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Lines Profit Loss MT5

The indicator displays profit (loss) on the current symbol. You can freely drag and drop the line to display the current profit or loss.


  • Calculation in money or in points — calculate the profit/loss in points or money.
  • Add pending orders to calculate — take pending orders into account in calculations.
  • Magic Number (0 - all orders on symbol) — magic number, if it is necessary to evaluate specific orders.
  • Offset for first drawing (pips from the average price) — offset of the line from the average price at first start.
  • Color of the profit line — color of the line with profit.
  • Color of the loss line — color of the line with loss.
  • Line style — style of the lines.
Daniel Andrejczuk
2017.11.09 13:46 

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Version 2.20 - 2017.09.28
1) Minor bug fixed.
2) Code optimization.
3) Added a setting for the line style.
Version 2.10 - 2017.06.30
Fixed the calculation of the commission.