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Pivot Bro

The Pivot Bro technical indicator designs for identifying Retracement areas by Pivot, Fibonacci, ATR and ADR Levels. It is also identifies price action based Reversal Candlestick Patterns. On the other hand, the Currency Meter  is a great handy tool for identifying the real strength of major currencies. It analyzes 28 Pairs for shows their strength on the chart and quickly indicate their position changing the color. So every trader can use this indicator to get good entries by identifying Retracement areas and exit areas. 

Implemented Candlestick Patterns

  • Simple
    1. Dragonfly Doji
    2. Gravestone Doji
    3. Hanging Man
    4. Hammer
    5. Inverted Black Hammer
    6. Inverted Hammer
    7. Long Lower Shadow
    8. Long Upper Shadow
    9. Pin Bar
    10. Bearish Harami
    11. Bearish Harami Cross
    12. Dark Cloud Cover

Upcoming candlestick patterns: Shooting Star, Bearish 3-Method Formation, Bullish 3-Method Formation, Bullish Harami, Bullish Harami Cross, Engulfing Bearish Line, Engulfing Bullish, Evening Doji Star, Evening Star, Falling Window, Morning Doji Star, Morning Star, On Neckline, Three Black Crows, Three White Soldiers, Tweezer Bottoms, Tweezer Tops, Doji Star, Piercing Line, Rising Window.


  • Most popular 4 indicators (Pivot, Fibonacci, ADR, ATR) included
  • Reversal Candlestick Patterns and Currency Meter  included to get more accurate signals
  • All indicators fully customizable
  • Each indicator quickly Activate/ Deactivate function


  • Fibonacci Parameters
    • Show Fibonacci - Enable/Disable Fibonacci levels
    • Level 0 to Level 9 - Customizable Fibonacci levels
    • Shift - Draw Fibonacci between last bar and given bar. (Default: 0 = Window First Visible Bar)
  • Pivot Point Parameters
    • Show Pivot - Enable/Disable Pivot levels
    • Time Frame - Time frame
  • ATR Parameters
    • Show ATR - Enable/Disable ATR levels
    • Period 1 - Averaging period 1
    • Period 2 - Averaging period 2
    • Period 3 - Averaging period 3
  • ADR Parameters
    • Show ADR - Enable/Disable ADR levels
    • Period 1 - Averaging period 1
    • Period 2 - Averaging period 2
    • Period 3 - Averaging period 3
  • Pattern Parameters
    • Show Patterns - Enable/Disable Candlestick patterns
  • Alert Filters
    • Fibonacci Filters - Enable/Disable alert for each Fibonacci levels
    • Pivot Filters - Enable/Disable alert for each Pivot, Resistance and Support levels
    • Common Filters
      • Alert Reset By - The time period for notify the same level alert again
      • Alert Zone - Activate/ Deactivate, alert on guess zone. (Example: Price touched 10pips behind the 23.6 level)
      • Alert Zone Margin - Margin level from each level. (Example: 10pips)
      • Hi-Lo Margin - Margin level from day high and low for analyze candlestick patterns
      • Pop Up Alert - Activate/ Deactivate pop up message alerts
      • Email Alert - Activate/ Deactivate, Email alerts
      • Mobile Alert - Activate/ Deactivate, Mobile notifications
  • Graphic Parameters - Fully visual customization facility available for each indicator graphic object (Line color, Line style, Line width, Font, Font size etc... ). Please kindly read the product Comments for complete list of graphic parameters 
    • Fibonacci Visual Customization
    • Pivot Visual Customization
    • ADR/ATR Visual Customization
    • Strength Meter Visual Customization
    • Arrow Visual Customization

Note: Real currency strength, not show in testing mode(Strategy Tester).

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Version 1.2 2019.03.26
1. Optimized historical data gathering part.
Version 1.1 2019.02.09
1. Optimized Candlestick Patterns detection parameters.
2. Added new Candlestick Patterns.
3. Added ATR, ADR levels and Currency Meter Indicator.
4. Added function to calculate remaining pips to each levels.
5. Optimized complete algorithm for fast activity rather than v1.0
6. Added mini panel for quickly Enable/ Disable each levels on the chart.
7. Added every alert Activate/ Deactivate function.
8. Updated the product logo.