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OandaX Download Manager

The OandaX product series is designed to display additional data on orders and positions provided by the Oanda FxLabs service.

The OandaX Download Manager EA is included in the OandaX product series and designed to download data for all OandaX indicators running in the terminal.

To test you trading strategies and for historical data analysis, you can use free OandaX Download Manager BETA. It is similar to Download Manager but provides data with a delay for a day.

Note. The EA uses WebRequest to an external server. To enable downloading the data, it is necessary to allow WebRequest in the terminal settings and to specify the address http://oandax.trend-lab.ru/ in the list of allowed URLs.

Currently, the EA supports operation with the following data:

  • The ratio of buyers and sellers (Position Ratio). This is the ratio of clients who have a buying and selling net position.
  • The order book (OrderBook) or Open Orders. This is a histogram that shows the distribution of limit and stop orders by price levels. The limit orders include the Buy Limit orders and the Take Profit levels. The stop orders include the Sell Limit orders and the Stop Loss levels.
  • Position book or Open Positions. This histogram shows the distribution of prices, at which the active positions of traders were opened at the time the histogram was formed.


The history data is available for all instruments. The minimum step of history data is 20 minutes.

Previously downloaded data is available to the indicators without running the EA, therefore, if the history data is present, you can test the strategies using the OandaX indicators in the standard strategy tester.

If multiple instances of the EA are launched in the terminal, only one of them is downloaded and displays the summary table, the others only display the Order (Position) Book, if that is specified in the settings.

Utility settings

  • History depth to download - time interval to download data for instruments that do not have downloaded history yet. If there is history, the data will be downloaded starting from time of latest available data;
  • Debug Mode - in this mode, additional messages are displayed in the terminal. This setting is designed to facilitate the search for bugs;
  • Show Status Table - display the summary status table. It displays the tasks processed by the EA, their type, instrument, status of the last download attempt and interval of the last downloaded history;
  • Download history from exact date - if you need very deep history, set to True and specify Exact Date, if the History depth to download setting is not sufficient. The 'Market Depth' can take a significant amount of space, so when downloading deep history, it is necessary to understand that it is large (really large) amount of traffic, and this takes time;
  • Exact Date - date to download data from.

Histogram settings

  • Draw Indicator Image - if True, draw the most recent histogram;
  • Use Custom Instrument - True, if you have non-standard instrument names or if you need to display a histogram of another instrument on the chart;
  • Custom Instrument Name - instrument name in the format of Oanda FxLabs. For EURUSD - EUR_USD, for Gold, XAUUSD - XAU_USD, for Silver, XAGUSD - XAG_USD;
  • UTC Offset - time zone of your server relative to UTC, AUTO by default or time offset in hours if custom value needed;
  • Show Histogram Cumulative - if True, draw cumulative histogram, i.e. the values of previous levels are added to each subsequent level;
  • Show Histogram Difference - if True, display difference horizontal, i.e. displays not buy or sell levels for the horizontal level, but their difference. Also, it works for the cumulative mode.
  • Show Orders (Positions if False) - if True, display histogram of orders, if False, display histogram of positions, i.e. level distribution of the prices the current positions were opened at.
aschifm 2019.08.13 15:18 

Great Sources of data for my MT4 EA's

Peter 2018.10.08 17:56 

Great set of indicators, I find it very useful!

BeLikeTrader 2018.02.18 14:16 

Very nice product, definetly worth to try if you are interested in trading with the Sentiment provided with Oanda, or make EAs using it. 5 starts product, the programmer is very professional, I have been using it for 5 months and I plan to use it further.

Yuriy Taskin
Yuriy Taskin 2017.08.02 15:07 

Хорошо что только на месяц арендовал данную приблуду (который благополучно закончился). Ничего не смог настроить и посмотреть. Деньги на ветер.

Скажете, почему не обратился в техподдержку ?

Отвечу, я покупал не для того что бы разгадывать ребусы с подсказкой "Позвони другу". Если перед тем как правильно запустить ещё нужны какие то танцы с бубном, то хотя бы могли бы написать пошаговую инструкцию со скриншотами.

Version 1.4 2017.02.14
API version updated
Version 1.3 2017.02.09
Fixed an error with the table drag-and-drop in rare cases
Added the instrument name to the indicator header
Some minor fixes