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Tipster Trendlines

This is a tool, not a trading system or a robot. Use it if you place trades manually, since it does the most tedious work for you. You can place every kind of order. You can select between 1 or 2 targets.

Set up the Entry line, Breakeven line, Stop line, Target 1 line, and Target 2 line. The product sends you an email when a trade is placed, an entry is performed, a stop is hit, target 1 or 2 is reached, or when a breakeven is achieved.

It performs the risk calculation for you displaying it on the screen.

It also takes a screen capture on entry, stop, breakeven, target 1 or 2. You can review your trades with ease.

This code is an Expert Advisor (EA) used to allow you to manually place your entry, stop, breakeven point, and two targets lines on the chart. The EA automatically puts the lines on the charts. It is a tool, since it does not determine entries and exits for you, but it allows you to to do that visually on the chart.

The features it contains are only useful ones.

Script files are also available for additional functionality.

It should be noted that "Risk Management" is based on where the Stop is in relation to the Entry. If you are used to using robots, you might see a different approach where the lots are based on the account balance. This "Risk Management" takes the distance from the Stop to Entry and tells you how many lots you can trade, which will be equal to the "Account Risk" times of "Account Balance" (Risk Percent in the EA settings).

Video is available at:

Input Descriptions

  • Live (false) - true = the EA is running and will place orders and manage orders, false = the EA will draw lines but will not place any new orders or manage any orders or positions.
  • UseRiskManagement (true) - determines a lot size based on account size and distance from entry to stop. Risk is for both orders.
  • Risk percent for both orders (when Risk Management = true) (2) - percentage value of the account balance used for the lot calculation; used if UseRiskManagement is true.
  • Manual Lots (when Risk Management=false) (0.1) - if UseRiskManagement is false, the lot size for the orders is this setting. This parameter is for each order, not both.
  • Fib sizelots (Lot sizes are 68% and 32%) (true) - lots are determined with Fib ratios.
  • 1 or 2 targets (2) - 1 or 2 targets.
  • Magic Number (9000) - use a different magic number if you use the same symbol on different charts. A magic number is required.
  • Pending order is placed this far from BS line (1000) - the distance from the blue entry line to the dashed blue buffer line. Once price is between the solid blue Entry line and the dashed blue line, the EA will send the order to the server.
  • Add these pips to the ST (stop line) visual buffer dashed line - the number of pips to add to the STOP_Spread_Compensator line. It is used because the charts show the bid price (not ask).
  • Text color (black) - screen text color.
  • Order line color (blue) - entry line color.
  • Show spread info (true) - shows the spread as it changes on the lower right side of the chart. It also shows the average spread and changes color with every tick. The color change tells you if the newest tick is a new high or low for the last 20 ticks.
  • Emailalert (true) - if you set up email in options, you will get an email when an order is placed, filled, and closed.
  • Hour of day (local time) for the first update (8) - the hour (24 hour format), at which you want to receive an account update status email.
  • Hour of day (local time) for the second update (16) - the hour (24 hour format), at which you want to receive an account update status email.
  • EnterOnClose (false) - waits for the current candle to close before sending the order.
  • Screen capture when order filled - captures the screen when an order is filled and saves it as a file.
  • Stop and Target OFF (false) - setting to true lets you place the order with just the entry line. You can also use entry and target, or entry and stop. This disables the check for the lines.
  • When T1 hit, trailing stop activated. Trail=Breakeven-BS (true) - a trailing stop feature.
  • Allowed Slippage (10) - if you do not know what this is, you should not be trading.
  • Show Risk Information (true) - this will show risk related information on the top left of the chart screen.
  • Show additional information (false) - this shows account information in the Experts tab, such as point size, etc.
  • Show instructions (false) - show instructions on the screen.
  • Print Magic Numbers to the experts tab (false) - this will print all the magic numbers to the Experts tab. The parameter is useful if your platform lost settings. For example, you can determine the magic number of specific trade by a ticket number and a symbol. Set up TT2P, and it will track the order for you.
2015.03.04 11:13 

I have been using this for a couple of weeks, and it is really really good. Works well, doesn't hang and easy to use. Can be used in a variety of strategies and the support from the developer is awesome. Well worth the money.

Suggestions for the next version.

Give more options to change the lines. Colour,thickness and length.

Give the option for more than 2 targets.

Make it so you can add to an order at target 1 not just decrease it

Make it so you can trade in both directions on one chart, currently I have to use 2 charts.

Suggestion for anyone reading this. Buy it!

2014.11.26 21:22 

Tipster TrendLines is a very useful EA. The strength of this EA lies in the fact that you can use sloped Trend Lines to enter an order on the break of a Trendline.

For me this EA is indispensable because I want to place trades but don't want to sit at my computer all the time to manage the trade.

Let this EA manage your trade.

A major advantage is that the support of this EA is very good.

There are updates on a regular base.

And my personal experience is that if there are questions about the EA they quickly answered by the author.

Also possible adjustments or modifications noted by users are seriously considered by the author.

For me that's a Big PLUS!

Again, a Very Nice EA!

Version 14.3 - 2016.12.14
Added automatic chart setup option - If enabled, your chart will be set up when you drop the EA on the chart (AutoChartSetup).

You can now set the number of pips from entry for breakeven (BreakEvenSpreadMultiple).
Version 14.2 - 2015.11.25
Fixes and issue related to the EA not trading Gold and some other non-forex symbols.
Fixed lot display on chart line.
Version 14.1 - 2015.02.25
Lot size displayed on target lines.
Fixed issue when "EnterOnClose=true" breakout (stop order) did not work.
Account currency display added for CHF, Pound, Yen. Note that the EA already had dollar and euro.
Line length - user can set this to auto or manual. In auto mode the EA will adjust the length of flat lines only when timeframes are changed.
Version 14.0 - 2015.02.16
- order expire line
- info displayed on lines
- ability to disable some lines
- trailing stop works at Target 1 hit, trails by user defined pips
Version 13.5 - 2014.11.07
- Fixed bug with EXIT line (spike filter). This is the purple line "EXIT" and it acts like a stop line. Price has to close on the other side of the line, and the EA will close the orders.
- Сolor for all texts is now selectable.
- Euro accounts now show proper symbol, USD shows $ sign.
- Option to use spread compensator lines, when disabled they do not appear on the chart.
Version 13.4 - 2014.08.15
Fixed Risk Ratio display.
Fixed target line and stop line when moved on pending order.
Upgraded the BE line function, the BE line automatically moves if it is on the wrong side of the BS line making it easier for a trader to position the line.
Fixed repeated email issue.
Version 13.3 - 2014.07.16
Fixed bug with an array out of range.