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MagicTrader is your right hand if you trade on news. If you use it correctly, the EA will pay its way by just one three seconds deal (this is proved in the video).

Attention! This EA is semi-automated and does not open trades by itself. So it must be tested in the Visual mode in the Strategy Tester adjusting to recent news. Recommended time frame for testing is 1-5 minutes.

The main idea: place two opposite stop orders right before release of any important economical news and execute a fast deal in one direction depending on the price movement at the moment of news release. The EA's functionality provides maximum safety and risk control.

Clicking on OS button on the chart will open opposite stop orders. There are also buttons opening only buy stop, sell stop, buy or sell orders with all preset parameters. Breakeven, trailing stop, slippage controller are available. Clicking on Close button will close all orders and positions opened by the EA on the chart. When one of stop orders opened by OS button triggers, the second one is automatically removed. To perform money management you can set both standard lot size and percentage of the account deposit.

Peculiarities of this EA include possibility to modify orders by clicking a corresponding button on the chart. Let me explain. It happens that a broker does not open stop orders right before news release. In this case we just use OS button beforehand to open pending orders with a distance the price will definitely not cover before news are released. For example, 200 points (4 digits) five minutes before news. And 20-10 seconds before news we click M button on the chart and orders are modified and move to the price at modification distance specified in settings. All associated parameters (SL, TP etc.) are changed correspondingly. We recommend clicking modification button once per one or two seconds right before news release. Example of such approach is shown in the video.

The EA works in every tick mode (click a button and see the result on the next tick). Works both with 4 and 5 digit quotes but all parameters are adjusted as for 4 digits. Any timeframe.


  • Lot size, 0 - considered as Risk percent - lot size, if 0 calculated as Risk percent;
  • Distance to open Stop-orders, 0 - does not work - distance of stop orders opening, not used if 0;
  • Modification of the Distance, 0 - does not work - distance modification, not used if 0;
  • Stop Loss;
  • Take Profit;
  • Magic;
  • Risk percent - risk percentage of the deposit;
  • Trailing Stop, 0 - does not work - trailing stop, not used if 0;
  • Slippage control - slippage control;
  • Breakeven, 0 - does not work - level of breakeven triggering, not used if 0;
  • Breakeven plus - breakeven plus.

And I am ready to share my experience: what news to trade, what distances, risks and stops to set, what types of accounts will suit better etc. Using this information a novice trader will save at least six months of mistakes and possible losses and will have a stable income equal to 30-100% of his/her deposit per month. Send me a private message.

Doubters can request for monitoring of a real account. See the majority of relevant deals on the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxdvRPCclcs4VMEUueUnYCA/videos.

The process of trading on news is auotmated in MagicTraderPro.

I offer attractive partner terms - 40% of sales made by this EA for each partner.

Maxime Zoline
2015.10.22 18:16 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2015.10.04 22:12 

Советник автоматизирует процесс установки отложек по заданным параметрам а также помогает с быстрым выставления прямого ордера сразу со СЛ и ТП, что может быть полезно как в торговле по новостям так и в скальпинге или локировании. Отдельно автору спасибо за быстрый отзыв на письма и полезную информацию по рынку, высылаемую после покупки.

2015.08.21 22:23 

very nice !!!

Dmytro Marzhiievskyi
2015.08.18 17:29 

Панель удобна, и имеет необходимый функционал для торговли по новостям.

После приобретения, автор проконсультировал и показал свои наработки/советы.

С начала работы с панелью заработал 42% от депо, что не может не радовать.

Автору спасибо за отзывчивость и ответы на все вопросы.