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TPSL Driver

The TPSL Driver Utility is designed for every trader who like to manage Stop Loss and Take Profit automatically. The best feature is TPSL Driver can manage your orders Invisibly. It is a great technique to hide your trading ideas from market maker brokers. As well as take profit and stop loss can set by $ amount. As an example Take Profit in 10$.

Another feature is Profit Protection. You can quickly protect your profit by moving Stop Loss. As an example order is protected by 2 pips when profit at 5 pips.  On the other hand Trailing Stop waiting to save maximum profit. This great Order Management Utility works on any Symbol and Time Frame.


  • Two way to manage orders (Hidden/ Visual).
  • Two way to set stop loss and take profit (By Pips/ By Amount).
  • Profit Protection option.
  • Trailing option.
  • User friendly settings.
  • Fast activity.


  • Trading Parameters
    • Drive Mode - Trade management method
      • Hidden - Hide TP and SL levels
      • Visual - Use traditional TP and SL technique.
    • TPSL Mode - TP, SL level calculation method
      • By Pips - Use [x] pips for level calculation
      • By $ Amount - Use [x] amount for level calculation
    • Profit Protection - Enable/ Disable profit protection option
      • Profit Protection Start In Pips - SL move in [x] pips
      • Profit Protection In Pips - SL move to [x] pips from order open level
    • TP In Pips - Take profit level by [x] pips
    • TP In $ Amount - Take profit level by [x] amount
    • SL In Pips - Stop loss level by [x] pips
    • TP In $ Amount - Stop loss level by [x] amount
    • Trailing - Enable/ Disable trailing option
    • Trailing Start In Pips - Trailing start level by [x] pips
    • Trailing Step - SL move by [x] pips
  • Object Parameters
    • TP Line Color - TP line color
    • SL Line Color - SL line color
    • Line Style - TP, SL Line style
    • Line Width - TP, SL Line width

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