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Five Minutes

The Five Minutes indicator is a ready TRADING SYSTEM for binary options. The system is designed specifically for the EURUSD M5 currency market with at least 80% payout and for trades who operate on the web-terminals and the MetaTrader 4 platform.

This is a counter-trend system, i.e. it expects the price of traded asset to reverse.

Signals of the system are not redrawn, they appear once the formation of the previous bar is completed, and are equipped with a sound notification. For decision-making the system provides the user with a calculated statistical information based on the available history data on the financial instrument using a free simple tester for the system - Five Minutes Tester, implemented as an indicator.

It requires at least 100 bars in history to operate.

Input Parameters

  1. Call Arrow Type - Pointer type for Call trades.
  2. Put Arrow Type - Pointer type for Put trades.
  3. Beep Type - Type of the sound notification:
    • Alert - alert.
    • Sound - sound.
  4. Time Display - Display time until the end of the bar:
    • true - show.
    • false - do not show.
  5. Play Sound - Sound notification:
    • true - notify.
    • false - do not notify.
  6. Language of Messages - The language to display messages:
    1. English - English.
    2. Russian - Russian.
  7. Data Name Display Color - The color to display the data names.
  8. Data Display Color - The color to display the data.


Trading is based on the indicator signals by the opening prices.

The indicator can be used for manual or automated trading as part of an Expert Advisor. For automated trading, it can use double-type indicator buffer values: 0 - sell, 1 - buy. Values should not be equal to zero!

Automated trading is available with the help of the Five Minutes Expert.


It is recommended to choose brokers with high payout rate of 80% or more, and with low execution delays on the trading server.

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