☑️US30: perspective movement

☑️US30: perspective movement

24 November 2021, 09:07
Viktar Varapayeu

➡️ I would like to draw your attention to a rather promising deal on the US30 index ( Dow Jones Industrial Average ). SELL is supposed. It should be noted that, in principle, a downtrend is outlined for this trading instrument, and the index will most likely fall by the end of this year. In addition, those who trade in the medium term can look forward to such indices as: Russel 2000; S&P 500 and USTEC100. These indices will also predominantly fall, but there is no need to talk about 100% correlation, the movement of the indices may differ, and sometimes by 180 degrees.

The parameters of the deal are in front of you. The second target is at  35460$. But you should use partial fixation, taking to Break-even and then wait for the second target. Of course, don't forget about Stop Loss. Everything is in front of you!

🔔 Proposed deal for this tool🔔:

🔴Entry Point - 35791
⛔️Stop Loss - 35879
✅Take Profit - 35615

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