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Trade Receiver Free

Trade Receiver Free is a free tool to copy trades/signals from multiple MT4/MT5 accounts. To start copying via this tool, provider must add a free license in his list first. That means you can use this free tool to copy trades/signals from a provider, who authorized you to do so and issued a free license.

This tool has all receiving features of Trade Copier Pro. Receiver can manage provider list with powered build-in database managing system.


Note: Trade Receiver Free only receives trades/signals from Trade Copier Pro full version. It does not work with Trade Copier Pro Demo.

Highlight Features

  • Copy between MT4 and MT5 accounts.
  • Receive trades/signals from multiple providers.
  • Manage provider list through powered database managing system without additional tool (add, remove, edit, enable/disable).
  • Monitor provider's status (online/offline, add/remove provider's accounts).
  • Switches between the Global mode (copying over internet) and the Local mode (copying within the same PC/Server).
  • Switches between the Trade protocol (copy trades) and the Signal protocol (receive signal alert only), however the priority is for the choice of the provider.
  • Protects receiver from slippage, outdated orders and over lotsize.
  • Allows trading manually or with an EA without any conflict.
  • Auto recognition and synchronization of symbol prefixes and suffixes between brokers.
  • Allows up to 5 special symbols setup (i.e.: GOLD -> XAUUSD, etc.) to synchronize with provider.
  • Multiple lot size setting options.
  • Allows filtering types of orders to be copied.
  • Allows inverted copying.
  • Drawdown protection.
  • Automatically sends notifications about new account activity to mobile and email.
  • Restores previous settings and status after terminal turn-off or power shutdown.
  • Real-time control panel.
  • Easy usage and friendly interface.


  • Install Trade Receiver Free to any chart.
  • At the first time, it may require you to add "http://copy.autofxpro.com" URL to MT4's trusted URL list in order to allow the tool to establish a connection with the internet.
  • Contact your provider to get a free license to copy from them.
  • Then, go to "Provider List" and add provider's account number that you want to copy trade from. Please make sure that your provider has been connected and added your account number to their list already.
  • Go back to the main control panel and turn your status to Enable.

Settings and Parameters

  • Similar to Trade Copier Pro, except that it does not have the provider's features (check Trade Copier Pro for details).
sunnychow 2019.08.31 15:39 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Axel Lenz
Axel Lenz 2019.07.15 17:56 

Update: I use software and the accounts and trades are not in sync. / The support stops answering after my bad reviews.

The product is ok and works mostly. BUT if you need some support from the author you get nothing but platitudes in my opinion.

(I avoid saying illogical nonsense that was read from a FAQ page but doesn't fit the problem.) I'm sure everyone knows such a kind of answer.

That's after I made a lot of effort to gather information. And although I insisted several times on proper support (analysis help).

I am an IT Consultant with a 6 digit income and would therefore claim that I have least basic knowledge of IT.

Update:I have already asked 3 times for the name of the supporter and asked for an escalation to a manager. The support ignores it every time.

I've proven in the meantime that it was an unintentional behavior of the EAs. He didn't even understand, that I solved the problem by my own. He is simply ignored it or technically not understood it.

The support still insists that it is normal that the EA needs 100% a 3.1 Ghz CPU core alone and i should upgrade the Hardware.

While 19 other EAs + MT only need only a fraction of it.

As said the EA of this Author now (after fix the problem) only needs 0-4% but the support still doesn't see that the EA had a problem. ^^


If you want know how terrible the support really is take a look here and search for 2019.07.17 00:48: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/6140#!tab=comments&page=3&comment=12466869

A quote from the AutoFxPro Facebook page: "AutoFX Pro copier is a scam. They will sell you product and don't give a fuck about bugs. Pass your way or loose money !!!!!!!!!" Or another quote from Facebook: "Their trade copier closed trades when it shouldn't and lost me over 2.5k! They acknowledged this in my chat to support (of which I have a copy) but are now refusing to talk to me. it seems they have blocked me as they don't want to return my money. I am taking legal advice"

I haven't received an apology yet! My guess is he's gonna try to get my ratings removed but i hope MQL5 lets honest reviews online.

Richard24 2018.10.08 13:15 

I bougth it and it id working on a local VPS with the Remote TRade Copier Unlimitet. It annoys almost every weeek a new update. And always all positions should be better closed before the update. Absolutely impossible.

I have on a Contabo VPS as local copier to 4 receiver. All receiver have different positions with considerable deviation. this copier has brought me significant losses. It is not one only one VPS. on other VPS it is the same.

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.06.12 15:21 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Ali irwan
Ali irwan 2017.07.27 14:27 

nice, thank

Francis Dogbe
Francis Dogbe 2016.04.21 23:10 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

NewWin 2014.10.01 17:22 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 5.70 2019.10.03
- Fixed: Correct CloseBy function copying.
Version 5.69 2019.10.01
- Improved: Faster connection to copy server.
Version 5.68 2019.09.28
- Improved: Auto recognize market close/open.
Version 5.67 2019.09.27
- Fixed: MarketInfo() function gives FALSE value with some weird brokers.
Version 5.66 2019.09.26
- Improved: Data reading optimized.
Version 5.65 2019.09.18
- Improved: Speed improved.
Version 5.64 2019.09.14
- Fixed: Still keep market orders that transformed from copied pending orders even provider disable "Buy" and "Sell" filter.
Version 5.63 2019.09.09
- Improved: More attempts when EventSetMillisecondTimer() function failed.
Version 5.62 2019.08.29
- Fixed: Partial close with small volume.
Version 5.60 2019.08.05
- Fixed: Minor bugs.
Version 5.59 2019.08.04
- Improved: Receiver can received direct message from provider.
Version 5.58 2019.07.30
- Fixed: Custom Prefix & Suffix input correction.
Version 5.57 2019.07.20
- Fixed: Minor bugs.
Version 5.56 2019.07.10
- Fixed: Bug when huge provider account (millions of account balance) trade with minimum lot size.
Version 5.55 2019.07.01
- Improved: Better connection recover.
Version 5.54 2019.06.25
- Improved: Code optimized.
Version 5.53 2019.06.21
- Added: Prefix and Suffix parameters.
- Added: Notify to mobile and email when the copier is disabled/enabled or disconnected.
Version 5.52 2019.06.18
- Fixed: Color fix.
Version 5.51 2019.06.14
- Improved: Parameters optimized.
Version 5.50 2019.06.12
- Changed: Minor interface changes.
Version 5.49 2019.06.10
- Improved: Interface optimized.
Version 5.48 2019.06.10
- Change: Add "No Copy Later Than" option/parameter.
Version 5.47 2019.05.31
- Improved: Faster connection to server.
Version 5.46 2019.05.29
- Fixed: Minor bugs.
Version 5.45 2019.05.25
- Improved: Auto recognize CFD and Metal symbols between different brokers.
Version 5.44 2019.05.04
- Improved: Add input parameters for simple control mode, which supports MQL5 VPS.
Version 5.43 2019.03.15
- Improved: Code optimized.
Version 5.42 2019.03.13
- Improved: Code optimized.
Version 5.40 2019.02.14
- Fixed: Minor bugs.
Version 5.39 2019.02.13
- Improved: Code optimized.
Version 5.38 2019.01.24
- Fixed: Minor bugs.
Version 5.37 2019.01.21
- Improved: Better partial close and closeby management from MT5 to MT4.
Version 5.36 2019.01.04
- Fixed: Adapt if provider use old version.
Version 5.35 2019.01.01
- Improved: Convert contract size of CFDs and Indexes between different brokers.
Version 5.34 2018.12.19
- Fixed: Minor bugs.
Version 5.33 2018.12.18
- Fixed: SetTimer issue.
Version 5.32 2018.12.17
- Improved: Code optimized.
Version 5.31 2018.12.16
- Improved: Load saved order faster after restarted.
Version 5.30 2018.12.15
- Improved: Auto hide Prefix&Suffix setting if the account has only one symbol for each pairs.
- Improved: Better copied order management.
Version 5.29 2018.11.24
- Improved: Faster speed.
Version 5.28 2018.11.22
- Improved: Better prefix & suffix recognition.
Version 5.27 2018.11.19
- Improved: Code optimized.
Version 5.25 2018.11.03
- Improved: Add Prefix & Suffix option for receiver if there are more than one symbol for the same currency pair.
Version 5.24 2018.10.21
- Improved: Support duplicate trades within the same account.
Version 5.23 2018.10.17
- Improved: Code optimized.
Version 5.22 2018.10.15
- Fixed: Minor bug with copy same order comment from MT5 to MT4.
Version 5.21 2018.10.04
- Improved: Better copied orders management.
Version 5.20 2018.10.02
- Fixed: Minor bugs.
Version 5.19 2018.09.22
- Improved: Better orders management when switching between multiple PCs/VPSs.
Version 5.18 2018.09.08
- Fixed: "Stoploss Risk Percent" with small lotsize.
Version 5.17 2018.08.24
- Fixed: "Can not set millisecond timer" error fixed.
Version 5.16 2018.08.16
- Improved: Faster copying due to shorter account checking.
Version 5.14 2018.06.22
- Improved: Speed up at receiver mode.
Version 5.13 2018.06.08
- Fixed: Still manage copied orders correctly after move to another PC/VPS.
Version 5.12 2018.05.31
- Fixed: Minor bugs.
- Improved: Increase data reading speed in remote mode.
Version 5.11 2018.05.14
- Fixed: Auto reconnect HTTP request if failed.
Version 5.10 2018.05.04
- Fixed: Fixed lotsize bugs.
Version 5.1 2018.04.24
- Fixed: Alert multiple times if copy server's URL is not added.
Version 5.0 2018.03.06
- Improved: Copy between MT5.
- Improved: Code optimized.
Version 4.37 2017.11.30
- Fixed: corrected custom pairs filter.
Version 4.36 2017.04.19
- Improved: Allow different settings for different providers on each chart.
Version 4.35 2017.03.24
- Added: "Do Nothing" option to Equity Drawdown.
Version 4.34 2017.03.10
- Added: "Entry" to copy filter. So, receiver can choose to not copy new trades from provider while still follow the current copied trades.
- Added: Equity drawdown protection. So, receiver account can be protected when a specific drawdown of equity reached.
Version 4.33 2017.02.28
- Improved: Faster update to copied trades when provider changes settings.
Version 4.32 2016.12.22
- Fixed: Minor bugs.
Version 4.31 2016.12.13
- Added: Same comment option -> the receiver will have the same order comment as provider.
Version 4.30 2016.11.08
- Improved: Allows negative slippage value (better copied entry).
- Improved: Allows excluded custom pairs by adding exclamation (!) before the pair symbol. E.g: !EURUSD, !USDJPY, ...
Version 4.29 2016.10.24
- Fixed: Copy SL/TP modification when provider remove SL/TP.
Version 4.28 2016.09.28
- Improved: Better handle with copy invalid entry pending orders.
Version 4.27 2016.08.22
- Fixed: Avoid non-stop loop of error #130 when EP/SL/TP is invalid.
Version 4.26 2016.07.18
- Improved: Auto recognize the difference of metal symbols between brokers (XAUUSD <-> GOLD, XAGUSD <-> SILVER).
Version 4.24 2016.06.29
- Added: Scale factor for "Provider risk scaling" lotsize option, allow receiver to scale the risk of provider.
- Added: Allow receive local copy.
- Removed: "Trade Timeout" is removed. Orders will be copied at anytime as long as it has the same or better price of source's order.
Version 4.23 2016.05.31
- Added: User can edit the provider list by .csv file outside of MT4.
- Improved: Auto calculate lotsize scale if provider's account currency is different from receiver's account currency.
- Improved: Can concect to all other versions of my copier.
Version 4.22 2016.02.18
- Fixed: Save provider's special symbol after restarting the EA.
Version 4.21 2015.12.01
- Fixed minor bugs.
Version 4.19 2015.11.30
- Improved: Allow to copy large volume by mutiplying maximum lotsize per order.
Version 4.18 2015.10.16
- Improved: Add more detailed message to warn the user if connect to copier full version.
Version 4.17 2015.09.04
- Improved: Notify user about copy server URL if it has not been added.
Version 4.14 2015.05.12
- Improved: Only show trading symbol in Market Watch if necessary.
Version 4.13 2015.04.29
- Fixed: Conflict if maximum allowed order amounts between provider and receiver are different.
Version 4.12 2015.03.27
- Fixed: Unpredicted "array out of range" error.
Version 4.11 2015.03.11
- Fixed: Minor bug in printing provider list.
Version 4.1 2015.03.06
- Fixed: No more conflicts between multi-providers with new comment options.

Caution: Close all existing copied orders before updating.
Version 3.99 2015.03.03
- Fixed: Removed untradeable symbols in Market Watch with some brokers (like Exness).
- Improved: A receiver is able to set different options for each providers group by loading the copier on different charts.
- Improved: Adapt to order comments from the new version of copiers.

- All existing copied orders need to be closed before updating this version.
- Trade Receiver and Copier must be of the same version.
Version 3.98 2015.02.24
- Fixed: Removed untradeable symbols in Market Watch with some brokers (like Exness).
- Improved: A receiver is able to set different options for each provider by loading the copier on different charts.
Version 3.96 2015.02.11
- Improved: Slightly faster data transfer.
- Added: Notification if Internet connection is lost.
Version 3.9 2015.02.03
- Fixed: Force to display all graphic objects to the front of the chart. They could be hidden at few low RAM computers with previous version.
Version 3.6 2015.01.21
- Reduced memory consumption.
Version 3.5 2015.01.16
- Fixed: Expert Advisor's status message correction.
- Fixed: Eliminate potential zero divides.
Version 3.3 2015.01.08
- Added: Alert when logging in with an investor account as a receiver.
Version 3.2 2015.01.06
- Added: Copy filter options for a receiver.
- Added: Backup servers input.
- Changes: Switched server to copy.autofxpro.com.
Version 2.8 2014.12.24
- Added: Balance ratio option for lotsize.
- Added: Support "Close By" function.
- Added: Support "Partial Close" function.
Version 2.6 2014.11.21
Improved: Faster copying speed.
Version 2.5 2014.11.18
- Improved: More stable for data transferring.
Note: Please make sure that there is no copied order processing before upgrade.
Version 2.4 2014.11.14
Increased the number of decimal points in lotsize multiply factor.
Version 2.2 2014.10.01
Fixed minor bugs about symbol recognition (reported from users).
Version 2.1 2014.09.30
- Fixed: minor bugs.