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Best Price Method for MT4

  • The method you will see next is the fruit of a job of almost 10 years of market.
  • That was the way i found to concern my main enemy, anxiety. 
  • Don't be little, study, analyze, adapt this method to your own style, understand, feel the market before you take any decision. Here, in many times, do nothing, it is also a strategy. 

  • Beyond the manual, semi-automatic and automatic mode of operation, we will see almost 300 robots which road the market 24h a day tirelessly. 

  • All robots have a new Engine that learns from the numerous scenarios of the Financial Market, they do not need to be recalibrated and they are timeless, that is, they operate in the same way in all graphic times, maximizing their performance.
  • They are they you can accompany to also make your entry decisions or when becoming a trader experienced, may leave them enabled doing the best of you. 

  • Financial management is another vital factor for you to keep alive in the market.
  • All operations have stops if you want to use. My management is upon the total account margin, then my stop is the general. I try to keep my margin above 3000%, this is a determinant factor for i can calm evaluate where the market has more probability to go and keep my operations open.

  • The main pillar of best price method is that you get anxiety free in decision making. 
  • Anxiety makes you see standards where it does not exist, even a market without trend was a big village of my operations.
  • Then, different from all the strategies you have seen, in the best price method, we will not analyze graphics, and yes numbers, synthesized indicators for a better view, online statistics and the most important, observe what the robes are doing in the market without sending any orders, this is an important part that makes me see this world differently.
  1. Resolution : 1360 x 768 
  2. Very Important: Do not activate the Automated Trading button without having all the history in all the time frames downloaded on your computer.
  3. Metatrader 5 : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/45886
 AUDCAD                                                                                      AUDCAD# Fill in the name of the pair according to the syntax of your broker.
    There are 30 pairs available for operation.

 VAR% - Time Frame  Time of the Valuation Indicator of par.                                      
 VAR% - End Candle  Number of candles calculated.
 HT/HB - Time Frame  Top and Bottom Indicator Time.
 HT/HB - End Candle  Number of candles calculated.
 MA - Period  Period.
 MA - Time Frame  Moving Average Indicator Time.
 AVG - Period  Period.
 AVG - Time Frame  Moving Average Distance Indicator Time.
 AVG - Gold adjustment factor  Not used.
 RSI - Period  Period.
 RSI - Time Frame  Indicator Time
 RSI - Upper  Overbought line.
 RSI - Lower  Oversized line.
 ADX - Period  Period.
 ADX - Time Frame  Indicator Time.
 False = Scalp Method / True = Bollinger Bands Indicator  Shows synthetic MFI Indicator or Bollinger Bands.
 Bollinger Bands - Period  Period.
 Bollinger Bands - Time Frame  Indicator Time.
 Bollinger Bands - Deviations  Deviation.
 Candles - Time Frame  Indicator Time.
 CandleBody size (pips)  Candle size for alert. 
   Magenta color candle = Negative candle greater than "x" pips.
   Blue color candle = Positive candle greater than "x" pips.
   Yellow color candle = Closing equals opening.
 Reversal signal alarm  Enables Reversal Pattern alarm.
 Take Profit (pips)  Profit in pips                             
 Stop Loss (pips)  Stop Loss in pips
 Lots Size  Lot Quantity
 Against the trend ?    Yes = Robots R1 to R9 operate against the trend 
 Take Profit (money)  Take Profit (money)
 Stop Loss (money)  Stop Loss (money)
 Lots Size - Robot R1 to R9  Lot Quantity
 Spread Filter - Robot R1 to R9 (pips)  Spread Filter
 Robot R1 to R9 always on ?  Robots do not shut down at the end of an operation
*****LONG AND SHORT*****
 Scalping ?    Enables Scalping mode                                                                                      
 If Scalping = false Profile LS (false=Very soft / True=Soft)  This parameter is valid if, the above parameter is false
 Take Profit (money)  Take Profit (money)
 Stop Loss (money)  Stop Loss (money)
 Lots Size  Lot Quantity
 Robots LS always on ?  Robots do not shut down at the end of an operation
 Enable to Close All Trades ?       Enables to close all manual and automatic operations               
 Total Profit Amount (money) Close All Orders  Total Profit Amount (money)
 Total Loss Amount (money) Close All Orders  Total Loss Amount (money)

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