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Black Arbitrage MT4

Attention!!! Do not try to test the EA in the Tester - it is simply impossible, because the EA opens positions on different 26 instruments. The tester is able to test only one pair.
The EA uses 6 strategies. Trading is carried out in a pair of several currencies at the same time, for example, the EA opens orders simultaneously for two or more pairs and closes when a certain profit is reached.

The EA trades many major currency pairs. 

Monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/author/profi_mql

Detailed description of important parameters and download set files here: https://www.mql5.com/ru/blogs/post/726848 

МetaТrader 5 version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/40132

Requirements and recommendations

  • The EA is attached to only one chart (any of the working pairs) - all trading on all pairs is carried out from only one chart! In the settings you can enable and disable currencies.
  • The minimum recommended balance for the EA (when used on recommended pairs and timeframes) is $ 1000 or $ 10 on a cent account.
  • Broker Broker with five-digit and three-digit quotes.
  • EA requires a standard VPS server. ( EA does not work on MQL5 VPS )

Pairs and timeframe

  1. EURUSD.
  2. GBPUSD.
  3. GBPJPY.
  4. USDCHF.
  5. USDJPY.
  6. AUDUSD.
  7. GBPAUD.
  8. USDCAD.
  9. GBPCAD.
  10. EURAUD.
  11. EURCAD.
  12. EURGBP.
  13. EURJPY.
  14. GBPCHF.
  15. NZDUSD.
  16. GBPNZD.
  17. EURCHF.
  18. AUDCAD.
  19. NZDCAD.
  20. NZDCHF.  
  21. NZDJPY.
  22. CHFJPY.
  23. CADJPY.
  24. CADCHF.
  25. AUDNZD.
  26. EURNZD.


    • EURUSD - if true, use EURUSD;
    • ...
    • EURNZD - if true, use EURNZD;
    • strategy_1 - if true, strategy 1 is used;
    • ...
    • strategy_6 - if true, strategy 6 is used;
      • Multi-currency trailing stop as a percentage of the balance:
        • Take Profit Finish - take profit as a percentage after which all orders are closed;
        • Trailing stop 1,2 - trailing stop percentage;
        • Trailing step 1,2 - trailing step in percent;
      • Multi-currency take profit as a percentage of the balance, after reaching the percentage profit Advisor closes all orders and stops working:
        • Use_Closing_Profit_in_Percentage - true take profit as a percentage;
        • Use Alert, EMAIL - notifications after closing orders;
        • Start_Balance - starting balance for interest calculation;
        • Percent of the Start Balance - the percent of the starting balance;
    • Magic_Start - ID of EA's trades.
    • Magic_Finish - ID of EA's trades.
    • Symbols_Prefix(Suffix)_Name - enter the prefix (suffix) ONLY if the name of the symbols uses a suffix (for example: "m."(".m") if the symbol name is "m.EURUSD"("EURUSD.m"));
    • Use_Risk_StopLoss - The risk-based stop loss.
      • Custom_balance - FreeMargin = false or Balance = true.
      • Percentage Risk — interest risk based on stop loss.
    • Fixed_Lot - fixed lot (if Use_Risk_StopLoss is false);
    • Order Type - trading direction;
    • Order Comment - comments to orders;
    • Slippage - allowed slippage before an order is triggered;
    • Show_Info_Panel - use the information panel (false - faster backtest);
    • Show_additional_panel - use the info panel for profit indicator per each month, for backtest only;
    • Multi_Currency_BackTest:
      • true - use the multi-currency tester;
      • false - use the current currency and timeframe;
    • Adaptation of the spread to the stop loss - adapt the stop loss to spread;
    • Max Spread - maximum allowed spread;
    • Stop strategy trend - disable trend-following trading for a certain time (from 5 minutes to 24 hours) if the average spread exceeds Max_Spread;
      • Trading within the week:
        • Monday - trade on Monday;
        • ...
        • Friday - trade on Friday.
        Time trading within a day:
        • Use time - if true, the EA trades by time;
          • GMT_mode - GMT offset of the broker server time (0 - disabled);
          • Every_Day_Start - operation start time (hh:mm);
          • Every_Day_End - operation end time (hh:mm).
          Time to disable on Friday:
          • Use time - if true, the EA trades by time;
          • Disable_in_Friday - operation end time on Friday (hh:mm).

        Reviews 13
        Evgenii Bazenko
        Evgenii Bazenko 2019.05.24 05:17 

        Отличный продукт и отличная поддержка автора!! Very good product and support!


        danielshang 2020.04.27 02:53 


        adaba 2019.09.08 23:23   

        Realy bad. Stay away.

        Victor Minaev
        Victor Minaev 2019.08.07 14:46 

        User didn't leave any comment to the rating

        RK99 2019.06.21 18:33 

        Winnings at beginning week, keep losing on the following weeks. EA need some tuning or upgrading, no doubt about Ruslan is a good developer and provide good customer service but the most important thing for ea is the profits. I hope Ruslan will improve the ea.

        Heiner G.
        Heiner G. 2019.06.21 18:24 

        Unfortunately I have no success with this EA. High DD and many positions that persist for a long time, resulting in high swap fees. The EA brought me 30% loss. Fortunately only in the demo account!

        If anything changes in the profitability of the Ea, I will adjust my rating accordingly.

        Shehzad Hussain
        Shehzad Hussain 2019.06.07 22:04 

        Just in one week (5 days) lost whole account and got a margin call. Signals are manipulated by changing the settings frequently by the author according to market conditions, which are only known by the author. Not recommended at all.

        BRADLEY PATRICK 2019.05.30 03:41 

        I was attracted by the 30% reported profit. However after buying this EA an putting it on the real market the profit after one week of trading is more like -30%.

        Evgenii Bazenko
        Evgenii Bazenko 2019.05.24 05:17 

        Отличный продукт и отличная поддержка автора!! Very good product and support!


        9080 colin
        9080 colin 2019.05.21 18:09 

        So far only the loss! I will continue to test and then update the comments.

        Den JH
        Den JH 2019.05.16 11:15   

        I just bought and run on demo. All 5 strategies inside are very interesting.

        Ruslan, he is very helpful and fast response for explain some difficult stuff for me.

        I will give rating once I got enough result on real trading soon.

        bmwaddicted 2019.05.15 13:29 

        Very good EA. I like the fact that closes most of the trades in profit.

        Also 5 stars to the seller. He is so nice and is offering good support to the users (he's answering almost instalntly to any question that users may have).

        Thank you!!!

        Later edit: unfortunately have to say that this expert (started from the second update that has been made) started to lose money (all the money that were made with the first version and also 15% of my money). So, the update is not an update (higher drawdown with multiple losses). If in the first version of the EA were mostly wins, in the last version were big losses and small gains.

        Aravind 2019.05.09 17:57 

        June 25th, 2019 - Started EA again.

        June 10, 2018 Lost its edge in the current market. rating dropped to 3*. EA is good but market is very bad and running EA in this conditions is not good.

        I will stop EA until market sentiment and volatility increases.

        Update June 1st, 2019: Dropping rating to 4*

        May 9th, 2019: EA has nice strategies. Need to test strategy 5 and learn more about it to consider if it is good to enable or not for me. EA is doing good. I will update if it changes.

        Farooq Majoka
        Farooq Majoka 2019.05.08 20:47 

        5 star support from Ruslan. plus a very interesting first day of trading.

        further losses and backtracking of equity. Hope Ruslan can fix what is wrong in his professional opinion.

        will update as we go

        Two losing days of around 7 percent three days apart for which ea was unprepared and unpositioned. Gains from 48 percent now down to under 30 percent considering the floating dd

        Your Black Arbitrage EA would be at number 1 not thirty days from today. that is by 14th June your EA would take spot 1. just a prediction for which everything is favourable to turn out true .....

        Version 1.71 2020.01.24
        Fixed a bug with GMT.
        Version 1.69 2019.12.06
        Improved strategies on some pairs.
        Version 1.68 2019.09.22
        Added button on the chart: to stop trading.
        Version 1.65 2019.07.07
        1) Improved strategy 5 and 6.
        2) Fixed minor bugs.
        Version 1.64 2019.06.06
        1) Added BUTTON - close all orders.
        2) Added several new features ( you can see in detail in the blog of Important parameters).
        Version 1.63 2019.05.28
        1) Added strategy 6.
        2) Added Trailing stop in % of the total profit.
        3) Added Take profit in % of the total profit.
        Version 1.62 2019.05.15
        Fixed a bug with the option to close orders when n % profit is reached.
        The options block: ( Use_Closing_Profit_in_Percentage = true )
        Version 1.61 2019.05.10
        Added new statistics on the information panel.