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MA_Angle calculates the angle value between MA line and horizontal line at every bar on the main chart.

Suppose that there is a bar number n. MA line is specified by a line segment (view the screenshots below, that is the Red line connecting MA point value at bar n and bar number n+1). This indicator shows you the strength of the market trend (up or down). You can customize how angle is displayed by "alertAngle" parameter (view the screenshots below). The default angle value is 30 degrees. It means that the angle value at each bar will be displayed above the Bar if it is larger than 30 degrees, and the angle value will not be displayed when its value is greater than -30 degrees or smaller than 30 degrees.

You can adjust parameters of MA line used to calculate the angle by MA_Method and MA_Period input values.

These are the main parameters you should pay attention to. In addition, it has some other parameters to help you handle turn on/off alert.

Please contact me if you have any questions or requests:

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