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Easy Grider

The EA creates an order grid using labels. Opening and closing of the grid is done either automatically by the system signals or manually. In the same grid can be both Limit and Stop orders. It is possible to reverse the grid on specified condition. You can enter the breakdown/rebound from established levels. All types of Sell limit, Buy limit, Buy stop, Sell stop orders are supported. The grid is rebuilt with a single click. The stop loss and take profit lines can be easily modified.

  • You are free to close/open the manual grid orders (fixed partial profit/loss). 
  • Restart the EA again, the grid and odrers will be determined by the EA. 
  • Run two or three EA in different directions, at different or same symbols (with different magic numbers).
  • Move the label, rearrange them, delete, change volume or color (a Color of labels (OFF) to the Color of labels (ON) — restore step). Only a first step cannot be removed manually (Step001).
  • The steps of the entire grid can be viewed in the Objects window ('Ctrl+b' key combination). Also, the information on the current operation of the EA is displayed in the top left corner.
  • You can configure the method of closing positions - FIFO / LIFO. 
  • The EA is bilingual, it automatically detects the English and Russian languages.


  • – / + — minimize and maximize the menu buttons.
  • Close Grid — close the current grid. If `Pause` is pressed, the button does not work.
  • Pause — EA is set to standby mode, no action is performed.
  • Sell Limit — plot sell limit grid, if there currently is no grid with open real orders and if the `Pause` button is not pressed.
  • Buy Limit — same for buy limit.
  • Buy Stop — same for buy stop.
  • Sell Stop — same for sell stop.

The main parameters of the EA.

Create a new Grid using the Signal:

  • MA crossing - building a grid at the intersection of two MA;
  • DeMark Pivot breakout - building a grid by breakout DeMark Pivot;
  • Daily breakout - building a grid by breakout the levels of the previous day;
  • ZigZag direction - building a grid in the current direction of the ZigZag;
  • ZigZag levels breakout - building a grid by breakout the levels of the ZigZag;
  • ZigZag Rays breakout - building a grid by breakout of the ZigZag rays;
  • Levels at a given time (once a day) - building a grid by levels that are drawn once a day, at a specified time;
  • Manual Manual only (without Signals) - only manual building, without using signals.

Modes for calculating TP / SL / BE / Trailing.

  • points from average price - calculation from the average price of opened positions;
  • points from start grid - calculation from the first position;
  • percent from margin - the calculation of the percentage of the current margin;
  • amount of money - calculation in money;
  • disable - disable.

This Expert Advisor uses graphical objects for grid building and trading, so it may not work properly if it is launched without a chart.

BlueDot 2017.11.17 01:48 

I think this EA is really special and 10 star at this time.

Very good support.

I will update soon

PS you must study for good setting.

bobotrader 2017.05.30 17:23 

Good tool but not enough signals in automatic mode

Version 3.4 2019.03.25
1) Now, in the "points from start grid" mode, virtual TP and SL are installed only in the first step. In the next steps, these levels do not change.
Version 3.2 2018.11.06
1) Fixed bug with "Levels at a given time".
2) Code optimization.
Version 3.1 2018.10.25
1) Added a signal - ZigZag levels breakout.
2) Code optimization.
Version 3.0 2018.10.23
1) Added various signals to enter the market.
2) Added modes for calculating TP / SL.
3) Other improvements and code optimization.
Version 1.6 2016.08.09
1) Minimization of the button menu.
2) Option to set grid visibility on timeframes (periods on which the grid is not displayed).
3) Ability to set colors for the grid labels.
4) Minor fixes.
Version 1.5 2016.07.07
1) Added the ability to set negative offset when plotting the grid. Now, the grid may contain both limit and stop orders in the same direction — "Begin grid (pips from price, may be negative)".
2) Added options for reversing the grid — "Reverse settings".
Added the ability to enter based on levels, breakout or rebound — "Start by Levels (without EA signals)".
4) Added selection of the direction for closing orders — from last opened to first or from first to last — "Orders closing (FIFO / LIFO)".
5) Fixed the error handling when connection is lost.
6) Fixed found errors.
Version 1.4 2016.06.14
1) Fixed signal block, now is more persistent on larger trends.
2) Added option to the time settings, which will not open a new grid — Don`t open new grid (from-to). Local time.
3) Fixed bugs.
Version 1.3 2016.05.26
1) Added option for trailing only in breakeven — Trailing only if breakeven.
2) Fixed minor bugs.
Version 1.2 2016.05.19
1) Added option to set the breakeven — Breakeven (% from margin).
2) Added option to set the trailing stop — Trailing stop (% from margin).
3) Added option to set the trading direction — Trade direction (Long and Short, Long only, Short only).
4) Fixed errors 4110,4111.
5) Minor fixes.
Version 1.1 2016.05.04
1) Zero stop loss and take profit error.
2) Time series error. Occurred when switching the timeframe.
3) Close TP/SL error. Now for the real TP/SL set: if (stoplevel==0) stoplevel=2*spread.