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NoFear indicator is based on Advanced Moving Average. It is used in technical chart analysis providing signals whenever a rate change appears that exceeds the upper or lower border.

The indicator works very well on trend market. It is easy to find good entry points by blue/violet arrows.

The upper and lower bands should be used like support/resistance levels and stop/exit points.

All signals do not repaint, and can be used immediately when they are coming. This means we do not need to wait for a new bar to confirm the signal.

Support Alert function included: email alert, sound alert, and push notification.

This indicator works good with Zone Recovery Trading Algorithm (see here).

Indicator parameters:

  • Count_Bars: how many data which you want to show on chart.
  • Trend_Type: There are 3 types: Normal/Fast/exFast
  • Trend Period: The number of candle on data to determine the trend. Should be greater than 2.
  • Trend Smooth_Period: This is used to make the trend more smoothed.
  • ShowTrend_SwingTrend: On/off swing trend, this is used as short trend for entry.
  • Show_SwingTrend_Signal: Main entry signal, there are 2 arrows: arrow up for Buy, arrow down for Sell.
  • The arrow will appear on the current candle, when the price moves sufficient distance, it will not repaint.
  • Some bars have 2 arrows, but one comes first, the other comes later.
  • Show_SwingTrend_Signal_re_entry: This signal is used for new entry when we have taken profit, or did not enter on main signal.
  • We can use this signal for entering more trades in the same direction.
  • Show_Fractal_Signal: Entry signal based on Fractal
  • Show_Oscillator_Signal: Entry signal based on Oscillator
  • Show_ScalpingSignal: Entry signal with Scalping
  • Show_DonchianChannel: The Donchian channel can be used as stop loss or for placing buy stop/sell stop orders following the main signal.
  • Alert Settings: Supports 3 types:
+ SendMailMode: Make sure the email was set on Tools / Option / Email tab
+ SendNotificationMode: Make sure the email was set on Tools / Option / Notifications tab
+ SoundAlertMode
Jean-Sebastien Laurent
Jean-Sebastien Laurent 2014.11.08 19:28 

i like ! accurate signals from breakout or rebound :)

Version 1.5 2016.05.10
1. Change the rule for Show_SwingTrend_Signal_re_entry for higher accurate.
2. Change the style for SwingTrend Support/Ressistance Zone.
Version 1.4 2016.03.23
Fix bug: Re-Entry signal not refresh when new bar coming.
Version 1.3 2015.05.22
Show_SwingTrend_Signal_re_entry: The best time to entry next trade.
Version 1.2 2014.11.17
1. MA_Trend
2. Fractal_NRP signal
3. Oscillator signal
4. Donchian signal
5. Price Action signal