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The indicator alerts you when 3 MA lines cross UP/DOWN (see the screenshot below).

You can choose all parameters for these 3 MA lines to use via parameter input tab.


Same as 4 parameters you have to choose when you add MA line on the chart.

Fast MA: 

  • ma1_period
  • ma1_shift 
  • ma1_method (0=Simple; 1=Exponential...)
  • ma1_apply (0=Close; 1=Open; 2=High; 3=Low...) 

Medium MA:

  • ma2_period
  • ma2_shift 
  • ma2_method (0=Simple; 1=Exponential...)
  • ma2_apply (0=Close; 1=Open; 2=High; 3=Low...) 

Slow MA:

  • ma3_period
  • ma3_shift 
  • ma3_method (0=Simple; 1=Exponential...)
  • ma3_apply (0=Close; 1=Open; 2=High; 3=Low...)  

When fast MA crosses up middle MA and middle MA crosses up slow MA, the bullish alert is issued. When fast MA crossed down middle MA and middle MA crosses down slow MA, the bearish alert is issued with pair and period info.

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Version 1.2 2016.11.16
upgrade push notification function, user can choose to use or not (true/false)