My experience & tips for trading

My experience & tips for trading

14 January 2022, 19:39
Diane Helene Meline Bouiron

Hello traders !

My name is Diane, I come from France and in this article, I'll tell you a bit more about myself and my experience in trading.

When I was a child, I remember that I never felt good with the imposed version of life that we were educated to: going at school, studying, finding a job and sticking to it all my life, no thanks that's just not for me.

Then, when I grew up a bit (I was still 17, so still young) I discovered trading, I was in high school. I remember have been attracted by trading when I saw "Margin Call". At the beginning, I did some researches to know more about with the help of books, YouTube videos and blogs and very quickly found out about forex.

I was quite attracted and honnestly it was a bit complicated, but I felt that this was my path, so I kept going and never gave up, I needed to learn, I had something in my mind that, for one time, truly interested me.

So I started like most people to trade forex manually on mt4, kept watching hundreds of hours of videos and I took losses and losses. Everytime, I started again, until I blew off all my hard earned money I had on the side. I didn't understand what my problem was... Why there were traders who made a living from trading, and not me! 

I had read a dozen books on trading and taken into account the advice of the great traders.

I was asking myself questions like:

"Should I continue?"

"What if I'm wasting my time and my money?"

"Maybe I'm done for this?"

It was the only path that interested me. So I isolated myself for a little while and questioned myself and understood... I was reading books on personal development at that moment and knowing myself is very important, for all fields in my life.

Law of attraction, positive attracts positive, take new habits...
But still nothing, I still lost some money, and it started again each time.

That's when I discovered psychology, NLP.

What is NLP ? 

"Born from behavioral observation, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) designates a whole set of techniques (dissociation, reframing...) and methods aiming to promote the personal development of the individual."

More simply, it is the way that we are in our mind and our physical attitude:

    • Happy, rich, winning = good posture, good mind.
    • Unhappy, poor, losing = bad posture, bad mind.

Why do I think this is important? 

When you put yourself in the shoes of a rich, happy person, and copy their habits, you have a higher percentage of chance to succeed (I would like to point out that you can feel rich and happy while remaining yourself, it's only a question of mindset). I also questionned myself about what's being rich... I heard about this story that you probably all know from "Rich dad, poor dad" of this young couple living an incredible life with $600 each at the other side of the world. It was clear for me, being rich isn't much having a milion on my bank account, and when I understood this, I really started see things differently. 

If I kept telling myself that I was a loser, then I will make it. But if my brain could register the opposite, I'm pretty sure that I will have a little chance of success.

I applied this advice, a new habit need 21 days to come, yet for me it took much (MUCH) longer, but above all I changed my way of seeing my life, started also meditation, begin patient, and changed my trading. I decided to take my time, try to learn and why not trying EAs.

This is at that time that I discovered EAs, and I bought many of them that promised high profits, and finally I was always disappointed... Yes, at the beginning it makes you profits, the money comes in. Then, suddendly you got huge DD and you start to loss all the profit generated. No more, I told to myself that I would not make the same mistakes.

So I thought about what would be the solution and I decided to create my own robots, an important challenge.

I really wanted to know how an EA is made, what's the code behing, and understand how it all works. Because when I bought EAs I didn't know anything at all, only the descriptions, but without really any details.

If you will tell me that creating robots from draft is a real challenge, I'd accept the challenge and started to learn programming with a lot of training (thanks a lot to online training & online courses). Bought my first courses and built my first EA, the results were not very convincing, but as always "No Pain, No Gain".

Today I have been creating EAs for 3 years, and I have gained incredible knowledge through my work, from my very first paid course, to the EA I can create almost out of my mind, I am very proud of myself. It's important to appreciate your work, it gives you a boost and makes you move forward.

After using them on my own for a while, I signed up here on MQL5 to share my EAs with you. I'm not saying they are better than others, but I can tell you that they are honest work and that I systematically test them over a period of time. I will never sell you scams.

I hope you enjoyed my little experience .

Thank you for your time.
If you have any questions, you can send me a message, I am active, please do not hesitate. 

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