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Spread And Swap Dashboard

Spread And Swap Dashboard is a nice tool that lets us know all the minimum and maximum spreads of the instruments that we trade.

In addition to the spread information we also find the Bid & Ask values that always are very useful.

We also considered it important to include positive and negative swap values so that we can better evaluate possible strategies of Carry Trade.

The tool proves useful in times of high volatility to record all the values of spreads and have a better understanding of the conditions offered by the various brokers.

Functionalities and Graphic objects on chart

  • SYMBOL: clicking on Symbol label the relative chart will be opened
  • MinSpread - MaxSpread: this values are registered when you upload the indicator on chart, to know the max spread leave the dashboard on the chart
  • Tick - Swap: values from Brokers

Input Values

  • 28 SYMBOLS
    • Label_Size
    • Titles_Color
    • Symbol_Color
    • Ask_Color
    • Bid_Color
    • Spread_Color
    • Min_Spread_Color
    • Max_Spread_Color
    • Tick_Value_Color
    • Negative_Swap_Color
    • Positive_Swap_Color
    • Open_in_A_New_Chart - TimeFrame to open chart when click on Symbol buttons
    • User Template to add on chart opened (saved on your MT4 directory)

To register Max Spread and Min Spread the dashboard must remain on an open chart.

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