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ZigZag Lines MTF for MT5

Multitimeframe ZigZag indicator. It displays the support/resistance lines and their breakouts, as well as draws the current targets of the market. It can also display lines of the Fractals indicator and candles from other periods (up to Quarterly). All lines are drawn as objects, so if you want to use this indicator in an Expert Advisor, you will need to track the objects on the chart.

The indicator does not repaint.


  • Zigzag — show the ZigZag;
  • Draw Support & Resistance on the — draw support and resistance levels based on:
    • Zig Zag — the ZigZag indicator;
    • Fractals — the Fractals indicator;
    • don't draw — do not display the levels;
  • Price — show the price of the levels;
  • Targets — show the current targets (where the market is headed);
  • Used line — show the broken levels;
  • Dot at the start of line — display dots at the turning points of the indicator;
  • Extend broken lines (bars) — extend the broken lines to the right by the specified number of bars;
  • Max bars to calculate (bars) — the maximum number of bars for calculation. This limitation is introduced to speed up the calculations.
  • Depth — the minimum number of candlestick, for which Zigzag will not draw the second maximum (or minimum), if the last one is Deviation less (or greater) than the previous one;
  • Deviation — the minimum number of points between the Highs/Lows of two adjacent candlesticks for the Zigzag to form a local top/bottom;
  • Backstep — the minimum number of candlesticks between the local Highs/Lows;
  • Period — period for calculation of ZigZag of Fractals;
  • Pop up alerts — pop-up alert when touching a level;
  • Push notifications — Push-notification;
  • E-mail notifications — notification by e-mail;
  • Sound alert — sound alert when touching a level;
  • Upper line color — color of the upper lines;
  • Lower line color — color of the lower lines;
  • Main line width — width of the main line;
  • Main line style — style of the main line;
  • Used line width — width of the used line;
  • Used line style — style of the used line;
  • Font size price — font size for the Prices;
  • Font size dot — font size for the Dots;
  • ZigZag color — color of the ZigZagа;
  • ZigZag width — width of the ZigZag lines;
  • ZigZag style — style of the ZigZag lines;
  • Display candles — enable the display of candles from other periods;
  • Candles period — period for the candles, all standard ones plus Quarterly;
  • Number of Candles in the past — the number of candles on the chart;
  • Shadow color — candle of the candle wicks;
  • Body color (bullish) — body candle of a bullish candle;
  • Body color (bearish) — body color of a bearish candle.
Tarun Chaudhry
Tarun Chaudhry 2018.07.06 01:06 

The product does what it says.

It does it very well. Happy with it.

The options are satisfactory.

The author is very helpful.

I can happily recommend.

Version 2.20 - 2018.06.01
1) The indicator can now draw levels using Fractals. The "Draw Support & Resistance on the Fractals" parameter.
2) Added the option ti disable dots at the beginning of lines using "Dot at the start of line". Also, there is an option to set the size of these dots using "Font size dot".
3) Now you can run several instances of the indicator in one window.
4) Code optimization.
Version 2.10 - 2017.08.16
1) Added option "Add alert when changing the direction of ZigZag"
2) Fixed minor bugs.
Version 2.0 - 2017.06.08
1) Added Candles of other periods (up to Quarterly).
2) Small fixes.