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JTM Multi Timeframe Watchlist Scanner


This utility allows to quickly scan markets on different time-frames without dragging symbols from Market Watch. It supports multi time-frame analysis, ie. 3 different time-frames can be scanned.

Additionally it saves objects drawn of chart to file and synchronize its between other windows.

Also this utility will automatically save all objects and drawing to a file and restore when switching back; also template will be loaded on other charts too.


First of all, program needs a tickers list, otherwise only major pairs will be used.

This can be done by choosing instruments on Market Watch window or selecting <Show All>. After this step is required to save list to file by selecting Sets > Save As.

Now important step, location is important:

  1. go to main MetaTrader folder > mql4 > Files
  2. then save as: all.set
  3. and you are done.

After program reloads custom list will be used.


IMPORTANT: only one chart can be open when inserting a program into a chart for a first time!

Press Init button to start initial procedure. By default program will open 3 charts with Daily, Weekly and Monthly time-frame (this can be changed anytime).

Each time program will check whether other charts are open.

Only "," and "." keys are used to switch between instruments:

  • <.> - going forward
  • <,> - going backward
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