – adviser for linking (Linker) open charts in MetaTrader terminal. The program has its own Market Watch which changes the trading instrument in opened MetaTrader charts.  By selecting a trading instrument in the market watch trader will get charts of the selected trading tool in opened terminal charts. In this way, by setting several charts with different timeframes and indicators, trader can conduct a lookup for financial instrument that gives a trading signal according to the trading strategy maximally quick. 

Adviser solves a common everyday routine problem of searching different financial instruments, which are in active state, in a trend or in a range. 

Adviser benefits

  • There are two versions with small differences for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5
  • Works on all possible financial instruments (Forex, CFD, Crypto, Metals, Futures)
  • Easy installation and setting, text and video instructions included
  • Suits both beginners and professional traders
  • Shows all necessary information about the financial instruments
  • Helps to identify financial instruments with trading signals
  • Has its own trading panel
  • Can work with chart templates
  • Can save trading instrument sets
  • Can load trading instrument history
  • Can filter financial instruments by different attributes
  • There is a possibility to insert users code to get values
  • There is a possibility to start up to 4 program copies simultaneously and link them in various ways
  • Has built in color schemes, colors and settings are adjustable
  • There are built-in hotkeys

Initial program startup on a new trading account may take a long time!

Trading method with a variety of trading instruments is effective, because trader can trade his trading strategy signal every day on different trading instruments. Trader does not have to follow only 1-2 trading instruments waiting for a trading signal. Everybody has been in a situation, when you were waiting for a trading signal for several days, and then you miss a trading signal because you were busy in that same moment with something else, or the signal occurred during the late night. Beginners in trading often trade only one currency pair. Sometimes, when waiting for a signal, trader becomes tired or affected by his emotions, and starts to see a signal where there is no signal. It happens because of too long waiting and a desperate desire to make profit. 

By using variety of trading instruments, trader can create and save lists of trading instruments with different actual market situations. For example, it is possible to create a list of instruments, which have a level break out or a technical analysis pattern forming. Such lists can be easily created and monitored with the help of VR Watch list and Linker, and desired signals will not be missed again. Search for an active trading instrument is difficult, because every instrument requires detailed analysis with help of different timeframe charts and indicators. This is an everyday routine for any trader. VR Watch list and Linker adviser was created to maximally help traders in their everyday search for active trading instruments.

Additional Information:

dimitri.shat 2020.07.09 10:48 

Отличная программа ! Владимиру большая благодарность. Без этой программы теперь как без рук.

fiestafalcon 2018.05.28 22:08   

Uniqe and extremmly usefull, good job. Just some minor points to be improved.

Corentin Lobet
Corentin Lobet 2017.12.22 12:35   

Useful !

Version 19.20 2019.02.18
Disappearance of graphic objects on the chart after closing the terminal.
Version 19.15 2019.01.29
Spontaneous change of a financial instrument when linking charts
Version 19.14 2019.01.17
Unauthorized removal of financial instruments
Prefix tool search

Code optimized and accelerated

Added by:
Ability to choose to download symbols from the terminal from the Market Watch window or the entire broker list
Version 19.10 2019.01.11
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