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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 237

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Panel "panel_kjutaMultiTerminal" for trading. Opens, modifies, closes and deletes trading and pending orders from the chart using virtual lines, buttons and the active information terminal. Automatically opens an order by indicator levels. Hints in Russian, English or disabled. It has a number of functions for trailing virtual Take Profit lines and limit orders. Displays information on the active information terminal.  Hides and includes virtual lines S/L , T / P, buttons "<>","M","X", as well a
33 USD
Laser Trend
Nicolas Zouein
The trend is your friend! This is what this indicator is all about. Follow this famous saying and be safe. Characteristics: Buy/Sell signals fixed on the close of a bar. Works on all symbols and all timeframes. Clear visual market trend laser line, Buy/Sell signal arrows, market strength meter, TP1 & TP2 boxes. Visual signals when to enter, when to exit the market. No repainting. Compatible with Flexible EA for trading automation. (Ask for a free set file optimized to perform 2010-2018) Para
50 USD
T Rex
Evgeny Vlasov
4 (1)
Порядок работы Cоветник работает на любом таймфрейме на любых валютных парах. При работе советника анализируется несколько трендовых индикаторов и показатели объема торгов, при возникновении необходимых условий происходит открытие рыночного ордера. Советник не открывает следующий ордер, пока не закроется предыдущий. Советник имеет блок TrailingStop , позволяющий перемещать StopLoss за движением цены. Основным отличием этого блока от стандартного является его не линейность. В настройках
30 USD
Uladzimir Izerski
MT4.  Показывает процент коррекции цены к предыдущей волне, процент превышения цены над предыдущим пиком или впадиной волны. Помечает волны. Диапазон волн регулируется параметром на графике, путём ввода в поле цифры от 5 до 300. Рисует уровни Фибоначчи от вершин или впадин предыдущей волны, а так же в противоположную сторону от текущей вершины или впадины волны.
40 USD
CloseDelet Orders
Hafis Mohamed Yacine
1 (1)
CloseDelet_Orders CloseAtProfit is an EA that I use only to close orders after defined profit, or loss,  close all orders  ,  also delete pending orders.  I am using it in live trading.  The speed of closing depends on time when it trades, on broker you are using and symbols you are trading. INPUTS: win_USD_All   =    close all orders (sell+buy)  when the profit is greater than defined profit to close; win_USD_BUY =    close only orders buy   when the profit is greater than defined profit to
40 USD
This is the FXTraderariel TrendTrader .It analysis the trend and displays it, due to changing the changing the candle color. It took me over 12 Year to develop this system. But it shows the market perfect. Very easy to follow, even for beginners. It works on all Pairs and all Timeframes (however we advice only pro traders to trade smaller Timeframes, novice traders should stick to higher TF like H4 and D1). Depending on the settings it and trading style, it can be used for scalping or long-t
1 000 USD
This indicator scans and displays where the currency pairs currently are in reference to Pivot Levels. You have the option to choose between Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly pivots. Standard Pivot Levels and Camarilla Pivot Levels formulas came from the book Secrets of a Pivot Boss: Revealing Proven Methods for Profiting in the Market by Frank O. Ochoa. It also includes all types of alert options. Features Attach to one chart and scans all the currency pairs configured and visible
50 USD
Channels + S & R Indicator (CSRI) Indicator draws 3 channels (Large, Medium, Small) within bars’ range of current timeframe and pair / instrument. It can identify Support and Resistance levels within any chosen channel. Additionally Fibonacci levels can be drawn for Large Channel. All lines and levels can be customized by color and width. Identify Support and Resistance Levels for any Channel: IdentifySupportAndResistanceLevels - Identify Support and Resistance Levels IdentifySRforChannel –
50 USD
Uladzimir Izerski
5 (3)
MT4. Многофункциональный индикатор  автоматически определяет и рисует волновые каналы, а также линии поддержки и сопротивления. Показывает тренд младшего периода и границу пробоя старшего. Это не стандартный канал. Работает совершенно по новому принципу.  В алгоритм  построения канала заложен принцип закона золотого сечения. Работает на графиках любого инструмента. Для лучшего восприятия каналы окрашены в разные цвета. канал с синим фоном - основной вверх. канал с красный фоном - основной канал
88 USD
Aleksandar Petrinic
New Version updated(1.5) with a special trend filter! Set file for EURUSD H1 ---> https://c.mql5.com/31/291/hendrix_ea_eurusd_h1_set_files.zip Please Read it before start! I made an article on how to easy optimize it for your broker, pair and timeframe! Instructions here: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/723159 Is this EA too slow for you? Take a look at the more aggressive and faster version Hendrix Turbo Grid ( https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/38097 ) WARNING: using Hen
295 USD
Grid Sentinel
Carlo Arangio
Sentinel Grid, is an Expert Advisor that allows you to create complex trading strategies. Things unthinkable only until some time ago. You will have total control of the operation, being able to decide to mount, for example, two equal and opposite grids to take advantage of a moment of laterality of the market, gaining if the price moves above or below the entry level. As you can opt for two Anti-Grid, always equal and opposite to take advantage of a moment of strong trend without having to gue
249 USD
Price action is among the most popular trading concepts. A trader who knows how to use price action the right way can often improve his performance and his way of looking at charts significantly. However, there are still a lot of misunderstandings and half-truths circulating that confuse traders and set them up for failure. Using PA Trend Reversal will be possible to identify high probability exhaustion moves of a trend. ️ AVOID NEWS AND SPEECHES - most of the bad signals are during the news/sp
60 USD
Welcome all to the famous Gann's "Square Of 9"!! This method was used by one of the best traders in the history, a person who made his way among the top traders. An "Holy Grail" for whoever wants to learn trading. The "Square of 9" was used by this genius to find the market's future supports and future resistances. Nowadays is possible to find them with just a click, thanks to softwares. At the time Gann was using just his set of square and goniometer!! Gann describes, partially, the tecnique on
99.99 USD
This is the FXTraderariel F.U.E.L . It scans the market for opportunities and shows a buy or sell signal.It uses price action and VIX to find the best opportunities. Depending on the settings it and trading style, it can be used for scalping or long-term trading . The indicator can be used on every time frame , but we advise to use it on H1 and H4 . Especially if you are a novice trader. Pro Traders can also you use it for scalping in smaller timeframes (M1, M5 and M15). This indicator is not a
100 USD
This indicator zone indicator.Indicator displays high and low zone. Features Green color - Shows movement on the high zone. Red colr - Shows movement on the low zone. Yellow colr - Shows movement on the zero zone.    How to understand the status: If the bar is higher than the yellow color line , trend is up. If the bar is lower than the yellow color line , trend is down.
30 USD
Andriy Sydoruk
Indicator FiboZag - transfer the indicator to the chart and the Fibonacci levels will be built automatically on the last ZigZag turn. The main advantage lies in the correct construction of Fibonacci levels and markup of price levels. Simple, visual and effective use. The indicator is not redrawn and does not lag. Works on all currency pairs and on all timeframes.
70 USD
Flying Dutchman EA
Vladimir Gribachev
The advisor determines the flat and sets the order opening levels. It is built on a template using an advanced grid algorithm and a function of protection from increased volatility during the news release. Applies invisible for the broker dynamic levels of setting new orders, stop-loss, take-profit and trailing stop. If you set MagicNumber = 0, then the expert can be used in semi-automatic trading. You can open the position manually, and provide support for the position to the expert. Recomm
30 USD
Super Trader EA
Vladimir Gribachev
Fully automated adviser using an advanced grid algorithm and a function to protect against increased volatility during news releases. The Advisor looks for anticipated levels of reversal / continuation in a narrow price range (the proposed new level of support / resistance) based on previous movements. Applies invisible for the broker dynamic levels of setting new orders, stop-loss, take-profit and trailing stop. If you set MagicNumber = 0, then the expert can be used in semi-automatic trading
30 USD
Hrumer Alpha - a fundamentally new forex indicator, which is built on the algorithm of tracking the peak values ​​of the price. This is not ZigZag and not Fraclals and despite the visual similarity, does not have anything to do with these indicators. It does not redraw its values ​​and works from the zero bar, that is, with Open [0]. He quickly reacts to any changes in the price and informs the trader about the reversals. Works on all currency pairs and timeframes. You can use for long trading,
69 USD
Muholov Trend Trader Lite
Alexander Chelovechkov
Lite version of Muholov Trend Trader   Multicurrency trend advisor. Analyzes and trades up to 8 trading instruments simultaneously. Always follows the trend. 4 timeframes are taken for analysis: W1, D1, H4, H1. The main trend is determined by the highest selected timeframe (W1, D1, H4 - selected by a trader in the settings). Transactions open with a signal on H1. Closing orders takes place by take profit or by chains, when the specified profit of the chain is reached (specified in the settings).
250 USD
Neuron One
Thonnarit Wipavasutticharoen
Neuron One is a masterpiece EA, jointly developed from 9 champion forex traders together with our programmers and software. We approached those 9 champion forex traders, who have almost 10 years-experience in forex trading to corporately generate a powerful EA. During 4 years of developing Neuron One, 9 forex champions have applied their best strategies to our EA. Moreover, our programmers have been optimizing the trading strategies using our ultimate software to maximize the efficiency of EA
1 190 USD
BeST_Fibonacci Retracement Lines is an MT4 Indicator that by default is based on common  Fibonacci levels but it can also draw any 3 desired levels of Retracement or Support of a trending move. It can be used to identify pullback points but also additionally as a kind of a Trailing Stop . BeST_Fibonacci Retracement Lines indicator: • by default draws 38.2%, 50% and 61.8% Retracement Levels of the current price move defined using the Highest High (HH) and Lowest Low (LL) of a desired Look Back Pe
40 USD
Tails catcher
Peter Boldarev
The expert implements the strategy of "catching tails", earning on inevitable corrections after the beginning of a powerful trend. For the beginning of the trend, the moment of occurrence of a strong directed candle is taken. The order is opened in the opposite direction from the trend. If the price continues to go on a trend, then the level of the planned profit is shifted by implementing a grid of warrants, waiting for an inevitable correction or reversal of the trend. The input parameters i
37.50 USD
The script opens a separate window and displays information about the current open positions in it. The informer will be useful to those who operate with a large number of positions open on different instruments in different directions. It allows you to quickly decompose the loading of the deposit by instruments, visually identify the most tense places in the aggregate position. For the exposed stop orders, it calculates the total risks and goals.
30 USD
ATRAccelerator EA
Christian Opperskalski
ATRA EA is based on our ATR Accelerator Indicator. Strong Price Movements will be used as Trade entry.  ATRA EA gives you a really powerful framework to run your Trading-Strategies Features: Different Exit Strategies Trailing Take Profit Exit by MA Cut Exit by Signal Change Risk & Money management Balance based dynamic Lot calculation Define your own Risk percentage of minimum free equity Track Long run Trades -> set new TP after a defined time News Filter integrated, to prevent miss trades on
50 USD
Reverse Point
Andrei Gerasimenko
Данный индикатор отмечает участки разворота тренда, в точках разворота давая сигнал на вход в рынок в виде стрелок соответствующего цвета и направления и звукового оповещения. За расчет точек разворота отвечают классические технические индикаторы  Bollinger Bands  и MA . Расчет MA производится не по периоду, а по объему контракта разделённому на цены OHLC.  Индикатор не перерисовывается. Входные параметры Show Text Label - показывать текстовые метки Set Stop Loss - показывать расстояние до Sto
40 USD
This indicator helps the trader to identify the momentum of the price, and also calculates its strength relative to the average true range of price movement (ATR). The indicator will be an indispensable assistant for traders using the "Sniper" strategy in their trading, in which so-called "impulse levels" are used for trading. Parameters: Average Period - The averaging period; Alert Force - Set the warning to the trader. If the value of the indicator exceeds the set value, then the trader will
30 USD
The Sensitive Oscillator indicator is designed to find trends. It recognizes trends with its own algorithm and changes color. Finds trends relative to the degree of sensitivity. You can use it in all time periods. You can use this indicator alone or in conjunction with other indicators suitable for your other strategies. Transaction strategies You can do breakout strategies with this indicator. Each time you change colors, you can enter the process. You can use it in the long run by putting st
30 USD
BeST Darvas Boxes
Eleni Koulocheri
5 (5)
BeST_Darvas Boxes is an MT4  Indicator based on the trading method developed in the 50’s by the Hungarian Nicolas Darvas . BeST_Darvas Boxes indicator draws the Top and the Bottom of every Darvas Box  that can be confirmed on the current Chart. draws Buy and Sell Arrows  for every confirmed Upwards or Downwards Breakout of the above levels. draws always only after the bar closing and so is non-repainting or backpainting . Note : Every customer who wants to have the older version v_1.75 with t
35 USD
Gegatrade Advanced
David Zouein
5 (1)
Gegatrade Advanced EA is a state of the art Cost Averaging system It is secured by a built-in “ News WatchDog ” that suspends trading during news events the EA has lot of preset configuration files that can be downloaded from its Blog For full description visit the Blog :  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/720582 Trading Strategy The EA uses different strategy to each pre-set file which can all be downloaded from the Blog Gegatrade Advanced is open for the user to define his own
400 USD
Iterative Moving Average – IMA.   IMA is obtained by correcting the usual   MA.   The correction consists in addition   to MA averaged difference between the time series (X) and its MA, i.e.   IMA(X)=MA(X) + MA ( Х -MA(X)). Correction is done in several iterations (and, exactly, 2 iterations in this indicator) and with a change in the averaging period.               As a result, the time-series points begin to cluster around (on all sides) of the getting   IMA and with a smaller de
30 USD
This is a script used for placing pending orders. However, this does not create a trivial grid of orders, but a little "thinks and counts" ;) The general idea that guided me when writing this script is the concept of playing the demand and supply zones by setting pending "limits", but with a predetermined level of risk that I accept. Operating principles: - put a rectangle on the graph, which is supposed to reflect the "zone" we are going to play, - drag the Pending_Orders_1v6_Rectangle script t
39 USD
Indicator Draw Line, is a utility for drawing in the chart trend lines, connecting together and following one after another. It will be especially useful for traders who use in their trading wave analysis. Above the graph are buttons for switching the basic settings: Calling the color bar, Turning the indicator on and off, Turning the sound on and off, Clearing the chart from the created objects. With the rest of the settings will not be difficult to understand. Use your health!
35 USD
Local Flat
Igor Semyonov
Description The  indicator of local flat. The indicator allows to find local flats in the following options: Width of channels that is not more than certain number of points Width of channels that is not less than certain number of points Width of channels that is not more and not less than certain number of points The indicator displays the middle and boundaries of the channel. Attaching multiple instances of the indicator to the chart with different ranges leads to displaying a system of chann
30 USD
Все трейдеры знают, что без статистики работать нельзя и ведут статистику на бумаге или используют интернет ресурсы. Индикатор "VG-Statistics" создает статистику по истории Ваших сделок. Для правильной работы нужно выбрать нужный период в истории сделок и нажать кнопку "Развернуть" в левом углу графика, по умолчанию будут подсчитаны все сделки загруженные в ваш терминал с учетом комиссии и свопа, для подсчета например только "EURUSD" установите индикатор на график "EURUSD" и в настройках изменит
50 USD
Pro Strong Trend is an indicator that generates trend signal. It generates trend signal with its own algorithm. These arrows give buying and selling signals. The indicator certainly does not repaint. Can be used in all pairs. Sends a signal to the user with the alert feature. Trade rules Enter the signal when the buy and sell signal arrives. Processing should only be initiated when signal warnings are received. It is absolutely necessary to close the operation when an opposite signal is receiv
60 USD
Signal Arrows is an indicator that generates trade arrows. It generates trade arrows with its own algorithm. These arrows give buying and selling signals.  Can be used in all pairs. Sends a signal to the user with the alert feature. The indicator certainly does not repaint. Trade rules Enter the signal when the buy signal arrives. In order to exit from the transaction, an opposite signal must be received. It is absolutely necessary to close the operation when an opposite signal is received. Th
50 USD
Measuring the distance between two MAs can be much more powerful and reliable than waiting for crossing MAs, and then again for confirmatory setups... If you no longer want to wait for MA crosses as being too late for good entry positions, you are right with the Signal Pip Indicator. You are supposed to set an alarm for the distance between two MAs, fast & slow, whereas a 3rd confirmatory MA can be added as additional trigger & a fourth to filter out. You are able to select to be alerted when
30 USD
This indicator scanning thorough the history and drawing horizontal rays on all bars untested lows and highs. Fresh supply/demand zones and support/resistance levels will be marked down. It allows to be sure that certain levels is fresh and has not been tested yet. Usually after strong departure price is not retesting base immediately and leaving unfilled orders.  There is no inputs, so indicator is ready to go. Version for MT5 is also available here:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/3084
50 USD
The EA uses two strategies, the first trend strategy the second reverse strategy can be enabled or disabled through the settings. The EA has been optimized for the last 10 years. The adviser uses a variety of indicators such as  Bollinger Bands ,  Moving Average ,  Momentum  with different settings for the most accurate signals.  To close positions, stop loss and take profit are used, as well as additional methods of order modifications. Very easy to set up, does not require special knowledge. Y
50 USD
VMeter EA
Elvira Akhsanova
VMeter EA is Expert Advisor based on proprietary VMeter Indicator. Recommended Signal Settings: Sensor Range 35, Minimum Low-Level Bars 2 and Compare Price Dependencies 6 for optimal results on M5 or H1 on any pair. Order Settings (Take Profit, Stop Loss and Slippage are set in pips: 1 pip=10 points=0.00010): TakeProfit - Take Profit in pips StopLoss - Stop Loss in pips Lot - Lot Size Slippage - Order Slippage in pips Magic - Magic Number Order_Comment - Order's comment Signal Settings by
100 USD
Delta EMA for MT4
Steven Brown
5 (2)
Delta EMA is a momentum indicator based on the changes of closing price from one bar to the next. It displays a histogram of the exponential moving average of those changes, showing magnitude and direction of trend. Positive delta values are displayed as green bars, and negative delta values are displayed as red bars. The transition from negative to positive delta, or from positive to negative delta, indicates trend reversal. Transition bars that exceed a user specified value are displayed in br
30 USD
Evgeniy Zhdan
Advisor trades inside the channel of the standard technical indicator Bollinger Bands. Advisor can work both in one and two sides simultaneously (option in the settings). Closing of all positions on the trading instrument is made either by the total number of points, or when the profit is reached in percent of the balance. Advisor is suitable for trading on relatively calm trading instruments. You can see the principle of the adviser in a video. Settings: Comment to Orders  - Comments on
90 USD
Tva Martin
Valerii Timin
Целью создания советника была автоматическая работа терминала в отсутствие трейдера. Используемая стратегия - мартингейл. Одновременно работает в обоих направлениях.  Необходимо иметь не менее 100 USD депозита на центовом счете.  Параметры советника работают от месячной и недельной волатильностей рынка.  Целевая ставка возврата составляет от 0% до 20% каждый месяц. Желательная валюта транзакций: eur/usd.  Период удержания позиции составляет от 1 дня до 1 месяца, в среднем - 1 неделя.  Описание
30 USD
MTF Fractal Triangle Channel is a complete set of fractal indicator not just showing ascending,decending and flat fractal channel but also triangle channel with built in trend detector.It can notify you through e-mail,push alert and pop up window once it detected triangle or any kind of channel you wish for combine with trend. For example,this indicator found a new triangle channel and it wait for specific trend to alert you buy or sell.It up to you to set your own best trend.Not only that,you c
130 USD
This indicator shows the Up/Down trend calculated on a specific Time Frame defined by the user. The trend is shown in color coding for easy identification. ex: User can show the trend calculated from a Daily (D1) chart on the H4 chart. NOTE: Required Time Frame must be higher than the chart current time frame, otherwise the indicator will draw nothing. The available Moving Averages for the signal are: Simple Moving Average. Exponential Moving Average. Smoothed Moving Average. Linear Weighted M
50 USD
Hafis Mohamed Yacine
5 (1)
Expert adviser MaxProfitDz v1.3   Recommendations EA Settings : Use  setting below  Time Frame :1M. Brokers : ALL  brokers, low spread/commission Minimum Deposit Recommended  : $500 USD Lot Size for 500$   :     0.01 Use a broker with good execution and with a  low spread  . A very fast VPS is required Parameters MMType :2 LotMultiplikator = 1.0 LotConst_or_not = TRUE Take profit : 5---20 pips  for accounts with five-digit Take profit is 50---200 pips Step : 40 pips        for accounts w
300 USD
RSI Action
Thushara Dissanayake
3.67 (3)
The RSI Action Expert Advisor is a powerful tool that automates popular RSI (Relative Strength Index) strategies, allowing for efficient and accurate trading. By utilizing overbought and oversold levels, this EA identifies optimal entry points for buy and sell orders. It also offers various signal filtering options to enhance trading precision, including RSI reversal points, pending orders, major trend identification, and Moving Average Crossover signals. Additionally, it incorporates a modern
50 USD
Oscillator The Trend Signal indicator is an indicator designed to generate trend signals. It uses its own set of algorithms and the moving average indicator to find signals. It has the feature of filtering the signals with the channel system. In this way, it tries to improve the quality of the signals. Features and Trade strategy There are two channels in the indicator. These channels are 70 and -70 channels. You will reach the signals without losing time thanks to the alarm features found on
30 USD
Sergey Plevako
4 (1)
PanelLongProfit -многофункциональная панель нового поколения. Возможности: Позволяет оперативно реагировать на резкие движения рынка, все управление сосредоточено в панели в одном месте экрана Выбор языка сообщений (RUS, ENG) Кнопка "Clear" очищает график от лишних и не нужных объектов  Кнопка "Lock" локирует все сделки. Если кнопка включена, то советник постоянно локирует позиции.  Кнопка "Grid" возможность выставлять сетку ордеров отложенными ордерами. В параметрах советника можно настроить се
30 USD
The Auto Super Pivot indicator is an indicator designed to calculate support points and resistance points for pivot points. this indicator has the ability to calculate standard pivot, fibonacci, camarilla, woodie and demark pivot points. It also allows you to use all time zones with the time frame feature. Another feature of the indicator is the auto time slice feature. This feature allows automatic calculations without having to set any time zone. Features 6 different pivot calculation modes
30 USD
AR Dashboard
Francesco Rubeo
Easily and rapidly access to the average range of all the markets with "A.R. Dashboard"!! This professional multi-timeframe indicator will show you the average range of all desired markets (till 50) with one click!!  Choose the number of bars to calculate the average range and this indicator will show you, automatically, this average range in points of the chosen markets for each timeframe. You'll have at your disposal two panels: AR Dashboard : Main panel. Notifications Settings : Here you can
30 USD
Breakout Robot
Thushara Dissanayake
4.5 (4)
Introducing the Breakout Robot Expert Advisor , a revolutionary tool designed to automate the highly sought-after EURJPY Breakout Strategy with unparalleled ease. This powerful EA features a simple yet effective system that effortlessly draws a box using high and low values between 22:00 - 02:00 GMT. It then automatically executes BUY/SELL orders when price breaks above/below the box, all optimized for the M15 time frame. With complete customization capabilities, you have the flexibility to tail
150 USD
Trend qualifier
Shaheen Hassanali
THE TREND IS YOUR FRIEND and I am your guide. Allow me to shed  light to your surroundings in the darkness of trading. This indicator will give you the direction you need to trade with the trend. It does not require any specific settings, optimisation or curb fitting. No restrictions on symbols or time frames. It will work on metatrader 4 for any market and on all time frames. Does NOT repaint once candle closes. The Trend Qualifier is a great tool.  It also helps to reduce the clutter on your c
50 USD
Silver Plus EA
Sergey Belov
5 (1)
Fully automatic expert adviser developed for the forex market. - The number of characters in quotes is determined automatically. - Works with standard accounts and ECN accounts. - The timeframe of the chart does not matter. This parameter is defined in the settings. - You can use a dynamic lot or a fixed lot. - The spread filter does not allow the Expert Advisor to open orders at a large value. - Expert advisor always set TakeProfit on all of its open orders. - Drawdown control allows you to spe
170 USD
Sell Bot
Igor Chuzlov
Sell Bot  - это полностью автоматизированный советник для торговли в нисходящем тренде. Используются элементы стратегий сетки, скальпинга, без убытка, установка Stop Loss и Take Profit . Торговля по новостям. Советник выводит на график и сохраняет новости на локальном компьютере за 1 год. Новости обновляются каждые 60 минут или при нажатии кнопки "Обновить новости". Новости загружаются с сайта  http://www.investing.com/economic-calendar/ . Для работы советника нужно добавить сайт в список разреш
99 USD
Triangle Trader
Yaser Sabbaghi
5 (3)
Triangle Trader ( Triangile Trader ) This EA assist professional traders for semi-auto trading. It takes position when the price break out the hypotenuse and adjacent leg of TRIANGLE in the chart. When the trader can not distinguish the trend and possibility of both BULLISH and BEARISH break out are expected, this EA will be trader magic stick. At this EA, trader needs to adjust two plotted Trade Lines in the chart as Hypotenuse and Adjacent Leg of a TRIANGLE . The opposite leg will be draw
30 USD
Easiest Trader
Konstantinos Papamarkou
Easiest Trader is an user friendly and very easy to use algorithmic system. Open the first Order according to your own strategy using the buttons that are available on the left corner of the Chart and continue your personal life instead of continuously monitoring the markets. Easiest Trades will assume to set Take Profit, open more Orders using Grid system if needed, protect the percentage of Balance you have set according to settings doing all the work for you without you. Just eight settings
30 USD
Haimin Li
Tai Chi2EA Tai Chi2EA is according to MACD indicator deviation written a trend oriented EA。 Broker:  ECN broker, low communication / Commission, 1:400 leverage, non FIFO or FIFO. If you want to run in different currency pairs, please modify the parameters BM and SM。 Please use default parameters.  As the world's most knowledgeable person, I've set the parameters to the optimal parameters, users can directly use, without modification.
30 USD
Панель предназначена для быстрого визуального нахождения и отображения внутренних баров по всем периодам и на любых выбранных валютных парах одновременно. Цвет сигнальных кнопок, указывает на направление паттерна. По клику на сигнальную кнопку, осуществляется открытие графика с данным паттерном. Отключить не используемые периоды, можно кликом по его заголовку. Имеется поиск в истории (по предыдущим барам). Прокрутка (scrolling) панели, осуществляется клавишами "UP" "DOWN" на клавиатуре. Имеется
40 USD
MMM Zig Zag Strategy: The Expert Advisors uses its built-in Zig Zag indicator to determine the prices trends and calculates the signal to decide to open buy or sell positions. It sends an order, closes or moves the Trailing Stop loss position as the indicator works. You can define the time period of each day of the week the EA should not trade (the bad time to trade). Usually the period of day when the impact news are published. General Inputs: Closes orders with any profit of value (currency):
120 USD
Strong Oscillator is an indicator designed to find indicator trends. It finds trends using a set of algorithms and a set of indicators. This indicator is a trend indicator. Helps to find trends easily. You can use this indicator alone, or you can use it as an auxiliary indicator for other strategically appropriate indicators. You can use it as a trend validation indicator. Suggestions and Features There are 4 level lines on the indicator. These level lines 5, 20 and 80 are 95 lines. 5, 20 le
30 USD
Flag Pattern indicator is an indicator designed to find flag patterns. Bullish and bear find flag patterns. It finds these patterns by its own algorithm. The display is easy to use and simple. Features Bullish and bear find flag patterns. Draw patterns on the graphic screen. invalid flag patterns. alert the user with the alert feature. Flag patterns have the ability to change colors. Parameters MinSplashHeight -  Min. height of splash setting MaxBarsDuration -  Max bars before crossing setting
45 USD
YinYang hedging This is a fully automatic EA base on two currency hedging.The parameters are simple and adaptable,the EA can deal with any type of market, and the performance is stable. Using Requirements: Run timeframe: H1; EA loading currency:currency A,currency B do not need to loading the EA; Minimum account funds:$1000; When used,the parameters "Test" should be adjusted to "false" from "true" by default; VPS hosting 24/7 is strongly advised; Currency pairs are recommended:A-GBPUSD,B-EURUSD;
1 800 USD
The Channel Trade System indicator is an indicator designed to trade with channels. Only by this indicator can be done beautifully by itself. This indicator is composed of moving average and some algorithms. Features and Suggestions The display has 4 channels. There is one main trend line. The signal line is the thick channel with magenta color. To trade, it is advisable to start with the channel line which is magenta color. A channel calculation setting of 3 to 5 is recommended. the different
50 USD
This Cross Trend Signal indicator uses Donchian channel and ATR indicators. This trend tracking system uses historical data to buy and sell. This indicator does not repaint. The point at which the signal is given does not change. You can use it in all graphics. You can use it in all pairs. This indicator shows the input and output signals as arrows and alert. Open long deals on blue arrows Open short deals on red arrows When sl_tp is set to true, the indicator will send you the close long and cl
50 USD
Stochastic Alert Manager   Introduction: The Stochastic Alert Manager is a customizable indicator used to send alerts when trading signals occur. It also gives the user an overall idea of the tendency in all timeframes through a panel, to keep an eye on the global market behaviour. It is based on the stochastic crossovers strategy. The Stochastic Alert Manager is not meant to open trades for now. - Simple - Configurable - Respond quickly - Monitor the global behaviour   How is it working? -  It
19.90 USD
Volume candles master
Alexander Nikolaev
Volumes - one of the very important indicators of trade, since it is high volumes that move the market in one direction or another. This adviser trades by volume, analyzing candles. On this depends how strong the trend can begin. To improve the quality of transactions, uses many other indicators (Moving Average, RSI, ATR, ADX) and can determine the amount of take-profit and stop-loss, depending on the strength of the previous move. Recommended timeframes: M5, M15, M30. Before trading, optimize t
15 USD
We are proud to present you the new version of our enhanced panel pro  ================= Active Support    Update and many function will be added   ================= OUTPUT: MagicNumber : Change Magic Number Size : Size of panel (3 sizes available depend of your screen preference) X Pos : Change X Position Y Pos : Change Y Position Animation : Just a cool effect for cool trader Function: Order Size : Fixed Lot Size - Risk % - Money  StopLoss : SL Pips - SL HiLo - SL HiLo [2
30 USD
Tic Tac Toe
Andriy Sydoruk
The algorithm of the Tic Tac Toe indicator differs from the usual indicators on the price charts in that it completely ignores the flow of time and reflects only changes in the price. Instead of displaying the time intervals on the X axis, and the price value on the Y axis, the Tic Tac Toe indicator displays price changes on both axes. The indicator displays in red if prices rise by a certain base value (TicTacToe) and blue if prices fall on the same value. If prices fell / rose by less than a c
59.99 USD

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