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GTC Panel

Trading information panel for fast trading on the Forex, CFD and Futures markets!

Application features

You can instantly send buy or sell market orders with specified volumes and also close positions with a single click.
  • Language support: Russian, English
  • 5 types of Trailing Stop ( Manual, Volatility, Fractals, Parabolic, BarExtrimum)
  • 3 types of lot calculation ( Manual, percentage of deposit, percentage of the Stop Loss level)
  • Preliminary data on the potential profit (or loss)
  • Automatic adjustment of the minimum Stop Loss and Take Profit levels
  • Ability to move the order to break-even
  • Calculation of profitability
  • Screenshots of opening new orders
  • Maintenance of separate logs
  • The server response delay
  • Information on the real, the minimum and maximum spreads
  • Bar end time countdown timer
  • Fixing the scale of the chart with just one click

GTC-Panel works only on the financial instrument that it is attached to!

Button Functions

  • BUY - Open buy order
  • SELL - Open sell order
  • Close Buy - Close all BUY orders
  • Close Sell - Close all SELL orders
  • Close All - Close all BUY & Sell orders
  • SL - Setting the Stop Loss level
  • TP - Setting the Take Profit level
  • TR - Trailing Stop
  • NULL - Moving order to break even
  • AUTO - Automatic calculation of Trailing Stop
  • FIX - Fix the chart scale

Once the SL, TP or TR buttons are activated, the preliminary data on the potential profit (or loss) will be displayed in the top left corner of the chart.

The profit (or loss) in the deposit currency, and in square brackets next to it is the percentage of the deposit.


  • Stop Loss: Risk ( - 39.72 USD ) [ - 1.73% ]
  • Take Profit: Profit ( 99.27 USD ) [ 3.5% ]

The Stop Loss and Take Profit levels will be set to the specified value. Stop Loss ( edit window # 1 ), Take Profit ( window # 2 ), Trailing Stop ( window # 3)

Moving the panel

To drag the panel to anywhere on the chart, move the mouse pointer over the GTC-Panel header, press the left mouse button and drag the panel to another place on the chart while holding the left mouse button.

More detailed information on how to work with the GTC-Panel can be found on our website.

Operation of the Program in the Strategy Tester

Due to the limitations of some functions in the strategy tester of the client terminal, the GTC-Panel does not work in the strategy tester.

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Version 1.9 2017.01.27
The 'Price scale' function (the mode of price scale display on the chart) and the 'Time scale' function (the mode of time scale display on the chart) - are temporarily disabled, because they use standard MQL4 functions for operation, which are executed incorrectly.
Version 1.8 2016.06.29
Added information on the trading modes on the current instrument:
1. Only buy operations are allowed
2. Only sell operations are allowed
2. Only position closing operations are allowed

The information is displayed as warning on the top left corner of the chart only after the limits on trading operations are changed by broker. The 'Show Comment' must be set to 'true'.

Added the ability to change the audio file:
1. Opening an order +3 audio files
2. Closing an order in profit +2 audio files
2. Closing an order in loss +2 audio files
3. Error sounds +3 audio files

Fixed the button sticking:
After the MetaTrader 4 update to build 971, some panel button were getting stuck. This bug was not critical, but unpleasant - FIXED!

The 'Percent' parameter has been renamed to 'Risk Percent'. Deleted the 'Play sound' parameter, now the audio files for Opening/Closing orders can be changed or disabled individually.

To anyone who downloaded, purchased, rented - update the installed version 1.07 to version 1.08

Good luck in trading, and have large figures on Forex, CFD and Future!$