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Super Signal 4H

The Super Signal 4H indicator can be used on any currency pair on H4 time frame. As soon as you attach the indicator, you will be able to see peaks and troughs clearly indicated on the chart. Entry points are marked with arrows. When a new arrow appears on the chart, a signal will be given. This approach is very convenient - no signal will go unnoticed.

Main Principles of Trading with Super Signal 4H

  • open a buy trade when an up arrow (blue) appears on the chart
  • open a sell trade when a down arrow (red) appears on the chart
kubn2 2016.09.20 22:57 

backpaint useless

Aleksandr Arxangel
Aleksandr Arxangel 2016.01.24 17:29 

Привет всем. Супер сигнал.

FXDISCIPLINE 2015.07.23 13:51 

I cant imagine why someone would sell a shady indicator like this and then why would these guys write glowing 5 star reviews. How will anyone make money on a signal in history. It is just a crappy cheap indicator which you can download for free from the internet , waste of time and money whether it 4 hr or 5 minute it is not to be trusted at all, so dont waste money

i paid for it to see if there is any merit to it .. sad

FM3 F3 X
FM3 F3 X 2015.07.16 15:56 


Robert Edison
Robert Edison 2014.06.09 04:28 

Indicator is very accurate. Trying it on H4 with 8 period setting. Almost always correct

7079881 2014.03.23 17:59 

Thank you very much for it , God bless you very good product.

Ramiz Mavludov
Ramiz Mavludov 2014.03.20 09:18 

Полезный индикатор, советую всем его попробовать, на Н4, Н1.