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What is TradeBooster?

TradeBooster is a tool that allows you to speed up sending multiple trade orders to the trade server.

You will be able to send trade requests using all trade contexts of the terminal, thus reducing the sending time by several (up to 8) times.

This may not be vital if you only hold open one or two positions.

But you will immediately see the difference in speed if you, for example, decide to delete 50 pending orders placed by a grid Expert Advisor or close 25 positions.

Important! TradeBooster does not speed up execution of trade requests by the server. It simply boosts sending multiple requests using several trade contexts.

How It Works

You open a chart, run TradeBooster and it automatically launches several more copies of the program (the number is set by the "Number of charts to open" variable).

When it is time to start trading (you run a special script or your Expert Advisor connected using TradeBoosterAPI gives a trade order), all TradeBooster copies launched begin execution of prepared trade requests simultaneously.

So, if TradeBooster is not used, an Expert Advisor (or script) will:

  • send the first trade request (e.g. for closing a position);
  • wait for a response from the server;
  • send a repeated request in case of an error;
  • send the second trade request after receiving the response regarding the successful execution;
  • and so on until all requests are executed.

At the same time, an Expert Advisor that uses TradeBooster will:

  • send up to 8 trade requests simultaneously;
  • process server response for each of them, without waiting for the rest (an error occurring somewhere will not slow down the entire process);
  • handle subsequent requests as soon as at least one trade context is free.

You can check this system in action in the attached video.

Available Toolset

At present, you can use TradeBooster in combination with the following scripts:

TradeBoosterAPI will soon be available to enable you to connect TradeBooster to any Expert Advisor you have.

Good luck in trading!

Alex_fxPw 2014.03.21 10:52 

Покупал TradeBooster и скрипт closeALLpro - задача была закрыть более 200 сделок по одному инструменты. Все работает на отлично, как заявлено продавцом. Консультировал быстро, четко, профессионально. Совместной работой и покупкой доволен.