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Angle Dashboard for MT5

This is a multicurrency and multitimeframe indicator that calculates the angle between two points. Points for measuring the angle can be taken from the ZigZag (the last two points), or from the Moving Average (between two given bars), or it can be the closing prices of bars.

Angle measurement is possible in degrees or in radians. You can select the scale for the calculation.

For a better understanding of the indicator, you can study the free Angle High Low indicator.

In the parameters you can specify any desired currencies and timeframes. The indicator can also send notifications when crossing the overbought and oversold angles. By clicking on a cell with a period, this symbol and period will be opened.


  • Angle between the — angle calculation mode:
    • Close of the bars — at closing prices in specified bars;
    • ZigZag points — at the last two points of the ZigZag;
    • MA bars — at the MA values in specified bars;
  • Angular measure — angle measurement in degrees or radians;
  • Scale mode for calculation the angle — scaling mode. Fixed 1:1 — fixed scale, calculations are performed in the 1:1 chart scale. Fixed 1:10 — fixed 1:10 scale, 1 unit along the Y-axis is increased tenfold. Further scales change accordingly;
  • First Bar (0 — current, 1 — previous, etc.) — the number of the bar where the beginning of the corner is located;
  • Last Bar (0 — current, 1 — previous, etc.) —  the number of the bar where the end of the corner is located;
  • Clear the chart at startup — clear the chart at startup;
  • Set of Pairs — set of symbols
    • Market Watch — pairs from the "Market Watch";
    • Specified manually — pairs specified manually, in the parameters "Pairs";
  • Pairs (separated by a space or semicolon) — list of symbols separated by spaces or semicolons. The currency names should be written exactly like the broker's, keeping the case and prefix/suffix.
  • Time Frames (separated by a space or semicolon) — list of timeframes separated by spaces or semicolons.
  • Sort pairs — sorting the list of pairs.
  • Position on chart — corner to display the panel on the chart.
  • X offset (pix) — shift the panel along the X axis.
  • Y offset (pix) — shift the panel along the Y axis.
  • Refresh dashboard every (seconds) — update period for all pairs and timeframes.
  • Open the pair in a new window — open a symbol in a new chart window by clicking.
  • Chart template — the name of the template for the chart, if the chart opens in a new window.
  • Color Up — cell color if the indicator increases.
  • Color Down — cell color if the indicator decreases.
  • Color Stop — cell color if the indicator does not change.
  • Transparency (0-255) — transparency of the panel.
  • Font name — font name.
  • Font size — font size.
  • Overbought angle — overbought angle, for alert.
  • Oversold angle — oversold angle, for alert.
  • Timeframes for alerts (separated by a space or semicolon) — list of periods for which the alert will be sent (separated by a space or semicolon).
  • Pop up alert — pop-up alert.
  • Push notifications — push notification.
  • E-mail notifications — e-mail notification.
  • Sound alert — sound alert.
  • Averaging period — Averaging period for calculation (for MA).
  • Shift — MA shift. Indicators line offset relate to the chart by timeframe (for MA).
  • Averaging method — Moving Average method. (for MA).
  • Applied price — Applied price (for MA).
  • Depth — the minimum number of candlestick, for which Zigzag will not draw the second maximum (or minimum), if the last one is Deviation less (or greater) than the previous one.
  • Deviation — the minimum number of points between the Highs/Lows of two adjacent candlesticks for the Zigzag to form a local top/bottom.
  • Backstep — the minimum number of candlesticks between the local Highs/Lows.

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Version 1.20 2020.06.10
1) Recompilation for the new build.
Version 1.10 2020.03.13
1) Added periods for alerts - "Timeframes for alerts".
2) Added parameter for clearing the chart at startup - "Clear the chart at startup".
3) Added center alignment of the panel - "Centered".
4) Added offsets for the panel - "X offset (pix)" and "Y offset (pix)".