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The indicator helps you trade following the VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) and PRICE ACTION methods, as well as study these methods from a perspective. The indicator searches for VSA and PRICE ACTION patterns considering the current trend. It is possible to view the patterns of the higher timeframe on the current timeframe chart. The custom mode allows you to find your patterns based on VSA method. Also, there is a volume histogram that automatically configures the width and visual horizontal levels. The histogram color indicates bullish or bearish bar. There is an ALERT configured separately per each pattern.


  • VSA and PRICE ACTION - open sections on the panel with pattern names displaying them in the same color on the chart for easy visualization. By clicking the name, you can hide or display the selected pattern on the chart.
  • USER MODE - open a section on the panel with four sub-sections with color parameter names indicating a certain pattern status. Click on a name to show or hide the selected parameter on the chart. This mode is meant for analyzing and finding custom VSA patterns.
  • GLOBAL SETTINGS/CUSTOM SETTINGS - switch saving mode for parameters set for working on the current chart. In case of an active GLOBAL SETTINGS, the indicator settings are passed to all open charts with the indicator and button location. CUSTOM SETTINGS saves the settings on the current chat only.
  • RESET - reset the indicator settings.
  • CURRENT, M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, MN - buttons are necessary to search for patterns on higher timeframes without changing the current period.
  • COLOR VOLUME, COLOR SPREAD BAR, COLOR CLOSE BAR, COLOR U/D BAR - switch the selected pattern color according to the specified parameters. The buttons are displayed in USER MODE only on the indicator timeframe higher than the current one.
  • POUR - fill the selected pattern with color.


Basic Settings

  • PanelOffOn - enable/disable the panels.
  • VolumeLevelsOffOn - enable/disable volume histogram levels.
  • NumberOfBarsForSearch - number of bars for searching patterns in history.
  • NumberOfBarsForVolumeCalculation - number of bars for calculating the average volume.
  • NumberOfBarsForSpreadCalculation - number of bars for calculating the average spread.
  • CoefficientVolume - ratio for fine-tuning the average volume.
  • CoefficientCandleSpread - ratio for fine-tuning the average spread.
  • VolumeFactorMaxLine - ratio for fine-tuning the upper level on the volume histogram.
  • VolumeFactorMiddleLine - ratio for fine-tuning the average level on the volume histogram.
  • VolumeFactorMinLine - ratio for fine-tuning the lower level on the volume histogram.

Interface Settings Panel - panel interface color settings.

Text Signal Settings - set signal texts displayed on the chart.

Settings Signal Color - set text color for each of signals displayed on the chart.

Settings Font Size - set the size of a signal text's font on the chart.

Alerts - set a signal on each pattern (by closing a zero bar).

Settings User Mode - configure the settings for the custom mode (color, text, font size).

Trend Settings(MA) - configure Moving Average settings for defining a trend direction.

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Version 1.3 2020.05.29
3. Проведена оптимизация индикатора.
Version 1.2 2020.05.28
2. Внесены исправления в коде.
Version 1.1 2020.05.27
1.Небольшая модификация кода.