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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 192

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
The Trend Priority indicator can be used for both short-term pips and long-term trading. Works on all currency pairs and on all timeframes. When using it is recommended to look at the additional indicator of a filter of possible false signals. Indicator shows signals for input. Displays both entry points and the trend itself. Shows statistically calculated moments for entering the market by arrows. When using the indicator, you can optimally distribute the risk factor. Settings: Uses all on
109 USD
The Pushing Trend indicator implements a kind of technical analysis based on the idea that the market is cyclical in nature. The indicator tracks the market trend, ignoring sharp market fluctuations and noise around the average price. It fixes the trend and shows favorable moments of entering the market with arrows. AND Working with the Pushing Trend indicator is quite simple. Look at the arrows and determine the direction of work. The indicator can be used not only to fix the trend direction
100 USD
Vitalii Zakharuk
Orions , an Expert Advisor, has implemented the best algorithms for trading from scalping and pipsing: filtering deals using the Gann and Elder methods from different time intervals when trading price momentum patterns from 5-minute charts of the instrument. This robot makes a lot of trades every month and filters out each of them using powerful analytical tools, but it is impossible to open so many trades per year and still not get a single losing day. If you do not agree with this, do not buy
670 USD
Aussi Trader ====================================== The Robot is based on 6 Indicators to catch profitable trades. ========================================== This Robot is fully automated and has been created for everyone. The Robot works also on cent accounts. =============================================================================================== =>  works on all Time Frames from 1Minute to 1Day => On the lower Frames there are too many small trades but its up to yourself.  => I wo
31.30 USD
Khayelihle Sabelo Malimba
The Nasbot Metatrader 4 Forex Robot is an algorithmic expert advisor that opens, exits and manages positions based on the Pivot Point cross overs. The logic that is used to define trade entries on The Nasbot EA is to buy when the Price Action is above the pivot. All timeframes will work on The Nasbot expert advisor but our preference falls on the 1- Hour chart. NOTE:   The default settings in the EA should be left as is besides -  inp33_Ro_Value Trade settings inp16_VolumeSize - This is the lot
40 USD
Ultimum Signal
Filip Maurice Daelman
Ultimum Signal Indicator contains the most powerful buy,sell and exit signals. They can all be be separately turned on/off, so you decide what to display on the chart ! This is my ultimum inidicator that is a no-nonsense, no delay, no repaint indicator ! Signals : Target price levels : Liquidity Pools (Liquidity voids, major supply/demand zones, and price discrepancies) Liquidity Pools Forecast Projection Market Reversals : Reversal Blocks Pinbar groups Trend and mastertrend slowdowns (indicat
100 USD
Money Pies
Vladimir Tselishchev
Money Pies. Общие сведения: Что бы начать торговать, большой депозит не требуется. Идеально подходит для быстрого подъёма депозита. Работает на  мультивалютной торговле. Иммунитет к длительной задержке и величине спреда. Принцип работы: После запуска на графике запоминает уровень открытия первого ордера. Выше уровня открытия первого ордера, выставляет сеть ордеров на Sell. Ниже уровня открытия первого ордера, выставляет сеть ордеров на Buy. Если общая прибыль ордеров на покуп
150 USD
SPECIAL PRICE  Great offers on all products. Great opportunities. This EA works with my version of the super trend indicato r and is complemented by opening a hedging position. It can also increase its performance with the use of a moving average .  You can of course use the EA even without setting the hedge and you can also use it with the moving average if you are passionate about moving averages. Used in back test, you can enter lots, open positions, trade only buy, only sell or Buy and Sell
39.99 USD
LightYear EA
Carlo Carigo Jacalan
Hello Traders! Behold the LightYear EA! The LightYear EA is about consistent profits and risk management. LightYear EA will protect your hard earned money and keep it consistently growing. Symbols: Any Timeframe : M5(very important) Inputs: TakeProfitPips = Set TP pips(default is 15 pips) *spread/commission/swaps exclusive Startlot = Lot size TrailingStopLossPips = Trailing SL for unprecedented reversal TrailingStopLoss = Switch between on or off StopLossLevel = EA will automatically set SL,
34 USD
Riyo Putra
This tool will help you calculate position size based on the lines that you draw on the chart. It will automatically create the trading setup in the background and provide adaptive buttons for market and pending order confirmation. The design is very simple and straightforward, with just a single click you will be able to place the trading setup. Features Set your risk based on your predefined amount or percent of your account balance. Drag the lines to define the entry, take profit target and
30 USD
Marta Gonzalez
HUBBLE  it is a Secure Automated Software for trade Forex market and indices. The architecture is a Fully Automatic Autonomous Robot Expert capable of Independently analyzing the market and making trading decisions HUBBLE  It is an advanced trading system. This is a fully automatic Expert Advisor.      HUBBLE  It is a 100% automatic system,  The system is self-sufficient, performing all the work.     Is a revolution in the  customization of the trading. You can download the demo and test it
30 USD
MA cross AKT (Traders Club)  機能: MAゴールデンクロスで買いサイン、デットクロスで売りサインを表示します。 MAの期間は入力できます。 MAの種類を選択できます。(SMA、EMA、SMMA、LWMA) 適用する価格を選べます。(CLOSE,OPEN,LOW,HIGH,MEDIAN,TYPICAL,WEIGHTED) サインをアラートで通知します。 サイン発生をE-mailやSNSで通知します。 MAクロスの勝率を表示します。 ローソク足の本数を変更することにより過去何か月かの MAクロスの勝率をすぐに確認することができます。 これは各時間足、各通貨で確認することが出来ます。 判定するローソク足を3か所選ぶことが出来ます。 ディフォルトでは5本目、9本目、14本目となっています。 サインの表示をボタンで表示したり消したりできます。 表示するサインを変更することが出来ます。
30 USD
This is a brand new trend scanner for all of us that love to use different kinds of moving averages to define a trending market. This scanner is very useful and saves you a lot of time when you want to look for trending markets.  In the scanner, you can choose to either use two different moving averages or three when defining a trend. Some like to use f. ex. the 50 EMA and the 200 EMA. If 50 is below 200 they will consider it a downtrend.  Others like to use three moving averages. This can be e.
199 USD
Ultimate pattern builder Scanner (multi time frame and currency pair) Allows you to build any pattern with up to 3 candlesticks. This Scanner is basically indicator with scanning feature,  you can now create your own candlestick patterns and scan them in real time at any time frame and currency pair (stocks, energies, crypto...). Now you can use full potential of indicator in real time trading. If you dont know yet what is so special about this ultimate pattern builder software collection: it
70 USD
Paze Win
Anatoly Garmatyuk
The advantage of the expert Advisor is that it only works on finding the best point to open a trade, immediately sets a fixed stop loss and take profit, and then does not perform any manipulations with orders. Orders opened by the expert Advisor do not depend on each other (martingale, top-UPS, locking and arbitrage are not used). With this approach, the adviser does not require a constantly enabled terminal, you should not be afraid that something will happen to open trades if its settings sudd
77 USD
Representation of the slope value of the linear regression. It has a reference plot to visually determine changes in the slope value (acceleration / deceleration of the price). PARAMETERS     • Periods: number of periods to calculate linear regression     • PeriodsReference: number of periods for the calculation of the moving average on the values ​​of the main plot     • Displacement: displacement on the horizontal axis     • AppliedPrice: price on which the calculations are made     •
30 USD
Salman A A A T Bakhash
Live results: - Click Here . - Click Here . Manual File: you can find it Here in Telegram Group . What's new ... Click Here . Set files ... Click Here . By using Dolphin Expert you open a lot of new possibilities to your trading. It has a lot of customization and flexibility that no other expert in the markets offers! You can choose the strategy  based on rules or sequence of rules you define than  assign this rules to enter 1st order or/and enter cooling orders or/and enter boostin
299 USD
Winner Overbought Oversold Winner Overbought Oversold indicators are best suited for overbought/oversold analysis. Basically, there are two types of momentum oscillators: bound and unbound. Bound oscillators, such as this, fluctuate within a specific range. The most popular indicators used to identify overbought and oversold conditions are the   relative strength index (RSI)   and the   stochastic oscillator . But you need a second conformation for entry and exit position from forex market.
50 USD
ОПИСАНИЕ ЭКСПЕРТА Эксперт MultiTrader - это полностью автоматический торговый эксперт для торгового терминала МТ4, который построен на нейронных сетях, что позволяет ему обучаться "на лету" торговле на финансовых рынках в том числе и форекс. MultiTrader самостоятельно выявляет направление тренда, выставляет стоплосс. Не использует усреднение, не скальпер. Для оптимизации можно использовать параметры: MyProfit, MyStopLosst, Use_Partial_Closing, VoluveClose, BezubitokDistance, MinProfit, Trailing
200 USD
Representation of the intercept value of the linear regression and the mean absolute deviation symmetrically to the intercept value. PARAMETERS     • Periods: number of periods to calculate linear regression     • Amplitude: multiplier of the absolute mean deviation to define the bands     • Displacement: displacement on the horizontal axis     • AppliedPrice: price on which the calculations are made     • MainPlot: display of the main plot     • UpperPlot: display of the upper band  
30 USD
NRP Trend Bars
Guillermo Pineda
NRP Trend Bars Your all-in-one Trend direction indicator, with Presets and Customisable options ! Get the most of Trends with NRP (No-repaint indicator) Trend Bars , designed to get the best of Trend Entries , Continuations and  Reversals One of it's function is the detection of the new trend starting , consolidation and possible trend change . It gives you the opportunity either to get in-&-out of the market in time PRESETS (Sensibility)  LOW :        Used for trend entries and confir
30 USD
You can check live trading performance from below link. https://www.mql5.com/ja/signals/840025 [Development concept] “Portfolio Algorithm Trading" is EA developed with the highest priority on robustness. Following can prove that this EA is not over-optimized Backtest have good performance on 30,278 trades(14 years) It can work well at any currency pairs if you apply same parameters. It can work well if you change parameter back and forth. 1 year forward test was same as backtest. [Features]
499 USD
Hello This Indicator will draw Green (Up) and Red (Down) small arrows from Multi TimeFrames based in ( MACD ) to help you to take decision to buy or sell or waiting If there 4 green arrows in same vertical line that's mean (Up) and If there 4 Red arrows in same vertical line that's mean (Down)  and the options contain (Alert , Mobile and Mail Notifications). Please watch our video for more details https://youtu.be/MVzDbFYPw1M and these is EA for it https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/53352  
149 USD
Indicator for binary options arrow is easy to use and does not require configuration works on all currency pairs, cryptocurrencies buy signal blue up arrow sell signal red down arrow tips do not trade during news and 15-30 minutes before their release, as the market is too volatile and there is a lot of noise it is worth entering trades one or two candles from the current period (recommended for 1 candle) timeframe up to m 15 recommended money management fixed lot or fixed percentage of the depo
100 USD
BeST_Keltner Channels Strategies  EA   is an MT4  Expert Advisor that is based on the method developed by Chester W. Keltner described in book “How To Make Money in Commodities” that  Keltner called it the ten-day moving average trading rule. Originally Keltner Channels uses for Central Line a 10-bars SMA of Typical Price and  the 10-bars Average Range (High - Low) with a multiplication factor of 1 for constructing the Boundary Bands. Later several known traders and authors have published modif
45 USD
Master and Reverse
Panagiotis Vinieris
This is a semi auto EA , not use any type of indicators and parameters are simple . Including by a master order ( first order you upload on chart buy or sell ) and you can use two reverse order for hedging.    Master order : Called the initial order ( when hit SL the EA stop trading until you restart it on chart ) .  First reverse order : It is open opposite from master order on the desired pip distance .  Second reverse order :It is open opposite from first reverse order on the desir
50 USD
Roman Tsygankov
The automatic trading system PowerATR works on the basis of detecting the determination of the price out of its "usual" range for a certain period of time. At this moment, the expert evaluates the width of the price channel, the strength of the trend, and the distance traveled by the price in excess of the "normal" trading zone. After opening the first order, the EA monitors further price behavior - if the movement continues - it averages the position and brings the probable level of profit
99 USD
Global Scale
Global Scale Europe Consulting, S.L.
Robot de trading desarrollado para cuentas que inician desde un capital pequeño. Realiza operaciones que están un tiempo mínimo abiertas y con un riesgo pequeño en cada operación.  Se debe usar en principalmente en  gráficas en M1. El broker recomendado para operar es Swissquote. En caso de requerir un prueba sin coste póngase en contacto conmigo y le ofreceré las posibilidades de utilizarlo.
600 USD
VolumeTRX2-это робот созданный по моим параметрам исходя из десятилетнего опыта торговли на рынке Forex. Робот берет сигнал для торговли исходя их свечного анализа и индикатора Volumes. Робот может совершать торговлю по всем валютным парам, таймфрейм торговли для себя определите сами, более стабильные результаты показывает на М5 и M30, есть параметр установки стоплоса и профита, также время торговли. 
49 USD
I'm glad to present you my new   "Pivot Channels PRO"   indicator. It builds on my previous indicators and over six years of experience using them. This indicator includes all the best strategies that I have researched. When developing and optimizing, I used ML algorithms. The indicator is very easy to use. Now the indicator has 3 basic strategies and the ability to customize your own strategy. I am constantly looking for better strategies. Telegram channel:     https://t.me/d_p
99 USD
Description : Combination EA MT4 is a simple Expert Advisor based on Combination MT4 custom Indicator.  The Indicator is incorporated in the EA, therefore, you don't need it as a separate tool for the EA to operate. Combination MT4 custom Indicator is based on Stochastic Oscillator and Average True Range (ATR) technical Indicators, both are set to their default values. If you wish you can download Combination MT4 custom Indicator for free from  my   product page . The Expert Advisor settings a
49 USD
Forex Blow Up Manager The Spacial Forex Blow up Manager is help you account order on  insufficient margin. Start the program when it reaches the margin level you entered,the system find out maximum profit order & cut off. Avoid the largest loss order closed by the broker due to insufficient margin. The Para Lower Margin Level Start Close Order - if margin level below value, start cut off order Lower Margin Level End Close Order -if margin level greater then value ,stop cut off order Use Open
30 USD
Currency Strength Meter is the easiest way to identify strong and weak currencies. The indicator shows the relative strength of 8 major currencies: AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, USD. By default the strength value is normalised to the range from 0 to 100 for RSI algorithm: The value above 60 means strong currency; The value below 40 means weak currency; The indicator is created and optimized for using it externally at an Expert Advisors or as a Custom Indicator inside your programs. For
80 USD
Profit XX
PROFIT XX    FULLY AUTOMATED EA (ROBOT ) This is a trend EA, Works on all symbols (EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY, USDJPY, EURCAD, EURGBP ) and many more. The EA works on all time frames (1m, 5m, 15m, 30m, IHR, 4HR, Weekly, Daily). but for best results 5 minutes time frame is recommended, The default settings are set best for 5 min chart.  The EA is a combination of 200 SMA, 60SMA, 10SMA and 8RSI. the 200 SMA & 60 SMA gives a signal to open trades and the 10 SMA is closing single winning trades. The lo
199 USD
Stealth Bomber EA
Stephanus Kapenangolo Enondumbo
The Stealth Bomber EA operates by way of scalping and taking swing trades on selected currency pairs. It looks for overbought and oversold zones to place sell and buy orders respectively. The minimum lot size is 0.01 and can be increased through optimization.  Recommended Timeframe: 15 Minutes Recommended Pairs: AUDUSD, AUDCAD, GBPUSD, EURJPY, EURUSD, NZDCAD, NZDUSD
400 USD
SW Scalper
Mhd Amran Bin Lop
SW Scalper EA SW Scalper is a fully automated Expert Advisor based on scalping when indicated the market makes a fast movement. It uses smart algorithms to open any trade.Also this system come with very smart Money Management code and not like other Expert Advisor with this ea you will cant use fixed lot to trade. You must use the very smart Money Management system inside this ea to open any trade, you will need only to put your risk and the system will do all other job for you. And if you put
300 USD
特徴: MTF Moving Averageを8本一気に表示してくれるインジケータになります。 8本も必要ない場合にももちろん非表示にできます。 どの通貨でも使用可能になります。 それぞれのMTF Moving Averageの色や太さを変更できます。 各パラメータの説明: Method:MAの種類設定をします。 Applied price:MAで使用する価格を設定をします。 TimeFrame M5:使用するMAの時間足を設定します。 Period M5:使用するMAの期間を設定します。 ※ラベルに関係なく8本のMTF MAはどの時間足でも期間設定可能になります。 Update Frequency(seconds):MTF Moving Averageの再作成更新頻度を入力します。
30 USD
Time Line (Traders Club)  機能: 昨日高値、安値、本日始値、高値、安値の時間から線を引きます。 時間足により表示する時間が変わります。 1分、5分足では1時間ごとの表示 15分、30分足では4時間ごとの表示 1時間、4時間は12時間ごとの表示 日足以降は時間は表示されません。 高値安値は週足より下位足で表示されます。 各ラベルを変更可能になります。 更新頻度を変更できるのでチャート表示が 重くなることはありません。 各パラメータの説明: Difference hours form Server Time: サーバとの時間差を入力します。 Yesterday High Label:昨日高値のラベルを設定します。 Yesterday Low Label:昨日安値のラベルを設定します。 Show open line:true 始値の線を表示するかどうか Today Open Label:本日始値のラベルを設定します。 Today High Label:本日高値のラベルを設定します。 Today Low Label:本日安値のラベルを設定します。 L
30 USD
Jorge Alejandro Agudelo Alvarez
SRCCI An indicator based on RCCI , is a combination of the RSI and CCI indicators, adapted into three levels categorized into A, B and C. Taking advantage of their combination to maintain a controlled filter and applicable to different strategies. The RSI (Relative Strength Index) is one of the most popular and used oscillators to operate in the markets. It is a valuable tool to measure both the speed of price changes and the possible levels of overbought or overbought. The CCI (Commodity Channe
40 USD
AFM Trade
Vladimir Pavlov
5 (1)
Compatible with the rules of the NFA, CFTC and FCA regulators. Principle of operation The EA's algorithms are based on the method of amplitude-phase modulation of signals of different timeframes. The EA has a block structure and the ability to add an unlimited number of algorithms for open and close. Main advantages Attention! Before starting, be sure to download the preset files - given at the end of the description.   Advisor Launch it works in the mode of opening minute candles, which al
600 USD
Machine Gun
Kanok Meekunchorn
Strategy is based on  short-term  moving average analysis with the D1,H1 overview and M5 for entry and exit in every position. It is a combination of volume management and powerful trading techniques. The trading system is suitable for experienced traders. The EA allows you to trade with a fixed or automatic lot size. Recommended: Recommended timeframe is M5. Minimum account balance: $200. Default parameters are for   EURUSD M5 . Features: The EA is not sensitive to spread or broker, you may ch
45 USD
Ultimate pattern builder Expert Advisor (case B) Allows you to build any pattern with up to 3 candlesticks (+ special fourth). This EA is upgrade from indicator   because you can now create your own trading scenarios and test it as much as you want. Everything that you test in strategy tester can be also done live at auto trading. If you dont know yet what is so special about this ultimate pattern builder software collection: it allows you to create any pattern you want, by modifying body and
70 USD
Ultimate pattern builder Expert Advisor (case A) Allows you to build any pattern with up to 3 candlesticks (+ special fourth). This EA is upgrade from indicator   because you can now create your own trading scenarios and test it as much as you want. Everything that you test in strategy tester can be also done live at auto trading. If you dont know yet what is so special about this ultimate pattern builder software collection: it allows you to create any pattern you want, by modifying body and
40 USD
Hello This Indicator will draw Green (Up) and Red (Down) small arrows from Multi TimeFrames based in ( Moving Average) to help you to take decision to buy or sell or waiting If there 4 green arrows in same vertical line that's mean (Up) and If there 4 Red arrows in same vertical line that's mean (Down)  and the options contain (Alert and Mobile , Mail Notifications). Please watch our video for more details https://youtu.be/MVzDbFYPw1M and these is EA for it https://www.mql5.com/en/market/produc
149 USD
POWR Trend Line Candles
Trade Indicators LLC
5 (1)
You’ll love how you can receive alerts to your email and SMS when the candles turn green or red signifying the best buy and sell times in correlation to confirmed uptrends and downtrends. TO USE 1. Buy when green candles appear - this represents an uptrend. 2. Sell when red candles appear - this represents a downtrend. EXTRA FEATURE This indicator NEVER repaints so when a candle closes, that color is final. Also, the blue trend lines in the photos are not included, this is to demonstrate the pri
197 USD
POWR Drop Coming
Trade Indicators LLC
Profits are on the way! This indicator is SO SIMPLE… when the red Drop Coming arrow appears, a price drop may be on the way! When more than one "Drop Coming" signal appears on a bull run, that means the drop is getting closer. HOW TO USE 1. When the red "Drop Coming" arrow appears, a price drop may be on the way! To get the best setting it's a matter of tweaking the indicator until it gives you the best results. Our recommendation, and what our traders do is open their chart and move the input n
197 USD
POWR Long Short Zones
Trade Indicators LLC
Wouldn’t you love a heads up alert when the market is switching from bullish to bearish momentum? When the background turns green, there is your signal to place a long trade to increase your profitability. Also, when the background turns red, guess what? It’s time to go short for profits. HOW TO USE 1. When the background turns green, this is the best place to take long trades. This also represents a bull market. 2. When the background turns red, this is the best place to take short trades. This
197 USD
You’re going to love this! We have coded in the ability for you to be alerted by email or SMS when the Green Buy Line crosses below the Red Stop-loss line signaling a sell. And to take it one step further to increase your profits, we coded in the ability for you to be notified with the Price crosses down below the Green Buy Line or below the Red Stop-loss Line to give you earlier exit opportunities. HOW TO USE 1. Buy when the green buy line crosses above the blue trend line. You can also buy whe
197 USD
Hello to all of you Mobile hanging trades expert with price With promotion deals of the same size as a lot With control of the settings in the pending distance of suspended deals from Step 1 Booster deals from Step 2 The expert works to close deals programmatically without user intervention It does not work with a Take Profit or Stop Loss method The deals are closed in a way that closes the number of profitable deals with a losing deal Or close everyone together from reaching a profit And all t
300 USD
POWR Stochastic Trend
Trade Indicators LLC
This algorithm is created for you to receive alerts as to when the green stochastic line has crossed above the red stochastic line to launch a long trade and vice-a-versa for short trades. This indicator is a work horse for your profit picture! HOW TO USE 1. When the green stochastic line has crossed above the red stochastic line with a green background, this is an ideal place for a long entry. 2. When the green stochastic line has crossed below the red stochastic line with a red background, thi
197 USD
News Scalping EA
Thabet Hassan Isam Sabri
News release gives a good opportunity to make money because the price usually has big move at News time. This is typical strategy that places two opposite pending stop orders with a specific distance from price at specific time and date before news release to catch the breakout. Regardless of direction of the price move, we expect a large jump and it will trigger one of the pending orders.    With this Expert, trading news becomes easier and more accurate than Manual method. No waiting, no miss
99 USD
Flag On gitFlex
Mohammad Reza Rezaei
Flag On gitFlex   is a trading robot for  Forex . This EA using Math method and scalping algorithm. The system can also work with PC or VPS a latency up to a recommended maximum of 100ms. It analyzes the market without using indicators and pattern. Configuration : Pairs that I use with  EUR/USD   On time frame  H1.  Notice:   Spread should be Less than   20 pips. I f that is on your broker more than 20 pips for   EURUSD   or any currency you want active EA on it, does not work. Recommend
90 USD
Smart Gread Ultimate Edition (SGUL) indicator - based on smart order grid strategy. Maximum customization and flexibility of strategies are the main features of this indicator. In the right corner there is a table with the number and volume of orders. List of adjustable parameters: K: 2.0 - Factor of the next order increase (if the price moves in the other direction). TP: 50 - The number of points at which the order is closed with a profit (minimum profit per 1 lot). Step: 80 -
500 USD
Risk Order Panel Торговая панель для выставления отложенных ордеров при ручной торговле. Панель позволяет не задумываться о расчетах параметров ордера, типа сделки, размера лота. При необходимости выставления ордера достаточно мышью определить точки входа, Stop Loss, Take Profit, указать сумму риска и нажать на кнопку выставления ордера. Всё остальное панель сделает сама. Основные возможности: Установка точек входа, Stop Loss, Take Profit путем перетаскивания линий прямо на графике. Автомат
90 USD
MA Jumps Trend
Vitor Manuel Goncalves Pinto
MA Jumps Expert (MT5 version https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/52400 ) This system uses the overall trend to trade exponential moving averages jumps that at the same time form some pattern (wick formation, engulfing). The system uses 2 exponential moving average to calculate the jumps to trade, based on the market direction. The market direction is determined by the 200 exponential moving average. This system was design to work best for EURUSD and AUDUSD on 1H timeframe and its already tune
40 USD
This product makes your trend lines perfectly horizontal and brings them to present automatically. SPEND YOUR TIME TRADING AND NOT FORMATTING TREND LINES! Makes for the cleanest of charts! This product is ideal for S/D, S/R, and other technical analysis styles! The most important part is that you won't know how you ever traded with out it! First month is free!
100 USD
The Cable
Kingfisher FX
5 (3)
Ready to save big? All items are $30 for limited period. This is GBPUSD EA Signal will be launched soon 50-100% Annual Return with 10-20% Max DD No Martingale No Grid Only One Pair - GBPUSD 1 Hr time Frame Chart 0.01 Lot size for $200 Acc Balance Any account is Fine ECN, Standard, Raw, or Cent 80 Pips per trade target 20 Pips per trade target No fear of brokers manipulated spreads Please use default settings for $200 account balance and change the lot size 0.01 lot for each $200 increment
30 USD
Pivot Plus
Vitalii Krasilnikov
Торгуя на рынке форекс, многие используют уровни поддержки сопротивления убеждая себя что, если цена закрепится выше-ниже уровня, рынок пойдет далее по направлению-данное убеждение работает только в том случае, если учитывается направление движения рынка с более старшего временного интервала! Исходя из выше сказанного был написан индикатор уровней который рассчитывается по математической формуле Индикатор уникален тем, что он помимо основных уровней, учитывает и уровень с более старшего временно
30 USD
Battle Scalper
Andrey Kozak
2.75 (4)
Battle Scalper is a fully automatic trading robot. The default settings are for the GBPUSD currency pair, H1 timeframe. The robot trades on the principle of accumulating a positive balance by opening trades for a short time at the moments of an impulsive market. The robot places pending orders at the supposed support / resistance points and then accompanies the deal if it worked. If the transaction does not work, the robot removes the pending order. Trading recommendations: Currency pair GBPUS
69 USD
SL Scalping Ea
Chalin Saranga Jayathilake
4.76 (17)
Dont punched thank This has been in development for a very long time now. It was removed from the market for a few months. Hope this works out a lot now. Think twice if you buy this. You could be wasting money. This is now released for pre-purchased customers SL Scalping Ea 2  EA is a fully automated EA designed to trade 28 pair only. It is based on machine learning cluster analysis and genetic algorithms. EA contains self-adaptive market algorithm, which uses price action momentum and standard
150 USD
Trend oscillator with advanced filtering system. It determines the trend, its weakening and strengthening. Has a built-in multi-timeframe panel. AW Trend Oscillator works on any timeframes and on any symbols (currencies, indices, oil, metals, stocks). MT5 version ->   HERE   / Problem solving ->  HERE Features and Benefits: Advanced Trend Filtering Changing the sensitivity of the indicator in one click Easy setup Multi-timeframe panel Ability to move and minimize the panel Works on any symbol
55 USD
when using EA you do not need to set SL and TP. EA will look for orders that are already running and then execute them. EA will move the SL to the entry point when price move is 30pip. after the price goes 40pip EA will move SL to 20pip. then EA will move SL every 20pip. How it works: https://msg1.mql5.com/attach/0x01D65EA5DDD93801 You can see how to install EA : HERE . You can get 70% rebate when trade with Hotforex: HERE Channel Rebate: Click Stay tuned for my next EA.
30 USD
EA Champion MT4
Fabiano Campion
Hi, welcome here! OK, the logo is not professional, but I have only few things to say...  ... TRY IT! The demo is free to use and you can try this EA on historical data to see that it never loses if you have enough starting equity. It's designed for EURUSD currencypair working in MINUTE 15 as it's always between 0.8  and 1.50. It uses a modified Martingale with the use of some indicators for the first order. Please leave a review or comment if you like this expert or have bugs to submit or cha
49 USD
Phoenix MT4
Vladimir Gribachev
Indicator-free EA,   does not use indicators, a grid of orders or martingale. The number of trades per day can be strictly limited, only 1 order can be in the market at a time. Transactions are protected by stop loss, it can be either real or virtual (hidden from the broker). Works during the Asian session, in a calm market. It has built-in protection against slippage and spread expansion. It does not transfer transactions from Monday to Friday, it has the function of   automatically closing tra
45 USD
This is the most useful tool that the spread trader could want, it is possible to insert 2 instruments at will, so not necessarily one of the two must be the symbol on which it is placed. Unlike many others available on the net, this is a true oscillator that floats around zero, this allows you to use it in the most classic way, that is, for spread trading, but also allows the possibility to identify any divergences or to follow the trend on the to be born. The indicator buffers are fully acc
30 USD
Sergei Smetankin
Как-то давно, когда я ещё только постигал рынок FOREX, попалась мне стратегия названная автором как "План Б" и представлялась как уникальная, беспроигрышная и с 100% результатом, тогда моих знаний не хватало для того, чтобы реализовать этот алгоритм в советнике, но сейчас, случайным образом наткнувшись на этот материал я решил всё-таки воспроизвести эту стратегию в советнике. На скрине прогон в тестере с 06.01.2019 по 12.07.2020, депозит 10000, лот 0.01, всё остальное по дефолту В прикреп
30 USD
Salvador Ursua
SureBot is a very simple yet powerful trading robot with initial balance as low as $100. All you need to do is install it on your MT4 platform and it will do trading automatically without you monitoring it. You will also be notified if an order has begun executing. Simply install the MT4 app on your mobile device (ex. Android/iPhone). It will execute orders based on potential trend and price strength. Order lot sizes are based on you preferred risk for each trade where the default is 1% of your
50 USD
Robot Dream
Serhii Bernatskyi
Multicurrency Expert Advisor with 100% adaptation for any currency pair and timeframe. Based on the Smart Gread indicator. Very flexible setup allows you to get maximum profit. Profit from transactions is set manually in TakeProfit (standart 200 ). Lot size is set manually by Lot (standart = 1 lot). Each subsequent lot is increased by Kolen (standart 2 ). Maximum lot size MaxLot (standart 10 ). To disable the adviser, there are special functions: StopRightNow - all orders will c
1 500 USD
With this Utility you will have the option to see trading information’s on your chart. It will show you your Profit (Total Profit) BuyProfit/SellProfit and Count the different types of trades you made. You can specify if its only going to count the symbol or if you use lots of EA’s you can set UseMagicnumber to true and then specify which magic number you want the information to show. When using UseMagicnumber it filters by Symbol and Magic Number. This means if you have an EA without a
30 USD
Here is the simplified version of the Best Price Method.For more details of the method, the links are below. This panel will allow you to make decisions quickly if you like graphics. In addition to the Take Profit and Stop Loss for each operation, the panel has a general Take Profit or Stop Loss, which will close all operations quickly in the blink of an eye as soon as the objective is achieved. Manage the operations of the 30 most liquid pairs in the Foreign Exchange Market. Clearly and quickl
60 USD

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