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Bollinger Band Volume Breakout Detector

The Bollinger Band Volume Breakout Detector technical indicator specially designs for the most popular Bollinger Band Breakout Strategy. It is a trend following strategy. That popular strategy augmenting with Volume Data can avoid false signals. This is where “volume confirms price” comes in. Using this great indicator can easily identify at the same time price breakout and meaningful increase in volume. If volume does not “confirm” the price, then we wait for better signal. On the other hand, this fully customizable Bollinger band indicator can improve your own trading strategies with volume data.


  • 2x the 22 day trading day volatility and recent volume was 1.2x higher than the 22 day average
  • End of day rate is above (below) the breakout threshold for entry
  • End of day rate is below (above) the 22-day SMA for exit
  • Trade daily at the 16:00 GMT rate


  • Fully customisable bollinger band
  • Volume battle included to SMA using different colors to easily identify
  • Notify by Mobile, Popup and Email alert 
    • when volume breakout the 22 day average
    • when price breakout the upper or lower band
  • Each notification method Activate/ Deactivate function
  • Indicator data show in  an additional Data panel
  • Suitable for every symbol


  • Bollinger Signal Filter
    • MA Method - Moving Average method
    • Applied Price - Applied price
    • Period - Averaging period for calculation
    • Bands Deviations - The Bollinger band breakout threshold in units of sigma
  • Volume Signal Filter
    • Bull Bear Percentage - Percentage for identify stronger bull/bear candles
    • Volume Breakout Level - The volume breakout threshold
  • Alert Filter
    • Alert Reset By - The time period for notify the same level alert again
    • Pop Up Alert - Activate/ Deactivate pop up message alerts
    • Email Alert - Activate/ Deactivate, Email alerts
    • Mobile Alert - Activate/ Deactivate, Mobile notifications
    • Arrow Distance -  Distance for draw arrow from candle high/low

Note: This Indicator completely based on the Bollinger Band Breakout Augmented with Volume Strategy and that strategy introduced by experienced traders.

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