Kopir MT4 - order copier (part 3) FAQ

26 July 2018, 22:38
Alexandr Gavrilin

Part 1

How to register a table of different tools?

To open a file kopirmt4_cross.ini in any text editor. The file should only be edited by clients, by default, gold and silver there is already registered.

To find it necessary in the terminal:

menu File — > Open Data Folder

When Windows Explorer opens, go

MQL4 — > Files

In the list of files to find kopirmt4_cross.ini and open it with any text editor.

File format:



where NAME is the name of the instrument with all the prefixes and suffixes.

Each such entry should begin on a new line!


After saving, you must restart the copier to the client. It's enough to open the current settings from the chart (F7) and click OK.

It is necessary to update your in-memory list and began to work with the new data.

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