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Charts symbol changer and synchronizer

The utility allows you to change the current chart (or all charts') symbol and move all chart windows synchronously along the history (automatically or by pressing the button). The list of available symbols is taken from the Market Watch. You can set any color and size of the buttons and place them anywhere on the chart window. The windows are synchronized according to the time of the first visible bar in the active chart window when pressing the synchronization button or moving by mouse/keyboard automatically.

Note! I do not recommend launching the indicator on a chart with an installed EA. This may cause a slowdown. The number of bars displayed affects the speed of the symbol change.

Mode buttons on the chart:

  • OFF/AUTO - enable/disable auto synchronization of shifting charts along the indicator window
  • SYNC - manual synchronization
  • ONE CHART/ALL CHARTS - change the working symbol for the "current chart"/"all charts"


  • Available functions - select functions
  • Buttons in a horizontal row - number of buttons in a row
  • Horizontal shift - horizontal shift of the binding corner
  • Vertical shift - vertical shift of the binding corner
  • Width of buttons - button width
  • Height of buttons - button height
  • Font size - font size
  • Font name - font name
  • Button color (normal) - button color
  • Button color (selected) - selected button color
  • Button border color - border color
  • Text color (normal) - text color
  • Text color (selected) - activated button text color
  • Text color (active mode button) - text color of the activated mode selection button
  • Transparent mode - transparent buttons
  • Separate mode buttons - separate the mode selection buttons from the symbol ones
  • Corner - binding corner
  • Indicator unique ID - indicator unique key for identifying its "own" objects
Mikedpa1 2018.08.07 19:17 

great utility, it allows you to have multiple charts open with different time frames and click between symbols for fast multi time frame analysis. thx for publishing it.

Francis K N Ho
Francis K N Ho 2018.07.17 07:22 

This is a very useful utility and highly recommended. Thank you.

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.06.12 16:11 

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