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Pivot Bro

The Pivot Bro is a universal indicator that draws Pivot Levels automatically on the chart. It also identifies price action based Reversal Candlestick Patterns and draws arrows, check signs with tips. On the other hand, it draws the Fibonacci Levels on the chart and automatically adjusts them when you scroll to the left.

This indicator uses the most popular Floor pivot points methodology to draw Support and Resistance levels. You can choose the period (H1, H4, D1, W1, MN, etc.) for drawing the levels in the indicator parameters.

Implemented Candlestick Patterns

  • Simple
    1. Dragonfly Doji
    2. Gravestone Doji
    3. Hanging Man
    4. Hammer
    5. Inverted Black Hammer
    6. Inverted Hammer
    7. Long Lower Shadow
    8. Long Upper Shadow
    9. Pin Bar
  • Complex
    1. Wicks at Line

Upcoming candlestick patterns: Shooting Star, Bearish Harami, Bearish Harami Cross, Bearish 3-Method Formation, Bullish 3-Method Formation, Bullish Harami, Bullish Harami Cross, Dark Cloud Cover, Engulfing Bearish Line, Engulfing Bullish, Evening Doji Star, Evening Star, Falling Window, Morning Doji Star, Morning Star, On Neckline, Three Black Crows, Three White Soldiers, Tweezer Bottoms, Tweezer Tops, Doji Star, Piercing Line, Rising Window.


  • The most popular Floor pivot point methodology is used.
  • Identifies the most popular price action based Simple and Complex candlestick patterns.
  • Signals are filtered by Fibonacci levels, Support levels and Historical data.
  • Draws arrows and check signs for identified candles.
  • Arrow type, font, font size, line style, line width and colors of items can be customized.


  • Pivot Point Parameters
    • Time Frame - Timeframe to draw pivot point levels (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, etc.).
    • Line Color
    • Line Style
    • Line Width
    • Resistance Line Color
    • Resistance Line Style
    • Resistance Line Width
    • Support Line Color
    • Support Line Style
    • Support Line Width
  • Fibonacci Parameters
    • Line Color
    • Line Style
    • Line Width
  • Candlestick Patterns Parameters
    • Pin Bar Color
    • Dragonfly Doji Color
    • Gravestone Doji Color
    • Hanging Man Color
    • Inverted Hammer Color
    • Hammer Color
    • Inverted Black Hammer Color
    • Long Lower Shadow Color
    • Long Upper Shadow Color
    • Pattern Sign - Wingdings character for identified candlestick patterns.
  • Arrow Parameters
    • Buy Color - Color for all Buy Signs.
    • Buy Sign - Wingdings character for filtered buy candlestick pattern.
    • Sell Color - Color for all Sell Signs.
    • Sell Sign - Wingdings character for filtered sell candlestick pattern.
    • Check Color - Color for Check Signs.
    • Check Sign - Wingdings character for user attention situation.
    • Distance - Draw arrow sign from candle top (Pips).
    • Margin - Define support and resistance areas of the chart as reversal areas, in pips. As an example between High Price and (High Price-Margin) and Low Price and (Low Price+Margin).
  • Other Parameters
    • Font
    • Font Size
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