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VR Alert MT5

The VR Alert MT 5 indicator is designed to timely inform the trader about reaching a specified price or time. The main purpose of the program is to trader's attention to the symbol, where a price level set by user was touched. The levels may be both strictly horizontal or inclined, which allows monitoring trend breakouts. The price levels of the indicator can be manually moved on the chart using the mouse. To do that, select a level with a double click.

Please note, starting from version 17.05, it is possible to set the indicator operation zone. In other words, if the price crosses a line, a sound signal will be generated. Example: you extended a line in the trend direction from 01.02.2017 to 15.05.2017. So, the indicator will generate a sound signal only if the line is crossed exactly from 01.02.2017 to 15.05.2017. This allows setting a time limit on the zone, where you want signal to be generated.

The indicator has been developed as an assistant when you wait for a breakout of an important price level, which can take hours or even days. With this indicator, you do not need to constantly monitor your terminal. The indicator alerts of a level breakdown or of the specified time using the selected method.

Monitoring charts for a prolonged time causes most traders to have "Blurred eyes". This makes them miss really good signals while looking at their trading strategies, and, conversely, see their signals where there is nothing to see.

The VR Alert MT 5 informs the trader in multiple ways:

  1. Sound signal.
  2. Color signal of the chart.
  3. Push notification to mobile device.
  4. Email message.

VR Alert levels MT 5:

  • For price growth
  • For price fall
  • For the time.

The indicator settings:

  • Trend Line:
    • Trend By Angle - the line's angle relative to the first point remains intact
    • Trend Line - the line's coordinates (price and time in both points) always remain intact
  • Ray Right - continue the ray to the right
  • Interval Signal - interval for Push and e-Mail notifications (minimum 6 seconds).
  • Text Size - size of text on lines
  • Line UP color - upper line color
  • Line UP width - upper line width
  • Line UP style - upper line style
  • Line DW color - lower line color
  • Line DW width - lower line width
  • Line DW style - lower line style
  • Line Time color - time line color
  • Line Time width - time line width
  • Line Time style - time line style
  • Distance - distance from the current price for lines at startup
  • Prefix - unique prefix, any different characters when running multiple instances of the program
  • Position X Button - position of the menu along the X axis
  • Position Y Button - position of the menu along the Y axis

Version for MetaTrader 4

2017.07.21 16:08 

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Version 17.70 - 2017.07.21
Fixed errors

Added two modes:
Trend By Angle - the line's angle relative to the first point remains intact.
Trend Line - the line's coordinates (price and time in both points) always remain intact.

When using Trend By Angle, the line always retains its preset angle when changing a period or a scale. In this case, the second end of the line always changes its price.

When using the second mode, a trader does not see the line angle. The line always retains its coordinates regardless of a scale or a period.

Added ability to extend the ray to the right (Ray Right = true).
Version 17.60 - 2017.06.22
Changed - the size of buttons has been reduced.
Added - three buttons for turning lines on and off.
Added - font size setting.
Fixed behavior in case of change of settings. Now lines preserve their initial position.