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CycleTraderPro Power Play Indicator PPI

The CycleTraderPro Power Play Indicator (PPI) - is one of our favorite indicators. We take all the CT Indicators and combine them into one indicator. 

The entire selection of indicators come with On/Off functions which means you can pick your own mix of indicators and only plot this mix. 

We take an average of the mix chosen. When selecting 5 indicators, PPI will divide the mix values by 5.

We then plot a cycle count for the direction of each move to help time you entry and exit plans.

Red is down, blue is up. 

It works best for seeing trends and trend reversals.


1. First selection is all the CT Indicators on or off

2. Show Arrows - The arrows show on the chart where the indicator turned - On/Off

3. Offset - this tells the chart pot how far to away to plot the turn arrows. 

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