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On Chart Trading Pending Order Window Single

The expert advisor (EA) generates an on-chart trading panel to manually place any of four different types of pending order(s) on the attached chart's current symbol. Before clicking "Place" button, to place a pending order (PO), following parameters for the order may be entered:

  • Price is the triggering price for the PO. As soon as, the market price reaches this value, the PO is triggered to its corresponding market order (MO).
  • Lot: Order’s lot in terms of standard lot size.
  • Stop-Loss (pips) sets the PO’s stop-loss in terms of pips away from its triggering price.
  • Take-Profit (pips) sets the PO’s take-profit in terms of pips away from its triggering price.
  • Order Type: Any of four different types of POs may be selected using a drop-down menu. The options are buy-limit, buy-stop, sell-limit and sell-stop.

Apart from aforementioned usual options for an order, following specialized options are also provided:

  • Money Management: clicking this option to green, instructs EA to calculate lot using Risk %, as entered in the box beneath it.
  • TS Enable: this push button is to select or de-select the trailing stop-loss option for the PO to be placed. If clicked to green, trailing stop-loss is enabled using below-mentioned parameters:
  • Trailing Stop (pips) sets trailing stop-loss for the order, yet to be placed.
  • Trailing Stop Step (pips): this is the minimum required step in closing price, to trail the stop-loss.

*In above options, numerical values may be either typed or increased/decreased using up/down side arrows in the box.

The panel can be minimized or closed, anytime. On closing the panel, the corresponding EA is also detached from the chart.

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