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Advanced Supply Demand

This indicator is a unique, high quality and affordable trading tool because we have incorporated a number of proprietary features and a new formula. With this update, you will be able to show double timeframe zones. You will not only be able to show a higher TF but to show both, the chart TF, PLUS the higher TF: SHOWING NESTED ZONES. All Supply Demand traders will love it. :)

Important Information Revealed

Maximize the potential of Advanced Supply Demand, please visit https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/720245 

Imagine how your trading will improve because you are able to pinpoint the exact trigger point of entry or target? Built on new underlying algorithms it makes it even easier to identify potential imbalances between buyers and sellers. This is because it graphically shows the strongest supply and demand zones and how it performed in the past (showing old zones). These features were designed to help make it easier for you to find the best entry zones and levels.
Now you can optimize and edit the zone strength for your symbol and timeframe!

Advanced Supply Demand Indicator works on all products and timeframes. It is a new formula, and the very new features are two zone strength functions adjustable by user input! This is a great advantage in trading. When you learn how to use the proprietary features such as the zone strength with min X-factor of price travel away, you will be able to tell whether the zone is strong or not.

The supply and demand zones are used as an alert trigger. You have the choice of 3 alerts. If the price 1) enters the zone and/or 2) breaks the zone and/or 3) a reversal candle has formed from a zone. You can use popup alert with sound on MetaTrader 4 and/or push and/or email. When you will receive the alert you will know as a trader what to do.

A message will tell you how many demand zones have been broken in a row, so you want to trade with the trend and look for a trend continuation.

The indicator can detect nested S/D zones!

A very powerful feature! The alert will tell if a S/D zone is nested (within) a higher timeframe S/D zone! All alerts can be filtered for nested zones.


Supply Demand settings

  • Min candles before a zone is printed (used for live chart).
  • Min X-factor of price travel away (ATR) (The higher the number the stronger the zones). OPTIMIZE HERE FOR YOUR SYMBOL AND TIME FRAME!
  • Min Y-factor of price travel away (zone size) 2nd Input: The higher the number the stronger the zones. OPTIMIZE HERE FOR YOUR SYMBOL AND TIME FRAME!
  • Limited size of a big zone. Max factor (ATR) (Oversized big zones will be reduced. The higher the number the larger zones are allowed).

MTF settings

  • Add higher TF
  • Higher TF period (if MTF is the same or lower than chart TF, the higher one will be used)
  • min HTF!-candles before a zone is printed
  • min X-factor of price travel away (ATR) MTF
  • min Y-factor of price travel away (zone size) MTF
  • Limited size of a big zone. Max factor (ATR) MTF (Oversized big zones will be reduced. The higher the number the larger zones are allowed).
  • Show inner price labels MTF
  • Show outer price labels MTF

Chart settings

  • Show inner price labels.
  • Show outer price labels.
  • Show old zones (needed for Sup/Dem counter, see below).
  • Show yesterdays high/low
  • Show todays pivot
  • Show number of broken Sup/Dem in a row (counter)
  • Show above in corner
  • draw rectangle extended over live candle

Alert settings

  • Alert zone hit
  • Alert zone break
  • Alert reverse candle from zone
  • alert only NESTED zones! (within MTF) (NEW with version 2.30)
  • Popup Alerts (MT4 popup and sound)
  • Send email alerts
  • Send push alerts

Color settings

  • You know how to use it. Each zone has its own color.
    To see the full list click here.

Other settings

  • use PIN (to use for an EA, writing supply and demand prices)
  • Show Bars back (number of bars back to read the levels)
  • Show max number of supply zones
  • Show max number of demand zones
  • To see the full list click here.


  1. User Manual: Click Here.
  2. Use my template (See comments).
  3. Optimize Zone Strength for your symbol and timeframe.
  4. Stay within the trend. The indicator is mostly used with one of my other specialized indicators of currency strength.
  5. Check my news and blogs on profile for trading system and trade examples.

I will always help you if you have any questions.

Thanks, I wish you many green pips in the future.

Best regards, Bernhard

Kreesllow 2019.06.10 16:18 

ASD is the best to place his stop and target and to avoid taking the wall.

Jimmy Tzinalas
Jimmy Tzinalas 2019.05.29 13:57 

All i can say about this indicator is that its one of a kind, very impressed with the nesting strategy you can apply to your trades, well done bernhard, 5 out of 5 stars from me.

panda2019 2019.05.27 07:38 

Saves you a lot of time from drawing the zones yourself. Awesome indicator.

Khunakorn 2019.05.02 14:54 

Great indicator, make me understand more about demand and supply.

sandy0077 2019.04.17 20:04 

very good indicator!!! great support..

Alan Gasperi
Alan Gasperi 2019.03.15 19:53 

Very good

Jack Hudson
Jack Hudson 2019.03.15 15:29 

I've been trading forex for just over 4 years when a short while ago I learned to trade supply and demand. I have never been this consistent before and knew from that point forward I would never turn back.

When I discovered this indicator a short while ago I almost fell out of my chair.

A 5 star product with 5 star support from Bernhard. When it is said "The best supply and demand indicator for Meta Trader on the market" that is no lie!

I can't wait to add the other compononents one at a time in sequence after becoming proficient with each one.

Robbiequk 2019.02.28 17:03 

Great indicator with excellent support, Thanks Bernhard.

Jerry Pui
Jerry Pui 2019.02.17 13:24 

This indicator helps me on better decision on TP and SL!

Osborn 2019.02.16 13:31 

Thank you for your hard work and bring us such good indicators.

Ken Mindac
Ken Mindac 2019.02.06 13:48 

Another brilliant indicator by Bernhard. Very useful. Well done

Kevin Zhang
Kevin Zhang 2019.02.05 14:10 

Excellent product with good service

Passw00d 2019.01.15 13:36 

This is cutting edge supply and demand indicator! the best I have seen so far! really helps you in your trading

Sandy Wahyudi
Sandy Wahyudi 2019.01.13 09:34 

Amazing product. Thank you

Magnus Klefbom
Magnus Klefbom 2019.01.06 19:10 

This is a very good indicator for resistance and support. Especially when you use the Multi Time Frame "Nesting" function on the same chart. Works very well to help decide which pairs to trade, take profit, stop loss, entries and exits. Works very well together with the Absolute Strength Currency28, where the supply and demand zones most of the time give you good information for your trading decisions.


En väldigt bra indikator för motstånd och support. Jag har aldrig förut sett motstånd och stöd som fungerar så bra. SJälv använder jag indikatorn tillsammans med Absolute Strength Currency28 och de samverkar extremt bra.

Lan 2019.01.01 18:28   

Yesterday 31st of December 2018 was my first time of using the Advanced D&S system along with my current trading strategy. With it, I was able to win 12 trades of 13 trades. I knew something like this existed and I have been looking for it for so long. I am still testing further and will drop more reviews soon. But so far, it makes my buying low and selling high ideally easy. i so love nested zones as it holds the success key to consistent profits..

With it, I was able to ride GA all the way up as well as GU up and down with over 200 pips in total on GU alone. This product is simply insane. I look forward to mastering the zones some more.

Cheers guys.. worth renting

Pele 2018.12.28 00:14   

Brilliant system, thorough study and patience required.

Charger23 2018.12.26 06:38 

fabulous prodcut

kodies 2018.12.26 04:23 

Advanced supply and demand combined with acs28 and/or impulse is a great tool to use for my trading. Really like using the nested zones. They are solid points of interest. Any questions I’ve had have been answered quickly and effectively. Thx for the great product

Leg 2018.12.24 10:59 

The Advance Supply Demand in combination with Advance Currency Impluse/Alert and Advance Currency Strength28 gives excellent support to my Trading approach. The visual indication is real time and dependable. Support is outstanding. Would always recommend it.

astrafx 2018.12.23 15:23 

Great addition to Strength28

Shanmuga Priyan
Shanmuga Priyan 2018.12.20 17:11 

I trade using candlestick patterns and trendlines usually. I rented this indicator hoping to improve picking key Reversals and have to say ...i am impressed. On first day itself, it has made my Profits better and consistent, well atleast over last 12 trades. Will update after using it for few more weeks. But for now, Thanks to the Developer Bernhard for the excellent product. Hoping to buy the CS28 soon..

SanAshi 2018.12.07 07:39 

I have been using the Bernhard's Indicators (Dashboard, Volume, Strength, Impulse and Supply/Demand) for over a year and have increased my win/loss ratio dramatically.

I am dumping everything else and focusing on this suite of indicators exclusively. THEY WORK.

Great products combined with great service and thorough documentation.

adimodoran 2018.12.06 19:18 

This is one of the best Indicators on MQL5 community for Supply&Demand traders. It has Alerts,too.

Irfan 2018.12.02 02:17 

I stumbled upon Bernhard indicators while searching MQL5 market. I read the theory behind the setup and the trade examples. Firstly I rented CS28 and right away started to use it on my live account. I can say that this was a right decision I had taken. After CS28 I also rented impulse speed, supply and demand and dashboard indicators. These indicators complement each other and give you confidence when you initiate a trade. It might look difficult but if you go through the trade examples Bernhard has posted you will learn a lot. After all Bernhard support is excellent.

Chyi Ren Lim
Chyi Ren Lim 2018.11.14 05:12 

Just what I've been looking for!

Fallet Willy
Fallet Willy 2018.11.07 08:34 

I just bought I will test and I will give an opinion thereafter

the indicator seems really complete

Muhd85 2018.10.25 14:44 

I think this is the best supply and demand zone indicator out there. Its formulated really accurate zones. Plus it can shows u higher tf zones.

Markus48 2018.10.18 22:33 

Great indicators and excellent support from Bernhard!

The combination with the ACS28, Impulse Alert and Supply and Demand makes it an unbeatable system for the trade.

Thank you very much Bernhard!!

Joao78 2018.10.08 16:45 

With this Indicator, I have completed, for now, my Kit to attack the Market with the strategy: "28 Pairs Currency Strength with Impulse Trading System". It is a complement to this Strategy, however, it is more independent. It is an Indicator that can be used in any strategy, as long as you want to see where the Supply & Demand zones are. I have already used some Supply & Demand Indicators and this is by far the most complete. The fact that it is possible to present these zones in two Time Frames in the same window is a considerable advantage.

Pwrtnar 2018.10.02 05:24 

I have rented ASD.It is very good indicator. Amazing! I also have rented ACI with alert and ACS28.The combination of those 3 indicators is very useful and accurate.

Thank you Bernhard.

Raymond Kelley
Raymond Kelley 2018.10.02 02:23 

Very nice indicator to spot reversals

Mohamed Hamaidan
Mohamed Hamaidan 2018.09.27 11:28 

I'm glad I rented it out along with S&D and Impulse.

This one is my favourite, because you see the best spot!

Luigi Salvatores Buigues Morillo
Luigi Salvatores Buigues Morillo 2018.09.24 00:50 


johnmccg06 2018.09.12 02:39 

The value of this indicator lies in the identification of target zones. It helps add confidence to entries and exits and when combined with Bernhard's Impulse and Strength indicators, it makes for a very powerful Trading System. Bernhard has put a lot of work into design and refining and is to be congratulated on his achievements.

Max J
Max J 2018.09.11 19:12 

Good indicator after you master this system.

DTChrisLP 2018.09.11 17:19 

Great indicator, great documentation and excellent support from Bernhard!

FauFau60 2018.09.05 21:43 

Awesome indicator !

The multi-time frame and the nested zones will give your a real advantage. Now i can see clearly the strong zones for better entries or take profits.

Thank you Bernhard, very good job !

brandamn 2018.09.03 13:56 

absolute GAME CHANGER! I wish i discovered this when i first started trading!

jetztea1 2018.09.03 12:03 

Ich habe zuerst Advanced Supply Demand benutzt und seit dem muß ich mich nicht mehr um Wiederstände kümmern in mein Handelssystem. Ich habe darauf Advanced Currency Strength28 Indicator und Adveanced Currency Impulse w. alert hinzu genommen und sehe jetzt wo meine Problem von meinen EA`s waren. Den DAX und Dow kann man mit dem Advanced Supply Demand auch sehr gut handeln falls es einen interessiert.

Zusammen bilden Sie ein sehr gutes System!

Danke Bernhard, Ralf

I used Advanced Supply Demand first, and since then I no longer have to worry about the odds in my trading system. I have Advanced Currency Strength28 Indicator and Adveanced Currency Impulse w. Alert added and now see where my problem of my EA's were. The DAX and Dow can also do very well with the Advanced Supply Demand if they are interested.

Together they make a very good system!

Thank you Bernhard, Ralf

yount79 2018.08.31 17:04 

Excellent indicator and Bernards support is great too!

14093979 2018.08.30 13:09 

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

Dominic Winfield
Dominic Winfield 2018.08.30 12:21 

Great indicator and brilliant support. Have used for past 6 months and when combined with Impulse and ACS28, it provides a very solid trading system

brian scarborough
brian scarborough 2018.08.27 13:55 

i brought the impulse indicator and made over 400 pips on the first day i was so impressed with it i brought the advanced supply and demand and the advanced cs28 currency indicator i have tried a few systems this is by far the best also Bernhards support is the best to he gets back to you straight away great all round package

azxtrader 2018.08.22 19:39 

Very good indicator

tiger7481 2018.08.15 15:57 


ales71 2018.08.02 13:43 

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

garymaddison 2018.07.31 13:04   

The levels are really god and saves you the time of having to plot them on the chart

Babak Shahabi
Babak Shahabi 2018.07.28 12:08 

Great indicator!

I rent all the package ( currency strength, volume, impulse, SR zone) and I’m happy with it

hbbsr022 2018.07.26 03:28 

Very good Indicator, Good support.

LaTanya Sumlar
LaTanya Sumlar 2018.07.23 02:40   

This was the first indicator I bought and tested. I did my own chart analysis for sup/dem zones and I asked my trading friends to send theirs to me as well so I could compare to the indicator. The indicator was spot on. The other part that I really like is the alerts. I no longer have to pay Trading View!!! Thanks Bernhard.

shawnnny 2018.07.13 03:28 

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

wingspeed 2018.07.12 14:02 

He is a very accurate foreign exchange indicator, you can use it with confidence.

Carl Gustav Ekstroem
Carl Gustav Ekstroem 2018.07.06 02:41 

Absolutely Fantastic! Thank you.

gioviforex 2018.06.28 17:18 

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

Dajmoz 2018.06.27 12:23 

Great Indicator

kedawson 2018.06.25 17:50 

A brilliant indicator which clearly shows the demand and supply of currency pairs

dy6y6t 2018.06.18 05:25 

Great Indicator. I'm using Advanced Supply Demand, Impulse and Strength28. Recommend using all 3 of them.

Rahmani_med 2018.06.17 11:25   

Very good indicator, we kann see important price levels/zones, and helps to determine profit targets and stop losses! Thank you Bernhard

bdavies 2018.06.09 01:14 

Fantastic tool for seeing the key levels / areas and it is extremely reliable and useful for either looking for trades within those zones or for taking profits. Don't like to trade without it.

stev18 2018.06.06 18:09 

Nice indicator. Shows important price levels/zones, and helps to determine profit targets and stop losses. Support is very nice.

Sathomaso 2018.04.20 23:41 

Supply and demand folks, not support and resistance! ;D This indicator is the embodiment of Bernhard's philosophy from my pov. It covers one of the most important topics in trading - profit targets, stop losses, win/lose ratio. The flexibility to trade your style but also to adapt according market conditions.

It works on any timeframe! I prefer putting profit targets exactly one tick below or above my second timeframe box (h4), best for daytraders. Mark my words: On most days the rate reaches these targets - for the first time(!), it reverses right at the stroke of the box. I never made any change on the settings, except playing with the timeframe.

No need to say, his indicators alltogether work like a finetuned machine. BUYSTRONG SELLWEAK

dcau93 2018.04.08 04:28 

I am a newbie in the forex and I tested a lot of indicators and I am on the side of losses trade !

I took advanced dashboard and leave side because I'm more visual

Bernhard answered my questions even if everything was already explained in the blog!

then I came back to take the other products : AC28, impulse, advanced supply, advanced volume

I again asked Bernhard who answered by mail several times, quickly and courteously knowing that everything was already explained many times! what patience !

in the end I read the post, download the photos of explanations and now I understand all the interest of these visual tools and I even reintegrated dashboard!

in fact I see I will not have lost trade with these tools after taking a little time to understand

Tomorrow Monday, April 8, 2018 I start my trade quietly having understood what was largely explained and that I read in the patient mails of Bernhard and finally in the articles of the blog and post

actually a global view of the currencies very synthetic and easy

I have not seen this elsewhere with this level of relevencec is why I recommend this product to be in positive trade and I leave this post while I do not take the time to do it generally

so a big thank you for the support by email and for all the explanations for the products

i am french, retired and as you see my english could be better !

Syed Ahmad Anas Syed Omar
Syed Ahmad Anas Syed Omar 2018.03.16 18:39 

I would say "Please! Get this indicator to complete your trading system". You won't believe this until you have one. This is supply & demand zone, not a simple support and resistance. The best part, it is automated and support multi timeframe. Thanks to Mr. Bernhard for developing such system. Hopefully, you will offer us discount for yearly renewal.

noshali 2018.03.14 12:03 

The demand and supply levels on this indicator are excellent. Helps me with my SL/TP levels and I have gotten out of so many trades that I thought would go further but hit the levels and reversed. Excellent indicator.

Alba89 2017.11.21 08:29 

Excellent product.

Adam Westrop
Adam Westrop 2017.11.12 22:21 

Support and resistance zones are obviously important for forex. I don't like to spend time manually drawing zones/or visualising myself. This indicator is great and you can base a number of strategies off it, for instance bet on prices re-visiting the zones, bet on prices moving away further from new zones etc.

Additionally Bernhards support is second to none. He's always there to lend a helping hand.

Eng Hoe Teh
Eng Hoe Teh 2017.10.15 07:21 

Great support and well coded excellent product, definitely deserve 5 stars.

Seyed Mani Ashraf Pour Shoshtar
Seyed Mani Ashraf Pour Shoshtar 2017.09.23 10:02 

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Fame.Ltd 2017.06.22 16:44 

Ich nutze vier Produkte von Bernhard in Kombination und habe fast alle anderen Indikatoren,die ich in nahezu 30 Jahren Trading "sammelte", deinstalliert.

Ich kann nur jedem Trader empfehlen, der dieses Business ernsthaft betreiben will, sich mit seinen Produkten auseinanderzusetzen.

Auch die schnelle Hilfsbereitschaft von Bernhard sind deutlich hervorzuheben und sehr selten anzutreffen, nachdem jemand sein Produkt verkauft oder verleast hat.

Eindeutiges "MUST HAVE" !!!

Jakob Dalsgaard
Jakob Dalsgaard 2017.06.20 13:06 

Amazing tool. A must!

mrkaib 2017.04.25 11:03 

Just perfect if you keep to all the published rules.

Special thanks to Bernhard for the indicators

John444 2017.04.11 12:14 

Amazing! Definitely, a tool you must have. I love the Multi-Time Frame function with the nested zones! Don't Diddle in the Middle! This tool paid for its self within a short time and it has already become part of my daily trading routine. Bernhard, Thank you for this unique product. It saved me a lot of time of manual charting! Also, the support from Bernhard is great.

Version 2.60 2019.05.29
1) Optimized some issue with old zones and counter.

2) As requested by a trader the reversal arrow will now only draw on nested zones if the filter "alert only nested" is true.

3) A new filter for alerts has been added to alert only if the zone is new or untouched. (Excluding break alert.)
New input:
+ reverse candle: use only new zones (default = false)
To activate the filter set above input to true;

4) A new candle limit has been added for old zones. If there is a strong trend the zones might not be in range with only 2000 bars look back. So this limit was set higher to 5000 bars. But we do not need to draw old zones so far. That's why a new limit for old zones has been added. (Default = 1000 bars.)
New input:
+ show Bars back for old zones
Version 2.50 2019.04.25
Optimized diverse functions and graphics.
Version 2.40 2018.12.06
Optimized XY-filter for higher timeframe MTF.
To make sure the higher timeframe filters out weak S/D zones the same way as the lower timeframe (chart) does.
Also you can setup different values for each timeframe.
Default values are now set to:
+ min X-factor of price travel away (ATR) = 1.4
+ min Y-factor of price travel away (zone size) = 2
Version 2.30 2018.11.04
New features added!

Added an optional filter to alert only nested zones. (The lower timeframe zone must be within a higher timeframe zone.)
It applies to all 3 actual alerts (hit - reverse - break).
If turned off the alerts will still tell if the alerted zone was nested or not.
New input:
+ alert only NESTED zones! (within MTF)

Added an optional pause in seconds for less CPU use. (Set to 0 to turn it off) At least on each new candle new zones will be checked.
New input:
+ pause runs in seconds to next update (for less CPU use) (0=not)
Version 2.20 2018.10.25
Added a new visual option for higher timeframe zones rectangles.
If the square is not filled and the width is 1 it can be used as dashed/dotted etc...

New input below other settings:
+ rectangle line style MTF (width must be 1)
Version 2.10 2018.10.01
Added XY-filter for higher timeframe.
If you want the higher timeframe to show like before set XY-filter MTF = 1.0

New input parameters:
==== MTF settings
+ min HTF!-candles before a zone is printed
+ min X-factor of price travel away (ATR) MTF
+ min Y-factor of price travel away (zone size) MTF

Added pre-name for objects. In case you want to use the indicator twice on a chart, enter here a letter for the 2nd.

New input parameters:
==== other settings
+ prename for additional objects
Version 2.0 2018.09.25
Version 2.0 - 2018.09.24
Final upgrade with faster calculations.
It just got hypersonic speed to draw all levels and zones !!!

+ added "usePIN" for developments (Global variables)
Gives access to the first 5 supply and demand zones (outer price, inner price, if it is used or not, the timeframe, and the symbol).
Version 1.22 2017.07.17
Added an input to draw the higher timeframe squares extended to the right to not cover the live candle.
Optimized alerts.
Minimized CPU usage with a timer.
Reorganized inputs.

New input parameters:
+ draw rectangle extended over live candle (1 to 5 bars)
+ zone print delay seconds for redraw (5 to 60 sec)
Version 1.14 2017.04.24
On customers request, I added different colors for broken (old) zones.
+ color supply old
+ color demand old
Repeating alerts on M1 are been fixed.
Version 1.13 2017.03.30
With this update, we have a small add for better graphic.
Now you can choose empty squares for the higher timeframe (MTF) and edit the line width. This makes it graphically easier to differentiate between chart timeframe zones and higher timeframe zones.
+ rectangle style full MTF (default=false)
+ rectangle width (1-5) MTF (default=3)
The colors have been modified for the higher TF to be more beautiful.
Version 1.12 2017.03.16
With this update, you will be able to show double time frame zones. You will not only be able to show a higher TF but to show both, the chart TF, PLUS the higher TF: SHOWING NESTED ZONES.

Indicator parameters added:
==== MTF settings
+ ADD higher TF
+ higher TF period (or one more if chart TF)
+ show inner price labels MTF
+ show outer price labels MTF
+ limited size of a big zone. Max factor (ATR) MTF
+ color supply MTF
+ color supply used MTF
+ color demand MTF
+ color demand used MTF
+ color price labels MTF
+ size price labels MTF
Version 1.11 2017.02.06
Corrected count of broken supply/demand zones and start of daily lines.