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Currency Strength 7

The Currency Strength 7 technical indicator is a great tool for identifying the strength of 7 most popular currencies. It analyzes AUD, USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF, CAD and shows their strength on the chart by lines. The most important thing is that it draws more historical data to analyze and get a better understanding about the market movements.

The indicator works via Moving Average data and indicates "+" sign for Strong position and "-" sign for Weak position. It works with any timeframe. But it is highly recommended for higher timeframes.


  • Easy parameters
  • More historical data drawn on the chart
  • Signals can be filtered by Moving Average parameters
  • Indicator draws signals on the separate window
  • Very fast activity


  • Moving Average Parameters
    • MA Method - Moving average smoothing method
    • MA Apply to - Moving average price constants
    • Fast MA Period - Fast moving average period
    • Slow MA Period - Slow moving average period
  • Line Draw Parameters
    • History - Amount of bars for draw history data
    • Line Width - Strength line width
    • AUD - Color of AUD line
    • USD - Color of USD line
    • EUR - Color of EUR line
    • GBP - Color of GBP line
    • JPY - Color of JPY line
    • CHF - Color of CHF line
    • CAD - Color of CAD line
    • Font Size - Font size for all text items
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