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Candle time multi frame

The indicator shows you time remaining till completion of the current candlestick of any timeframe you chose, showing struct (see details).

Minute: second.

The indicator has 3 parameters:

  • TF - this parameter will help you choose timeframe you want, for example, if you want to show remaining time for M30, set TF=30. If you want to show remaining time of the current period you are seeing on chart, set TF=0 (like in default).
  • Local - this parameter will help you choose location on the chart where the text will be shown. In case you want to show many timeframes on chart, you just need to add the indicator many times, and choose different values for 'Local' to see it, like in the first screenshot, where I added it 6 times and chose this value like this:
  1. first times: local=0
  2. second: local =-2
  3. third: local=-4
Just to help us have a nice view on the chart.
  • Alert - if you turn it = true when you add the indicator, it will alert you when the next candlestick (of TF you choose) appears.

If the "alert" param = true, time will be shown in the red color, if not, it will have green color.

For any question contact me skype: cuongph149.

Thank you for reading.

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