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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 151

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Salvatore Labriola
The utility allows you to open, monitor and manage open positions on the forex market and only on instruments in which it is possible to create triangulations or those instruments that share the same currency in the numerator or denominator: ex: EURSUSD --- GBPUSD --- EURGBP The help of operational lines and valuable information on the panel allow the trader to manage trades more easily. Recommended for novice and experienced traders. External variables CrossSymbol = choose the cross on wh
PVSRA method MT4
Vladimir Gribachev
PVSRA trading method. The system is based on calculating the direction of positions of large players, in which they gain positions. PVSRA is an abbreviation: P - Price (Price), V - Volume (Volume), S - Support (Support), R - Resistance (Resistance), A - Analysis (Analysis). The PVSRA method uses round price levels (eg 1.2000) and intermediate levels (eg 1.2250, 1.2750). Consolidation below the round level is preparation for long positions, consolidation above the level is preparation for sh
Golden Bull ea mt4 is a EURUSD 1h trend EA developed by our team for 3 years. EURUSD 1h EA is a typical trend EA that is fully automatic and stable with multiple indicators. No scalping, no grid, no martingale, suitable for most brokers EURUSD 1h Working pairs :EURUSD Recommended account type – any account type Minimum lever: 1:30 even 1:20 Working Timeframe: H1  Minimum deposit: $1000/lot 0.1 VPS is recommended  Features: Not a martingale, arbitrage, hedge or other dangerous method
Ready trading system. The indicator arrow shows when and in what direction you need to open an order. At the end of the blue rectangle we put TakeProfit, and at the end of the red rectangle we put StopLoss. The indicator calculates the size of TakeProfit and StopLoss automatically, depending on the market volatility and the probability of price direction. Therefore, the indicator does all the work instead of the trader. He analyzes the market himself, determines the distance for TakeProfit and
The Best Forex Robot
Johannes Tangi Haixula
Our robot trade according to 4 reversal chart patterns. (Double Top, Double Bottom, Head & Shoulder & Reversal Head & Shoulder. It also indicates to you the direction of the trend so that you know exactly where the price is on the current charts per time frame. So we install it on 9 currency pairs so that it scan the charts for those patterns. So once it identify the pattern, it will confirm the pattern and it will place a trade. All the trades that the robot triggers have TP & SL. It risks 1-5%
IMPORTANT; Price is subject to rise at any time from now! Do not miss this offer! Dear trader I am glad to introduce my new tool called Trend Analyser Dashboard to you. The design, style, and settings of this indicator  have been made simple to make its users not take too much time in understanding the indicator itself.   The purpose is to help traders in analysing the direction of the major trend and the status of the trend whether in weak trend or its strong trend. The indicator will also prov
Speed Trade
Dmitriy Kashevich
1 (1)
Speed ​​Trade - A great tool in the right hands! Which will allow you to look at the market from the other side! All hidden signals and impulses that you have not seen will be shown by this product! Multicurrency indicator that allows you to trade on all currency pairs. The product is also being tested on raw materials and cryptocurrency. It is advisable to use timeframes no more than 1-5m, this is fast and smart trading. It is fully configured for all currency pairs. red arrow ra
Yolo EA
Yohanes Raymond Budiono
Only 7 copies of the EA left at $ 150 ! Next price --> $ 320 Yolo EA is an automated trading system that adapating itself on whatever the market conditions are. It can follow strong trend / counter trend / neutral. Recommended currency pairs:   GBPUSD Recommended timeframe:   M15 Recommended session:  London Session (10.00-18.00 GMT+2) Backtest (2020.06.04 - 2022.04.19) results showing that it can grow $1,423 account into $2,423 with maximal drawdown 12.33% only. Notes: Can be used for a
A Trading Assistant EA that can place order at user's desired open, stop loss, and take profit prices with automatically calculated lot size based on user's risk per trade . $30 for the next 50 downloaders, next price: $45 Try it out on demo account for free:   Download Demo Features: Smart Place Order : Automatically determine the Type of Order (Market/Stop/Limit & Buy/Sell) to be placed based on Open, and Stop Loss Price input, then execute it immediately Risk Manager : Set your risk of lo
The ' Renko Brick Arrows ' indicator was developed to showcase the traditional renko brick grid pricing on chart. An alternative to using an offline chart generator for renko grid prices, and a unique charting style to strategize. Key Features Renko bricks are drawn over the chart without having to generate a new chart. Optional horizontal lines shows where the next arrows are supposed to appear. Both one and two step reversals are available to draw arrows for buy and sell. Input Parameters
Mikhail Nazarenko
В Super Trend Line реализован один из лучших "price action" алгоритмов трендового индикатора. В связке с авторской фильтрацией это дает максимально точное определения тренда на любых трендовых валютных парах, акциях, криптовалюте без перерисовки результата. Индикатор легко настраивается и станет дополнительным помошником в вашей торговой системе. Подходит как новичкам так и профессионалам для всех видов трендовой торговли. Как выбрать прибыльный таймфрейм и оптимизировать индикатор под валютну
This is a Manual Indicator to help Manual traders see the Trend Visually it allows you to fully control how the candle closes with many different options, and you can plot the path with many different options. This Indicator is best used in Timeframe: H1 or higher Close Candle Methods Close Open High Low Median Typical Weighted Close Median Body (Open+Close)/2 Average (High+Low+Open+Close)/4 Trend Biased Heiken Ashi Close Heiken Ashi Open Heiken Ashi High    Heiken Ashi Low Heiken Ashi Media
Super Trend Double Pro - Includes the classic SuperTrend indicator x2 - Includes two indicators for much better market analysis - Comes with various settings - Comes with a display - Displays statistical win/loss information The "Super Trend Double Pro" indicator provides the ability to combine two of the classic SuperTrend indicators into one, displaying two indicators with different settings on the same chart. The indicator comes with many customizable settings as well as a display which
This indicator will display mini candlestick chart with Bollinger Bands indicator of the symbols that pass a filter criteria in the indicator subwindow from 1 to 10 symbols per subwindow. Feature: Button to scroll 1 symbol, click to scroll the displaying symbols back and forth 1 symbol per click Button to scroll 1 page ,  click to scroll the displaying symbols back and forth 1 page(number of symbols per subwindow) per click Button to open new chart, click to force mt4 terminal to open a new cha
Retracement Pip Catcher
Christopher Graham Parish
!! FLASH SALE !!   Over 80% off !!     For ONE week only. Now only $47 - normally $297! >>>      Ends on 30 June 2023 - Don't miss it! Buy and Sell Arrows when price is about to retrace. It Also Sends Alerts – On MT4 To Your Phone To Your Email Does not repaint. Works ony any pair, any timeframe. 10 Activations allowed so you are free from limitations See an example of alerts from today (23 May 2020) using this and 2 more of my indicators  here . MT5 Version here . Spreads from 0
KT Fibrill EA MT4
KT Fibrill EA is based on a distinct Fibonacci trading strategy that combines the Fibonacci ratios with a machine learning engine to exploit the market inefficiency using the stop orders. The EA always uses the pending orders to avoid the imprecise price direction. Recommendations Symbol:   EURUSD Time-Frame:   1-Hour Backtest Data:   2007.01.01 to 2022.04.24 (15 years) Features Successfully passed our ten internal robustness and stress tests. Destructive methodologies such as grid, marti
!! FLASH SALE !!   Over 80% off !!     For ONE week only. Now only $47 - normally $297! >>>      Ends on 30 June 2023 - Don't miss it! Marks Market Imbalance / Fair Value Gaps / Improper Price Action On The Chart. As traders continue to search for the best trading indicators to guide their investments, the   I mbalance   / I mproper   P rice   A ction   / F air   V alue   G ap   I ndicator has become increasingly popular. This indicator helps to identify opportunities   for taking profit . Th
M1 Scalper Mt4
Natasha Diedericks
This indicator is excellent for scalping on the M1 or M5 chart. Uses a special algorithm for the lines. No need to set up the indicator. Does not feature any alerts and is best used manually after visually confirming the line displays. NB: Make sure to download M1 history before testing and use. How to use: Simply attach to M1 or M5 chart. Zoom chart out completely. Sell when all lines above the white line (PriceLine). Sniper line crosses above white line. Buy when all lines below the white li
!! FLASH SALE !!   Over 80% off !!     For ONE week only. Now only $47 - normally $297! >>>      Ends on 30 June 2023 - Don't miss it! Buy And Sell Signal Arrows On The Chart When The Price Is About To Reverse. Also Sends Alerts – On MT4 To Your Phone To Your Email. Does not repaint. Works on any pair, any timeframe.   (Just ajust the settings for your pair and timeframe.) 10 Activations allowed so you are free from limitations MT5 version here .   Spreads from 0.1pip RAW/ECN Acco
MACD Trend Break
Manoj Kumar Sharma
MACD oscillator with advanced trend filtering and Alert indication. It determines the trend, weak trends are filtered out and New strength in the trend in indicated. MACD Oscillator works on any timeframes and on all symbol (currencies, indices, oil, metals, stocks, options, offline renko charts) 1. User can change MACD value, 2. Minimum MACD level filter, 3. Divide value will filter out the power ratio with which trend change indication is needed on any chart. 4. Buffer value will have addition
Masatoshi Yoshimura
MT4に表示している同一通貨ペアのチャート上で、水平線や垂直線、トレンドラインなどのオブジェクトを同期します。 このインジケーターを使うと、1つの時間足で作成した水平線などのオブジェクトが、同一通貨ペアの他のチャートにも同じオブジェクトが作成されるようになります。また、作成後の移動、プロパティ変更、削除なども同期することができます。 チャートオブジェクトが同期されるケース  ・チャートオブジェクトの作成 ・チャートオブジェクトのスタイル変更(色、太さなど) ・チャートオブジェクトの移動 ・チャートオブジェクトの削除 対応しているチャートオブジェクト  以下24のオブジェクトに対応しています。 ・水平線 ・垂直線 ・トレンドライン ・平行チャネル ・フィボナッチリトレースメント ・フィボナッチ・エクスパンション ・フィボナッチ・チャネル ・フィボナッチ・タイムゾーン ・フィボナッチ・ファン ・フィボナッチ・アーク ・角度によるトレンドライン ・アンドリューズ・ピットフォーク ・標準偏差チャネル ・線形回帰チャネル ・サイクルライン ・三角
Colored Volume
Seyed Ali Tabatabaei Lotfi
The Colored Volume is a simple, yet useful indicator that paints the color of the volume based on the price direction.  If the price has increased, the volume will be shown in green. If the price has decreased, the volume will be shown in red. This indicator will make it super easy for traders to track volume bars based on price movements. (The settings of the volume bars including line width and color can be manually changed by the trader.)
Twenty Eight Forex Pairs
Thomas Bradley Butler
OPTIMIZE EA BEFORE TEST AND USE No EA turns hundreds into millions in a year or 2.  This is a lie if presented this way. Trade Twenty Eight Forex Pairs.  Use this EA to trade the pairs and time frames with tp and sl according to risk.  This comes with advanced money management built in.  It has break evens and take profits on 50% with sl and tp accordingly.  1 hour recommended but try on others for intraday or swing trading.
Pomo Panel
Jermias Perkasa
Pomo Panel is a simple panel to help trader using grid strategy. It is designed with grid strategy in mind.  Its features: Open standard transactions Set up pending transactions Delete all pending transactions Modify multiple Stop-Loss and Target-Profit Calculate Lots of all opened transactions Calculate average Open-Close, High-Low Close All Opened Orders
The EA uses scalping strategy at night, trading consists of three algorithms and each algorithm works in its own time interval. The EA uses many smart filters to adapt to almost any economic situation. Pending orders are used for the least slippage when trading scalping. The adviser is safe and does not require any settings from the user, just install it on the chart and you are ready. The EA sets a protective stop order, so the trader does not have to worry that the robot will allow significant
Live Forex Signals is designed for trading on site signals   https://live-forex-signals.com/en   and    https://foresignal.com/en . Live Forex Signals for MetaTrader 5  https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/81448 Parameters Username and Password if you have a subscription to the sites live-forex-signals.com/foresignal.com , then you should fill in these parameters with your credentials; if there is no subscription, then leave the fields empty; Comment comment on the deals being opened Risk r
Hoes EA
Xue Fei Zhang
这是一个英镑头皮策略,固定止损,一次一单,测试最近3年平均年盈利百分之50到70左右,要求ECN账户 下单手数设置:每50美元,下单0.01手。参数调整:XDSS调整手数,ZSDS止损调整, 4.EA挂1日周期表即可。 EA特点1固定止损不抗单。 。 这是一个英镑头皮策略,固定止损,一次一单,测试最近3年平均年盈利百分之50到70左右,要求ECN账户   下单手数设置:每50美元,下单0.01手。参数调整:XDSS调整手数,ZSDS止损调整, 4.EA挂1日周期表即可。 EA特点1固定止损不抗单。   这是一个英镑头皮策略,固定止损,一次一单,测试最近3年平均年盈利百分之50到70左右,要求ECN账户   下单手数设置:每50美元,下单0.01手。参数调整:XDSS调整手数,ZSDS止损调整, 4.EA挂1日周期表即可。 EA特点1固定止损不抗单。                    
For the correct operation of this Expert Advisor, a minimum trading spread is required. 15 points on the 5th sign is optimal. The smaller your spread, the better the trading will be. The Expert Advisor opens a buy or sell order only after a strong activity has been formed in the market. The basis of the strategy is an indicator for scalping - Scalping Dong. The robot has more than 60 settings so that you can efficiently manage your trading strategy. Recommendations: Trading on any trading pairs
Iyekeoretin Emmanuel
5 (2)
GoldBluePrint is a fully automated trading system that uses advanced algorithms to analyse the gold market and generate trading signals. GoldBluePrint is designed to help traders maximize their profits while minimizing their risks. The system uses a combination of technical indicators and market analysis to identify high-probability trading opportunities. One of the key features of GoldBluePrint is its ability to adapt to changing market conditions. The system constantly monitors the gold mar
Holy Grail Arrow
Thomas Bradley Butler
Holy Grail arrow is for scalping.  The period you use will determine the trend.  You can try different time frames and periods to see what works best for your strategy.  Filters can be applied like a moving average or trendlines.  The 1 minute works good for scalps and always trade during active periods and avoid consolidation times.  Using other indicators to determine trends is recommended but this can also be a free flowing scalping system alone with tp and sl. Inputs: Period = trend period
Risk management tool   This is a unique tool that every trader should have in his tool box. A best trader in the world, cannot succeed in Forex without proper money management, Likewise, a newbie trader will not blow up his account, with proper money management, Of course, one who follows proper money management or risk management will be a successful trader. This tool is something special, because it is very easy to use and the user can adjust stop loss levels and take profit levels for the ord
Flagship XAUUSD h1
Raphael Schwietering
5 (1)
Flagship is a fully automated EA designed to trade XAUUSD in H1 only. It is based on machine learning cluster analysis and genetic algorithms. EA contains self-adaptive market algorithm, which uses price action patterns and standard trading indicators.  Entry and exit logic operates on Bar Close only. This filters market noise, dramatically speeds up optimizations, avoids stop loss hunting, and ensures proper operation at any broker with a reasonable spread. The EA uses an advanced algorithm to
Universal MT4 MACD
Vladimir Gribachev
Trading robot on the MACD indicator This is a simplified version of the   trading robot , it uses only one entry strategy (the extended version has more than 10 strategies) Expert Benefits: Scalping, Martingale, grid trading. You can set up trading with only one order or a grid of orders. A highly customizable grid of orders with a dynamic, fixed or multiplier step and trading lot will allow you to adapt the Expert Advisor to almost any trading instrument. Drawdown Recovery Syste
Galante AI
Denis Iliasov
1 (1)
A distinctive feature of the   Galante AI   system is the closing of transactions at the most optimal point without holding them for a long time and safely collecting profit from the current market, preventing transactions from going into a long and large drawdown. The Bollinger Bands indicator with author's settings is responsible for opening trades. Galante AI   is ideal for those who do not want to worry about large drawdowns and long-term holding of trades. The settings are simple and clear
Boxing Gold Ai Robot
Nirundorn Promphao
I will support only my client. สำหรับลูกค้า Some Features: - Swing or ZigZag or Sideway trading - No News filter to high impact news, It will dash with Martingale with Position Percent from Lot size starter,   Increase / Decrease via amount of position on chart. - You can run it on sideway chart at current timeframe or H4-D1 timeframe. - If chart has trend don't worry with your small lot size starter and frequncy and your funding. - You can always consult with me on how to use it via chat.
New Wave EA
Sergey Belov
The automated expert advisor that builds a grid of orders based on my developed algorithm. The initial lot of order can be fixed or dynamically calculated, depending on the deposit balance and the risk parameter used. To prevent opening trades at a high spread value, the EA has a corresponding filter. You can specify the maximum allowable value  in the settings. The internal algorithm of work and settings of the expert advisor for Short and Long trades are completely identical. Thus, the expert
Support and Resistance Levels by svidoks This utility draws support and resistance zones to which the price reacts well. It also has a trend indicator that works on the basis of support and resistance zones. You can work with the indicator-advisor both manually and automatically (there is also an external control panel). Group for support, you can also write your Wishlist and wishes - telegram chat Supports all currency pairs Options: Dist_set_limit - 300, this is the value in pips. When th
Combine Winner
Thomas Bradley Butler
Trade any Forex combine out there.  Many prop firms offer challenge or instant funding combines.  The biggest problem is controlling the loss.  With this indicator you can get a visual system that can limit loss and teach discipline.  This uses the MACD and the strategy is scalping.  You can determine the risk and reward.  Visually follow small trends for scalps.  Trade during active sessions.  It's just a simple system to instill discipline while limiting loss and scalping pips with the paramet
[ MT5 Version ] Ultimate Alpha Trend MT4 Ultimate Alpha Trend is the first trend indicator, which combines volatility, volume, average price and momentum. The results is a highly versatile representation of trendy and sideways market conditions, highlighting, at the same time, significant supply and demand levels. The Ultimate Alpha Trend indicator can be used to find entry oportunities and to set SLs taking into consideration current market volatility, volume and momentum. Besides that, the in
Elliott Wave Elliott Waves is one of the   most well-known  indicators . This indicator has its niche in Forex trading analysis. Elliott Waves show that investor psychology is the driving force of the movements within the financial markets. This indicator gives more detailed and profitable results. Many professional forex traders adopt the below approach while using Elliott Waves in Forex trading: Choosing a specific method for generating the count of Elliott Wave Let the Elliot Wave reach the “
Universal MT4 RSI
Vladimir Gribachev
Trading robot on the RSI indicator This is a simplified version of the   trading robot , it uses only one entry strategy (the extended version has more than 10 strategies) Expert Benefits: Scalping, Martingale, grid trading. You can set up trading with only one order or a grid of orders. A highly customizable grid of orders with a dynamic, fixed or multiplier step and trading lot will allow you to adapt the Expert Advisor to almost any trading instrument. Drawdown Recovery System
Highly accurate supply and Demand indicator that gives you the exact value of where the Demand or supply ends or starts. Has built-in Alerts  Has ability to change colors to whatever you want.  Has special feature to automatically change when the chart crosses into a new zone or breaks free from a weak zone. Great for any Manual Trader Set your own custom alerts  you can have it check the history of the chart to see how other setups of supply and demand where made in the past.
Trend Continuation Alters Indicator
Christopher Graham Parish
5 (1)
!! FLASH SALE !!   Over 80% off !!     For ONE week only. Now only $47 - normally $297! Buy and sell arrows on the chart when the trend is about to continue. Aslo Sends Alerts – On MT4 To Your Phone To Your Email. Does not repaint. Works on any pair, any timeframe.   (Just ajust the settings for your pair and timeframe.) 10 Activations allowed so you are free from limitations See an example of alerts from today (23 May 2020) using this and 2 other indicators  here . MT5 version h
Universal MT4 MA
Vladimir Gribachev
Trading robot on the Moving Average indicator This is a simplified version of the trading robot , it uses only one entry strategy (the extended version has more than 10 strategies) Expert Benefits: Scalping, Martingale, grid trading. You can set up trading with only one order or a grid of orders. A highly customizable grid of orders with a dynamic, fixed or multiplier step and trading lot will allow you to adapt the Expert Advisor to almost any trading instrument. Drawdown Recove
This filter is based on Bessel polynomials. Its main advantage is a small time delay. Another feature of this filter is its high sensitivity to the latest values ​​of the financial time series. Because of this, the indicator highlights active price movements, while smoothing out noise deviations. In addition to the classic variant, the logarithms of the Bessel coefficients have been added to the indicator as a weighting function. In this case, the indicator turns out to be smoother, but at the
Consolidation Breakout Indicator
Christopher Graham Parish
5 (1)
!! FLASH SALE !!   Over 80% off !!     For ONE week only. Now only $47 - normally $297! >>>      Ends on 30 June 2023 - Don't miss it! The Consolidation Breakout Alerts Indicator will revolutionize your trading strategy. Our innovative indicator offers unique buy and sell arrows when price breaks out from consolidation, allowing you to get in at the most optimal entry with minimal risk and maximum reward potential. Never again will you miss out on the lucrative trading opportunities available
Chiedozie Titus Ugwu
IndiceFire  is a professional automatic trading system designed and optimized for the MT4 platform and the Trading of   Indices  Such as  S&P500, US30 indices pair.  . This system works independently on your terminal, you can run it on your computer or on a VPS because the computer must be turned on while the robot is running. The robot analyzes the market 24 hours a day ,Opening its trades on the H4 Timeframe on S&P500 . Thanks to which it is more effective than a human. Updates and optimizatio
This indicator is based on the discrete Hartley transform. Using this transformation allows you to apply different approaches when processing financial time series. A distinctive feature of this indicator is that its readings refer not to one point on the chart, but to all points of the indicator period. When processing a time series, the indicator allows you to select various elements of the time series. The first possibility of filtering is built on this approach - all unnecessary high-freque
According to the law of nature which states that everything is a vibration, I have built this measurement model and which detects the best frequencies in the movement of the price, so just adjust the frequency in the input parameter of the candlestick watcher how are they arranged on the level lines (support/resistance). Lists of good frequencies   :   236, 369,417,528, 618,741,963,1236,1484.   You can also search for the frequency that suits your asset! just use the parameter:   frequency
Forex Glean2
Samuel Peter
The expert is based upon price action. It uses small lots as tester trades at first before trading for big lots. The spread should not be more than 3 pips for better results. It is a profitable EA you can try it in a demo account or in strategy tester and check it for yourself. I have not locked it for demo account or strategy testing. It needs to be online 24 hours. It is fully automated and needs no manual intervention. Simple strategy with good results and profitable EA. This version is for
Rustam Tairov
Данный помощник в торговле основан на индикаторе Force Index, хороший осцилятор для скальпинга в периоде H1, входы в сделки указаны стрелками, выходы соответственно можете определять самостоятельно, к примеру можете воспользоваться стандартным индикатором Stochastic. Данный индикатор работает только в периоде H1! В настройках при желании можете изменить цвета и период. На основе этого индикатора пишется робот, желающему пишите в лс.
Order Blocks Pro
Wanna Fernando
1 (1)
This is an advanced order block indicator with multi timeframe support. It can auto draw the higher highs, lower lows, breakers along with many other features that can be adjusted to the requirement of the trader.  The breakers are also added to the indicator buffers with arrows. If you are an order block trader, then this is probably the best indicator you can find to minimize manual efforts.  Features: Respected bullish and bearish order blocks Broken order blocks (breakers) Source order bloc
ARM View Lots
Aleksandr Ryzhkov
Утилита для подсчета лотов в закрытых сделках прямо на графике, чтобы не вести подсчеты на бумаге, в таблице или в уме, была разработана данная программа которая будет считать за вас! Очень удобно для торговли, где необходим постоянный контроль количества лотов закрытых позиций, для подсчета комиссионных с комиссий и спреда которые как раз и начисляются за это количество лотов.
KF TRADE PANEL V2.00 Do you want to succeed in Forex ? A unique product for dear forexes like him in the world only it Attention, the application does not work in the strategy tester. Attention, the application does not work in the strategy tester You can download the Demo version on the comments page  :  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/81152?source=Site or cotact us : https://www.mql5.com/en/users/siamakaghelshab   A versatile expert with the following applications:  
Evening Scalper Pro is the state-of-the-art mean-reversion trading system that operates during all trading session. It's very different from most other scalping systems, since it uses a unique trading logic on cross pairs that have a strong mean-reverting tendency with high profit targets. EA not enters the market with market orders, it does not open trades. In terms of a trade duration, it's classical scalping: in and out of the trade within a few hours at the most. The EA uses a number of adv
Following our guide, you will gain more than you lose. Symbol:  XAUUSD Attach to any timeframe Min deposit:   3000$ - Calculate profit by month EA input instruction: 1. With XAU 2 digits (eg: 1843.23) please set - Input [3. Max spread]: 55 - Input [9. Step point]: 100 2. With XAU 3 digits (eg: 1843.235) please set - Input   [3. Max spread]: 550 - Input   [9. Step point]: 1000 3. If you want to attach to one more Window, please set input [1. Number EA] to any number you want (eg: from 1 to 9)
Gold Sniping Killer
Mr Monthon Aueng-apitham
Expert Advisor : Gold killer M30 Work on TF M30. Symbol : XAUUSD or Gold. Back test Result : Profit 400% / year. [33.33% / Month] Recommet initial deposit : 1000$ or 10,000 Cent. Lotsize : 0.01 for 1000$ [Profits 400%/Year] <= I thing this is Better. (dd 30%) For safe 0.01 for 10,00  [Profits 40% / Year] <= I thing this is Better. (dd 11%) Developer mesage. I Was working hard to Create this EA. [ Gold killer M30 ] more than. Put alots of effort for find out Best condition to send
Trend Divergence Finder – индикатор, позволяющий выявлять дивергенции цены и графика выбранного индикатора. С помощью Trend Divergence Finder вы сможете подобрать тот индикатор, который наиболее эффективен для Вас, и использовать его с наглядным отображением на графике. В индикатор включены 9 базовых индикаторов : 1.        RSI 2.        MACD 3.        MOMENTUM 4.        RVI 5.        STOCHASTIC 6.        CCI 7.        Standard Deviation 8.        Derivative 9.        William Blau Присутст
Stoch Parabolic
Alexander Nikolaev
This EA sets pending trades based on the Parabolic indicator, while analyzing the readings of the stochastic and other indicators so as not to set pending trades when the market is not suitable. As a rule, it trades a market reversal when the parabolic point is broken. In addition, it can find divergences on the MACD indicator (if CountBasrsDiv>0) and trade only if there are divergences (and convergences). It has many settings, the stop loss can also move along the parabolic. Recommended curren
[ MT5 Version ] Bulls and Bears Power Bulls and Bears Power is an indicator that clearly highlights if bulls or bears are currently in control of the market. A price movement started with high Bulls control in the market can indicate the beginning of a new trend movement. The relative indicator power between price peaks also indicates if the movement is losing strength and might foresee a significant correction or a trend reversal. Bulls and Bears Power indicator offers a clear and simplified vi
Non-repaint indicator    to identify trade opportunities in swing action as prices move within an upper and lower band. Inspired by the Keltner Channel, the most popular channel Indicator introduced by Chester Keltner. It is different with a Bollinger Bands. It represents volatility using the high and low prices, while Bollinger's studies rely on the standard deviation. Customized by adding the trends exactly in the middle line, arrows when price cross over the outer lines and Fibonacci Levels L
The Rich Man Gold
Mr Monthon Aueng-apitham
The Rich man Gold is EA trade on tf M5. I spent a lots of time and effort to make this EA That can earn stable profitable. This EA Trade with Scalping and Trend.  Profitable more than 40% Year. (As Recommend Value) Recoment Capital 10,000. That is mean 10,000 Cent or 10,000$ up for Trading lot 0.01 This EA will send order 1 by 1. If your order hit Stop loss EA will multiply next order to Recovery when Take profit. Recommend Capital 10,000 up [10,000 or 10,000$] Recommend initial lot is
Mario Cocurullo
ForexCloud create trades when a particular combination between different indicators is satisfied. It doesn’t use Martingale, but we can say almost the opposite: the EA close 50% of the trade, then the 50% of the remaining and so on, or if the sum of the open trades reach a particular value. The EA has been tested on different currency pairs (EURUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCHF, AUDCAD) for the period 2012-2022. The default settings are made for the AUDUSD, I can stress enough to say "find the best va
Because worrying about optimization settings or particularities of the order to operate, let the system pilot for you. This system makes all the adjustments automatically, analyzing the pair and the market to decide which is the most efficient step to reach your destination. You just sit in the passenger seat and watch the scenery while the robot takes you to your destination. Autopilot is a multiple trade and multiple lot system, adjusting these parameters within the algorithm to ge
PullbackMatrix provides the key information of the trading transactions when it finds the right market moment based on its built-in logic algorithm. The high accuracy signals including Trading Symbol, Entry Price, Entry Time, TakeProfit, Stoploss, and more. And that's all will be available instantly in your chart panel, drawing the position lines and also sending signal notification to email, mobile phone, and screen popup. More important is that also saves signals into a .csv file which is usef
The logical continuation of the divergence indicator is the Divergence HiLo Dashboard indicator - a divergence scanner immediately for three currency pairs. In the indicator menu, select which currency pairs we will analyze. The analysis is carried out on the timeframes M15, H1, H4, D1. In addition to divergences, tops and bottoms are analyzed. All data is entered into tables Alerts are provided in the indicator. According to the logic of the indicator, the signal appears after the end of 3 bars
Supertrend indicator uses a combination of a moving average and average true range to detect the trend of a trading instrument. Supertrend indicator for MetaTrader 5 easily shows the trend as a line following the price. USAGE THIS INDICATOR If the closing prices are above Supertrend Line, there is a Bullish sentiment at that moment. The opposite is a Bearish sentiment. Three green lines - Strong Bullish sentiment. Three red lines - Bearish sentiment. For BUY : -   Three green lines and pr
Only 3 copies left at a price of $99. Next price $199! actual .set files  (click me) interactive panel manual (click me) Version for MT5:  Artificial Intelligence MT5 Community   UP Group   Join Artificial Intelligence - this is an Expert Advisor based on the classic RSI and ATR indicators with the addition of an author's strategy for entering and exiting the market The main indicator for entering the market is the RSI, while the ATR serves as an auxiliary filter for finding and filterin
The Range analyzer indicator shows the average pip range of a Forex pair measured over a certain number of periods. Traders can use the ADR to visualize potential price action outside the average daily move. When ADR is above average, it means that the daily volatility is higher than usual, which implies that the currency pair may be extending beyond its norm. Our ADR Analyzer is composed of 5 main features  : Range ( ADR ) Screener:   A multi-currencies ADR analysis. ADR Zone:   shows the expec
The Ebenezar
Watch how indicator works here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rfwzWgU6Rk CURRENTLY 50% OFF !! will only be available for first 10 DROP A COMMENT WHEN YOU PURCHASE THE INDICATOR SO I CAN ADD YOU TO THE TELGRAM GROUP Best Solution for any Newbie or Expert Trader! This indicator have been made affordable and easy to interact with, it is precise and direct to use. IT IS NONE REPAINT INDICATOR THAT CAN SEND NOTIFICATION TO YOUR PHONE PLEASE IF YOU PURCHASE THIS INDICATOR YOU WILL BE ADDED TO A T

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