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Graphical Lot Calculator

Graphical Lot Calculator, is a very "user friendly" utility for calculating lot size by specifying risk percentage, entry price and StopLoss level.

If you need an EA to place orders after calculating position size, see "Smart Order lot calculator"

Its fast, confident and easy to use. It is always active on your chart but it dos not bother you by taking a lot of room on chart, because you can turn it ON and OFF, by just a mouse click!

Simply wake up the indicator by click on the ON Button, Drag Entry, SL and TP level Lines, look at the calculation results and  turn it off.  piece of cake!!!

Switch  between ON/Buy/Sell status by clicking on the main button.

Select risk percentage easily by clicking on 1/2/3 buttons below the main button.

by each click the results will be recalculated.

indicator dos not let you make mistake by dragging lines to wrong places, its smart and alert you when lines are not in correct situation.

It will calculate Lot Size by both Balance and Equity, so you don't need to change setting each time for calculations.

Check R/R in results while deciding for that trade.

if you prefer to use other risk values (except 1/2/3), simply change the "Preferred Risk" in indicator settings.

if you want to use a fixed account balance, set it in indicator settings.

also the indicator shows some extra information such as PIP Value (point value) and Swap fees.

Results table size is not suitable? You have 5 predefined table sizes, from Tiny to Extra Large.

good luck

Hossein Hashemi
Hossein Hashemi 2019.12.06 18:58 

essential for all trader

Version 3.4 2020.03.04
minor update
enjoy :)
Version 3.3 2019.12.03
Some minor bugs fixed