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Color Chart MAs


A universal colored indicator of moving averages: Moving Average, Double Moving Average, Triple Moving Average.

The indicator provides various opportunities for the analysis of prices based on different ways of constructing moving averages in the window of the main financial instrument.

You can color bullish and bearish moods.


  1. MA_Type - type of multiplicity:
    • Moving Average.
    • Double Moving Average.
    • Triple Moving Average.
  2. MA_Period - the MA period.
  3. MA_Method - the averaging method for the MA.
  4. Applied_Price - used price.
  5. Shift - shift relative to the price chart.


The indicator can be used for manual or automated trading in an Expert Advisor. Values of indicator buffers of the double type can be used for automated trading:

  1. The main line of the indicator - buffer 5.
  2. The bullish line of the indicator - buffer 0, must not be equal to 0.
  3. The bearish line of the indicator - buffer 1, must not be equal to zero.
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Version 1.22 2020.03.31
Updating and interface improvement
Version 1.21 2014.09.08
Changed the way the lines are colored.