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Five Minutes Expert

The Five MinutesExpert EA is designed for trading binary options exclusively on EURUSD on the five-minute period.

Trading is performed by the opening prices based on the signals of the Five Minutes indicator.

It requires at least 100 bars in history to operate.

Input Parameters

  1. Initial Deposit - initial deposit.
  2. Lot Value - lot size.
  3. Lot Type - lot type:
    • Fixed - fixed.
    • Variable - variable.
  4. Last Lot Value - last lot value (used in cases when the EA is reattached)
  5. Day lot type - lot type based on the daily results:
    • true - differentiated.
    • false - not differentiated.
  6. Lot Percent - lot size as a percentage of free margin.
  7. WriteScreenshots - save screenshots when opening trades:
    • true - save.
    • false - do not save.
  8. Expiration Period - expiration period (input according to broker)


The EA cannot be tested in the MetaTrader 4 Strategy Tester. Backtesting of the system is only possible using the free simple tester - Five Minutes Tester, implemented as an indicator.


It is recommended to choose brokers with high payout rate of 80% or more, and with low execution delays on the trading server.

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