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Money Management with Orders Screenshot

Now you can adjust risk of your account using risk calculator. Money Management can take screenshot of transactions to your Trading Diary or you can find out how your Expert Advisor exactly work. Was huge spread added when the order was opened or closed? From the Indicator you know where you are, to accidentally not trade on a wrong chart, time frame, currency pair or wrong account, Real instead Demo.


  • Vivid picture of situation. Which chart, which account is, what is the balance and the equity without using terminal(Ctrl + T).
  • Calculate lot size according to SL and Risk amount.
  • Minimized when window size is too small.
  • Adjust indicator colors automatically to background color.
  • You can adjust indicator colors manually too.
  • The indicator takes a screenshot every time an order is opened, closed or modified and saves it in the appropriate currency pair folder under the file name =  date + time with seconds + day of week + currency symbol + time frame.
  • Current size and visibility of the chart and the MetaTrader platform has no effect on screenshots size.
  • This is an indicator so you can use your EA without limitation.

How to Use Risk Calculator?

  1. It’s easy, using crosshair measure distance between potential entry level and potential SL level.
  2. The resulting value in pips type editing "SL".
  3. Also editing risk value "Risk" you can adjust your level of risk.
  4. Now you can read Lot outcome as your X%3% and 5% of your Account Balance.
  5. Use Lot outcome to open new order.


  • Width and height of Screenshots.
  • Is the indicator can be minimized? true/false.
  • Window  width and height  when indicator get minimized. 
  • Settings of SL value and risk1 directly  from chart.
  • Settings of SL value and risk1, risk2, risk3 from indicators settings.

Screenshots work only when MetaTrader is running!

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See also Orders Screenshot and KLVOM.

Willfried Wienholt
2015.10.13 11:23 

I am using this tool quite a while now. It helps me a lot in my daily trading activities. Well done and easy to use.

Mieczyslaw Kraszewski
2015.09.03 10:16 

Excellent tool -this indi works very well and screenshot function helps with analysis after competed trades.

It would be nice if screenshot name would contain Order Number.

Version 1.30 - 2014.07.01
Fixed labels appearance in MetaTrader 4 build 646 when chart window is resizing.
Version 1.20 - 2014.05.29
New logo
New description
Time loop - next screenshot is made in no less than "X" seconds to avoid too many screenshots.

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