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High Frequency Candles

This tool creates high frequency candles with periods from 30 seconds down to 2 seconds for the last 60 seconds.

So now you have a detailed view what happened in the last minute. This tool is mainly developed for manual high frequency scalpers.


  • The new candles look a little bit different from the original ones. I hope, that this problem can be solved in the future.
  • The candles are only visible on new incoming price ticks. If you test this utility for example on Sundays, you will get no visible HF-candles.


  • candleSeconds: Period of one candle (from 2 to 30 Seconds).
  • candleOffset: If necessary you can correct the candle price value in pips. Sometimes the given bid-value is a little bit different from the last drawn candle. (Maximum values: -50 pips to +50 pips).
  • useOwnColors: If you want to use your own colors, put this parameter to 'true'.
  • colorUp: Color of a candle where the close-price is higher than the open price.
  • colorDown: Color of a candle where the close-price is lower than the open-price.
  • autoChartShift: Cause the new candles need a little bit more space behind the last drawn candle of MT4.
Francis Dogbe
Francis Dogbe 2016.04.18 06:48 

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Version 2.1 2016.08.08
- Improved internal message system. (Lower processor load)
Version 2.0 2016.01.15
Fixed performance problems.
Version 1.9 2016.01.06
- Support of the menu-hide-button.
- Fixed problem with the internal message system.
- Changed period-value-names.
Version 1.8 2015.12.08
- Now with selectable reasonable period seconds in the settings (drop down menu)
Version 1.7 2015.04.28
- Improved performance

Please contact me, if you have problems with my tools.
Version 1.6 2014.10.30
Necessary update for stable processing with my forthcoming tools.
Version 1.5 2014.09.17
Fixed problems when this tool was running on multiple charts
Version 1.4 2014.09.15
Fixed missing message pop up if actual timeframe is higher than M30.
Version 1.3 2014.09.11
Improved internal message system.
Version 1.2 2014.09.09
Now this tool fits to my other tools. (Same menu structure)
Version 1.1 2014.08.27
Now the complete candles (wicks) are visible on a black background.