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Manual Panel

I like trading manually, so I created this tool to make my trade more easier and faster.


  1. Money management.
  2. Click for place order ( Buy/Sell/BuyStop/BuyLimit/SellStop/SellLimit).
  3. Many buttons for control your account (Close All, Remove Pendings, Breakeven, Hedging).
  4. Auto hide if not use for 2 minutes.
  5. See profit on current symbol.
  6. Free to move panel to where you want.
  7. Save your settings for using on next time.
  8. Special: It's work on backtest mode! You can use this for training yourself.

Other feature can be added if required!Please contact if you want more features.

carin ciupag
carin ciupag 2016.05.05 12:31 

excelent product.works well.

FXDISCIPLINE 2015.07.24 00:24 

This is very Handy tool and it really is loaded with features and i like Hoang for his quick customer service and trust me i have looked at lot of other products, this has all the features you need

Version 1.7 2015.10.01
Added: Buttons_Fontsize - allow to change buttons' font size.
Version 1.6 2015.09.16
Added the TrailingStop fucntion.
Note: The function can work with multiple currencies but it has only one setting, so be careful if you trade many pairs at the same time.
Version 1.5 2015.08.24
Added MagicNumber(adjustable)
Version 1.4 2015.06.17
1. Added: Button Color
2. Added: Expiry (in minutes) for pending order
Version 1.3 2014.10.09
Update for build 710+.
Version 1.2 2014.07.14
- Added: Partial Close feature.
- Added: Select vertical/horizontal panel.
- Fixed: Minimzie/Maximize buttons on backtest mode.
Version 1.1 2014.07.10
- Added: iExposure, click on symbol colummn to select chart.
- Fixed: Align bug on build 670 (please download last MetaTrader 4 version to use this tool).