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Vladimir Pastushak

VR Smart Grid Expert Advisor review — efficient and simple earning algorithm for the Forex market

The first and most common question for newcomers in the Forex market concerns the amount of time that should be spent on trading training. A simple answer to this question does not exist because of the endless variety of educational offers that the Internet and bookstore shelves are filled with.

It took Curtis Faith, who knew nothing about the market, two weeks to study the strategy, which brought him worldwide fame and millions of dollars.  This method of training was called the “way of the turtle”, which Faith described in his book as a real proven opportunity to earn millions of dollars, after training for a period of two weeks.

Fame and wealth came not to all students of this experiment, the book reveals the truth that you can learn to trade in two weeks, but to master the art of stable earnings will require years of improvement. 

VR Smart Grid Advisor will help any newcomer to travel the “way of the turtle” in less than two weeks. At the same time, the trader will not need to spend years on his own improvement, which is not an option for everyone because of the complex psychological component of trading.

All you need to start making money:
Read this review carefully
Understand the logic of strategy
Master the VR Smart Grid Expert Advisor settings
Download, install, make sure that the received software works correctly
Purchase VPS, open an account, make a deposit and monitor the growth of balance

VR Smart Grid Expert Advisor general description

VR Smart Grid Expert Advisor is based on the algorithm of simultaneous trading of two opposite strategies — trend and countertrend. Such implementation allowed developers to avoid numerous losses on flat, unpredictable sharp turns of directional movement, or on unexpected news.

Trends are determined by the strategy of Richard Dennis, a "Turtles" teacher who used Donchian channels in his trades. This is a simple indicator that marks the past minimum and maximum values of the asset price, and implements in practice the market theory that determines:
Growing trend on signs of new highs set by exchange rate or other instruments
Falling trend — on new lows of the asset price

The figure below clearly shows the operation of the Donchian channel, the lines of which indicate the direction of the trend of the currency pair to any newcomer at a glance at the chart.

The only disadvantage of the indicator that led to the ruin of some of the students of the “Turtle strategy” is the absence of a trend reversal signal. In the VR Smart Grid Expert Advisor algorithm this issue is solved by introducing Commodity Channel Index (CCI) oscillator into the trading system.

The creator of CCI came up with a formula that fits 85% of prices taken in the period defined by the trader, in the relative interval marked by 100 and -100 levels. Pay attention to the picture below - “bursts” - the highs of the indicator curve for these levels, predict a reversal of quotes or a trend correction.

VR Smart Grid EA trades in two modes simultaneously:
Trend — according to Donchian indicator
Countertrend - on joint signals of CCI oscillator and Donchian
Trading strategy signals have a number of drawbacks - appear ahead of correction or give false trend definition, so VR Smart Grid developers apply a grid strategy that allows:
To close the unprofitable position on the rollback
To “locate” negative trades with opposite orders, the profit of which will cover any loss
Such tactics allow the trader to receive a relatively stable and constant growth of profits. Given the fact that the VR Smart Grid robot works in automatic mode, it is enough to spend some time on general acquaintance with the embedded strategy, features and settings of the Expert Advisor in the Metatrader 4 platform and rules of VPS use.

Recommended Forex Trading Platforms and Instruments

The trading algorithm of the robot is written in mql for Metatrader 4, the most common trading platform among Forex brokers.

The EA works on all liquid currency pairs and CFD contracts, as well as cryptocurrencies that should be traded with caution due to high volatility of exchange rates. Try to limit yourself to a list of three to four common digital assets.

The developers leave the timeframe choice to the trader, reminding that its dimension influence the accuracy of trading signals and offering to look for a suitable “working” time interval between the hourly and day candles.

Installing VR Smart Grid on Metatrader 4 trading platform

Download and unpack the archive, the VR Smart Grid code is implemented in a single ex4 file. Start Metatrader 4, click on the top panel “File” option and select “Data Catalog” from the dropdown menu.


In the opened window, browse the MQL folder, the VR Smart Grid Expert Advisor file should be placed in the “Experts” directory.


Restart the Metatrader 4 trading platform and open the Navigator menu to make sure that VR Smart Grid is installed correctly, its name should appear in the Expert Advisors list.

Before installing the Expert Advisor on the chart, check the trading platform settings, they are located in the “Tools” menu on the top panel. Automatic trading options are regulated by the “Expert Advisor” tab, check the inclusion of the functions marked with the marker in the figure below:


Setting Up VR Smart Grid Expert Advisor

The first installation of the VR Smart Grid EA on the chart is done by simply dragging the file from the Navigator window - that will open the settings window of the trading robot. By default, they are already configured by the developer, but the user should check the selected items.

The operation of the strategy is regulated by the “Input parameters” tab, divided into 9 separate blocks.

The first block — “Lot calculation setting”
Fixed — The EA builds a grid based on the numerical calculation of the lot, for example, from the minimum value of 0.01 or any other specified in the settings below.
Percentage — the size of transactions wil be determined by percentage of the deposit
Sometimes it is difficult for beginners to understand the value of a lot, especially for CFD contracts on indices or stocks, so it is easier and clearer to choose the percentage of deposit
Lot value — starting lot value

Lot calculation type — the option sets the size of each subsequent deal, providing five types of algorithm — fixed and four types of increase of each new order: twice, by Fibonacci coefficients, using a simple sequence (1,2,3...), by the sum of loss-making orders + the size of the fixed investment

On the market there is no “the best Martingale” - tactics of increasing orders, it is considered dangerous because of the high risk of ruin. Real practice shows that 80% of successful PAMM management accounts use this strategy, effectively increasing profits.

The optimization table that is located in the Expert Advisor archive will help to select the order increase type correctly. It will be considered below.
Maximum/minimum allowed buy/sell lot — parameters limiting the possibilities of the above settings to increase infinitely the size of each new buy/sell trade

The developers set the optimal settings of the first block by default. The second block deals with the possibility of closing orders in order to get rid of current losses. Such tactics are based on the postulate of a “good deal”, which should immediately bring profit. If that doesn't happen, it's better to close it. Opening of another order will avert the loss and simplify closing of both trades in “zero” on the reversal of quotes.

The second block offers four averaging options or the ability to disable this feature (not recommended).

The third block is Settings for trading, it should gain your special attention, it sets the main trading algorithm:
Trade in the direction of the current trend? — an option that potentially increases the profit of trading by the trend by opening new orders in a safe way, after protecting against the loss of the previous trade
Trade type — intermediate setting of the robot

At the start, VR Smart Grid Expert Advisor trades on the first option, opening trades in the trend and against the trend: All orders.

If at the stage of a protracted recoilless movement there is a “search” of already opened orders, the trader can quickly reconfigure the robot, allowing only buy or only sell trades: Trade with buy/sell orders

Another option to exit from the “skew” of trades in one direction is smooth closing: Gradually stop. In this case, the EA will stop opening new positions until previous open orders for one of the selected options are closed:
To buy,
To sell
All orders

A separate case is the transfer of the robot to manual control (only for “advanced” traders). Enable manual trade mode — mode in which the grid is built on channels constructed “by hand” with the help of sloping straight lines.

Trade in the new bar? — requires detailed explanation. The EA logic opens orders as soon as the level is crossed, but the trader can enable the option to pause until a new bar is opened and only then, having checked the conditions, output a new deal.
Maximum amount of the buy/sell order — limits the number of maximum possible open positions
The fourth block determines the distance (step) between the order grid: “Setting the order steps”. It is implemented via two parameters:
Step between the order points 
Series of orders — the number of open trades, after which the robot can increase the step

Moneymanagement (control over profit/loss) is described in the fifth block of the Expert Advisor: “Setting for balance management”
Deposit allocated for the advisor — determines (in the deposit currency) the amount of the maximum possible drawdown of the Expert Advisor. This number includes the total loss of already closed and current open positions.

If the trader is not going to “entrust” the robot with the entire deposit, he puts a number less than the total amount on the account. The robot will close all positions independently as soon as it reaches this loss level. To restart the EA for a new one, go to IX and change the Magic Number value to any other number.

The size of the limited deposit allocated for trading can be automatically increased when the profit is fixed by the percentage defined by the first digit in the line:
Profit disrtibution

The trader is offered 10 options for distribution of the received profit, the first figure, for example, 10% goes to increase the trade deposit, 90% to the non-trading deposit.

Minimal profit upon the closure of series of orders in points is an option that allows you to take into account the price of the broker's spread. A trader can set the robot to close a series of orders in breakeven + spread points, the value of which will be set independently
Minimal profit for unprofitable order closure in the deposit — this option allows setting a complex condition for opening orders by trend and against trend. The robot can close part of orders or the entire “structure” if the accumulated profit of opposite positions exceeds the total current loss. In the settings line, you must specify the size of this excess in dollars
Trailing stop setup — this option is used to protect profitable orders from unexpected loss. An open trade receives a stop loss from the robot — equal in price and size, but opposite in direction.

To make more effective use of this protection, the trader can adjust the options for its repositioning, following the growth of profits, to “take” part of it when the trend changes. The EA offers not to use stop loss or make it move (Trailing stop) by setting 3 variants of the permutation conditions:
By the percentage of profit (classic)
According to the Donchian Canal lines
According to the “Moving Average Line” indicator

The correct option is to select the Donchian channel, following the logic of the VR Smart Grid strategy, trailing parameters are set in the following two options:
Trailing stop distance — stop loss distance from the maximum profit point
Donchian indicator or moving average... - period of indicators, under the conditions of which trailing stop is rearranged
Trading stop time setup is settings of stop and start time of trades in the format of 24 hours (for “advanced” traders)

The eighth block of settings offers the trader to change the preferred grid rationing strategy by choosing from the Donchian channel trading options or the “fast” (short period) and “slow” moving averages. Parameters of these indicators (periods) are selected in the same settings block.

The last, ninth block sets the functional characteristics of the Expert Advisor
Show balance... - display of information in the chart window with current trading results
Order comment - leave unchanged
Magic Number — a unique number used by the robot as an identifiers of “its” orders, is necessary for several Expert Advisors (must differ from each other) or parallel, “manual” trade. If you leave it as “zero”, the robot can close any trade opened outside the strategy
Slippage — slippage, prevents the EA from opening orders when there is a large difference between the planned price of the deal and the actual, unexpectedly changed price value of the quotes

If the settings of the Metatrader 4 trading platform and the VR Smart Grid Expert Advisor are filled correctly, after clicking OK, the trader should see a smiley emoji in the upper right corner of the chart.

How to choose optimal settings for VR Smart Grid Expert Advisor 

Optimal settings of the Expert Advisor are selected during testing of robot operation on a certain historical period of price changes. The tool and the duration of the trading history are selected by the user in the Metatrader 4 strategy tester.

If the obtained profit results are not satisfying, hethe trader can apply optimization, where the automatic method of substitution and change of values in the “Input parameters” tab is followed by testing different settings options.

Working in the strategy tester has a number of significant drawbacks, in terms of accuracy of historical quotes modeling, and optimization can lead to finding the best parameters that work only on the selected historical period.

Developers offer to use ready-made versions of various settings packages collected in the Exel table, where the right is the parameters, when setting which the trader can achieve results on profits and other indicators comparable to those on the right. 

Example of VR Smart Grid Expert Advisor work

The robot starts working as soon as the trader clicks OK in the EA settings window, provided that the trading platform is also set up and the VR Smart Grid emoji is smiling in the left corner.

The algorithm works with a minimum of visualization without drawing indicators, they are shown in the figures below to demonstrate the logic of trading.

VR Smart Grid uses the principle of “total trading”, i.e., opens trades at the earliest opportunity “in both directions”. Trading grids in short (sell) and long (buy) are conducted by the robot initially separately from each other and are combined into one system if the Expert Advisor “sees” the opportunity to cover the loss of one of the parties at the expense of excess of total profit.

The first order is opened as soon as VR Smart Grid determines the location of quotes relative to the middle line of Donchian channel. In our example, the EUR/USD rate is higher than the indicator line, so the EA sells with a lot of 0.01 (specified in the settings).


EUR/USD continues to rise and Donchian channel redraws higher, which gives a signal to buy on the trend with a lot of 0.01. Now the loss on the first short trade will be compensated by an open long.

In the code of the robot there is another indicator that determines correction to the trend and reversal. The growth of the EUR/USD rate led to the CCI curve falling into the overbought zone, so the EA opens a counter-trend trade for sale. It is the second in a row, so the VR Smart Grid algorithm:
Increases shorts to 0.02 lots by Martingale
Averages the first, losing short, automatically calculating the profit level and placing a pending order — take profit

The buy order is still open, as the signal of Donchian channel to the growing trend is still relevant.


Further fall of the course “closes the shorts”, bringing the first profit indicated in the upper left corner of the chart on the appeared balance monitor. Now VR Smart Grid manages only a losing position to buy.


After closing the short, the robot will look for the opportunity to open a new deal for sale, as the algorithm seeks to constantly “be in the market”. The current candle is above the moving average of Donchian channel, so the strategy produces a short signal that faces a restriction in the settings — “New bar deal”. The deal is opened only at the close price, on a new candle, which turns out to be way below the middle line.

The rate continues to fall, increasing the profit of the short, the robot uses the algorithm to protect this deal from losses, setting a stop loss. Now, if the exchange rate rolls back, the trade will close at zero, plus the minimum profit to cover the spread costs (user-configurable).

The fall leads to an oversold signal, CCI indicator shows a value below minus 100, VR Smart Grid Expert Advisor:
1.  Opens a buy trade, increasing it to 0.02 lots according to the Martingale rule, as this is the second lot
2.  Averages both longs out by placing a take profit covering the loss of an order opened earlier
3.  Calculates and puts take profit on the short to get a margin of profit to reserve loss on a long “hanging” EUR/USD purchase

The trade shorts are closed with a profit, which is displayed on the balance monitor report in the upper left corner, “in the market” under the control of the robot there are two buy trades with take profit to close.


An example of the Expert Advisor work shows that the robot implements a complex strategy by controlling individual scenarios and a joint group of multidirectional orders. Attempt to repeat such tactics by manual trading can result in a series of mistakes due to lack of attention. The trader's mistakes will be multiplied by the “growing minus” of open orders, which will affect the emotional background of trading.

VR Smart Grid Expert Advisor does not have such problems, the only thing that the robot is sensitive to are: Internet connection breaks, power outages, problems with the user's computer, delays in quotations (ping).

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