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Inside Bar MT4

The indicator determines the inside bar and marks its High/Low. It is plotted based on the closed candles (does not redraw). The identified inside bar can be displayed on the smaller periods. You may set a higher period (to search for the inside bar) and analyze on a smaller one. Also you can see the levels for Mother bar.

Indicator Parameters

  • Period to find Inside Bar — the period to search for the inside bar. If a specific period is set, the search will be performed in that period.
  • Type of indication — type of indication: using lines or arrows;
  • Code for the Arrow symbol — character code for the arrow, if the Arrow method is selected;
  • Alerts — pop-up alerts.
  • Push notification — notifications sent through the terminal.
  • Send e-mail — sending a notification email.
Big Pippin
Big Pippin 2019.10.12 14:10 

It is highly recommended for daily trading with other indicators.

LBWei 2019.02.28 07:34 

The best inside bar indicator

Francis Dogbe
Francis Dogbe 2016.10.16 15:38 

Awesome. Good for intraday trades.

Version 2.60 2019.03.24
1) Fixed weekly timeframe bug on smaller timeframes.
Version 2.50 2019.02.27
1) Fixed an alert bug, when the chart period is the same as the indicator period.
Version 2.40 2017.07.10
1) The alert is disabled when the indicator starts.
2) Small code optimization.
Version 2.30 2017.06.28
1) Added the selection of the indication type - Line or Arrow.
2) Fixed an error with the zero bar.
3) Fixed the "Friday-Monday" error.
Version 2.0 2017.01.10
1) Added Alerts.
2) Added additional buffers.
3) Added the levels for Mother bar.
4) Fixed bugs.