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Candle GAP

Candle GAP indicator automatically identifies candle gaps with each day of the week. This is a really important tool which trades with Gap Trading Strategies. A gap is a change in price levels between the close and open for two consecutive days. There are four types of gap patterns as Common, Breakaway, Continuation, and Exhaustion. So you can use this indicator with any chart to confirm that signal.


  • Suitable for every timeframe under D1
  • Suitable for every symbol
  • Easy parameters
  • Draws quickly
  • Very simple


  • Data Display Parameters
    • Font - font family.
    • Font Size - font size.
    • Monday Text - text to identify Monday.
    • Tuesday Text - text to identify Tuesday.
    • Wednesday Text - text to identify Wednesday.
    • Thursday Text - text to identify Thursday.
    • Friday Text - text to identify Friday.
    • Monday Color - color for Monday text.
    • Tuesday Color - color for Tuesday text.
    • Wednesday Color - color for Wednesday text.
    • Thursday Color - color for Thursday text.
    • Friday Color - color for Friday text.

Note: Candle GAP Expert Advisor is under testing and it will be available soon. With Candle GAP EA, you can automate all your traditional gap strategies. You never touch a chart. It will handle everything for your freedom!

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Andrewcc 2018.07.17 19:35 

Good Indicator!