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VR Watch list and Linker MT5

Create your own list of trading instruments Watch list* and combine it with several open charts Link **.

Using this program, a user can create fully-fledged Watch lists, create and delete trading instruments and move through the list.

A selected symbol shows charts in linked windows. Linked windows can have different periods, indicators, experts, trading panels, etc...

Moving through his/her Watch list, a trader an see the full image of his/her strategy in all windows.

A lot of traders use 1 to 5 trading instruments, and they spend a lot of time analyzing an instrument and waiting for a signal.

VR Watch list and Linker will allow a trader to cast a glance at all instruments of the terminal and select only those instruments which correspond to criteria of a trading system.


  1. Creates an unlimited number of Watch lists. (Downloads all symbols of a broker, symbols from the Market Watch, manual adding instruments).
  2. Downloading previously created Watch lists.
  3. Deleting previously created Watch lists.
  4. Combining a Watch list with several chart windows (Maximum 100, one of which is for the Watch list).
  5. Managing the Watch list via mouse and keyboard (the Delete button removes an instrument from the list, the Page Up button or an upward arrow will move you one instrument higher, the Page Down button or a downward arrow will move you one instrument lower).
  6. Instruments are filtered by the price, margin, volume, daily movements of the price.

The Watch list has an instrument delete button, a button with a symbol name, Ask and Bid prices, and NetChange (N/C) ***.

When charts are linked, each window has a button with ( L ) label. This button has to have the same color its has in VR Watch list and Linker MT5 (green, red, blue). Otherwise the window will not be linked.

Important note! Launching the program for the first time may take several minutes required for downloading the history and data concerning instruments downloaded to the Watch list (data may be displayed incorrectly when being downloaded).

  • * Watch list - list of instruments or instruments for watching.
  • ** Link - linking chart windows to Watch list.
  • *** NetChange (N/C) - Percentage of growth/fall of the price from opening of the current day.

Try demo version: VR Watch list and Linker MT5 DEMO


  • This is the first launch? - set to YES if this is the first launch of the program and all broker's instruments has to be downloaded
  • Big Spread point - maximum spread, if this value is exceeded, the spread will turn red
  • GlobalPrefix="WL"; - prefix of objects, if more than one copy of the program are launched, change it to any other letters.
  • Color Skins - color scheme of the program
  • "Manual settings skins"; - manual setting of colors
  • ChartFon - chart background color
  • MenuButton - color of buttons in the program menu
  • MenuText - color of text on buttons in the program menu
  • MenuWidthBordier - width of window edges
  • PressButton - color of selected button
  • WatchFon - program background color
  • WatchText - program text color
  • WatchBordier - color of program edges
  • WatchButton - color of deactivated buttons
  • WatchTextButton - color of text on buttons
  • WatchWidthBordier - width of edges of additional windows
  • WatchButSelected - color of selected button
  • WatchButSelectedText - color of selected button text
  • Button Force Update - forced update of the program.

The program is technically supported: Skype (chat): Trading-Go and e-Mail: trading-go@trading-go.ru

The program is developed by the founder of Trading-Go Projects.

Information for our partners from the Market service: reward is 10%

fiestafalcon 2018.05.28 22:08   

Uniqe and extremmly usefull, good job. Just some minor points to be improved.

Corentin Lobet
Corentin Lobet 2017.12.22 12:35   

Useful !