Major key levels in trading forex

Major key levels in trading forex

28 September 2022, 16:10
Igor Zizek

Major forex key levels trading strategy

How to automatically enter a trade after price action confirmation.

How to place alerts and how to enter a market:  Major support and resistance levels

  1. support and resistance flip is SR flip: support become resistance
  2. trading price correction back to the zone
  3. how to define position target in trading
  4. higher time frame alert on chart
  5. lower time frame trading and price alert

Trade major key level in forex trading

Fakeout on higher time frame and position entry on lower time frame. Trading bot order management to place smart order with automatic price action entry

Hidden virtual order is order box. Smart trading order will give you more trading time management

  • how to trade after price action confirmation
  • how to automate trading strategy

Trading box technical analysis for higher time frame chart analysis and custom price alerts. Major key levels in trading - How to enter a trade after confirmation

Major key levels in trading

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