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Trade Receiver Free

Trade Receiver Free is a free tool to copy trades/signals from multiple MT4/MT5 accounts. The provider account must use copier to send the signal.

This version can be used on MT4 accounts only. For MT5 accounts, you must use Trade Receiver Free for MT5.


Highlight Features

  • Copy between MT4 and MT5 accounts.
  • One receiver can receive trades from multiple providers.
  • Receiver can manage the provider list via powered database managing system without additional tool (add, remove, edit, enable/disable).
  • Provider list can be edited either inside MT4 or by exported .csv file.
  • Switchable between Remote mode (copy over internet) and Local mode (copy within the same PC/Server).
  • Switchable between Trade protocol (copy trades) and Signal protocol (send/receive signal alert only).
  • Protect receiver from slippage and outdated orders.
  • Receiver's account can still trade manually or use other EAs without any conflict.
  • Auto recognize and match symbol prefix/suffix between different brokers.
  • Allows up to 5 special symbols setup (i.e.: US500--> USA500, etc.,).
  • Multiple lot size setting options for receiver.
  • Drawdown protection to receiver account.
  • Allows to filter copy either SL or TP or exit point.
  • Allows to filter which type of orders will be copied.
  • Allows custom SL and TP.
  • Allows inverted copying.
  • Filter the inclusive/exclusive pairs to copy.
  • Send signal notification to email, mobile and telegram.
  • Restore previous settings and status after terminal turn-off or power shutdown.
  • Real-time control panel.
  • Easy usage and friendly interface.


  • Add URL "http://copy.autofxpro.com" into receiver's MT4 terminal.
  • Install receiver EA to one of any chart of receiver's MT4 terminal.
  • Click to "Provider List"button to add provider account number into the list. Then, click Enable button.
  • Please note that if the provider account is at another computer, he need to add receiver account number into "Receiver List" at his end first.
    Reviews 8
    Ali irwan
    Ali irwan 2017.07.27 14:27 

    nice, thank

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    Fast local trade copier that can work as a normal trade copier or use a Martingale strategy until a winning trade is made. Settings Code_Link : Link value to connect to master EA In Martingale mode, each currency is treated uniquely and not in turn as each trade comes in. Martingale Copier Example in order of master trade execution, default starting lot size 0.01: EURUSD 0.01 loss : copier EURUSD 0.01 EURUSD 0.01 loss : copier EURUSD 0.02 GBPUSD 0.01 loss : copier GBPUSD 0.01 EURUSD 0.01 loss
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    Visual Copier Control Panel MT4
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    Visual Copier is a visual trade copying utility that support Metatrader4 and Metatrader5 and Local/Remote Copying. Specifications : Real Time, Multi Terminal - Multi Account - MT4/MT5 trade copying (support over 50 accounts same time) Remote Enabled All settings are input visually. Visual display and modify of copy map and network Display Communication strength and list of accounts and positions on Master/Slave accounts Easy modifying symbol names, prefix, suffix Enable/Disable copying specia
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    Visual Copier is a visual trade copying utility that support Metatrader4 and Metatrader5 and Local/Remote Copying. Specifications : Real Time, Multi Terminal - Multi Account - MT4/MT5 trade copying (support over 50 accounts same time) Remote Enabled All settings are input visually. Visual display and modify of copy map and network Display Communication strength and list of accounts and positions on Master/Slave accounts Easy modifying symbol names, prefix, suffix Enable/Disable copying specia
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    12 USD
    Fast Copy MT4
    Pavel Kolchin
    The program allows you to locally copy transactions between different MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 accounts in any direction and quantity as quickly and easily as possible, the program works on " Windows   PC " and " Windows VPS ". Any type of copying is available MT4 → MT5 MT4 → MT4 MT5 → MT5 MT5 → MT4 * For copying between different MT4 ↔️ MT5 terminals, you need to purchase two versions of   Fast Copy MT4  +  Fast Copy MT5 How the program works The program copies transactions between two
    55 USD
    VR Watch list and Linker
    Vladimir Pastushak
    VR Watch list and Linker is an expert advisor for synchronous changes of financial instruments in open windows of the MetaTrader terminal. Choosing a trading instrument in the market overview, you will immediately get charts in the open terminal windows. Each window can be configured individually by you. ⚡With the VR Watch list and Linker program you can Quickly check a large number of financial instruments and find those instruments that have high-quality trading signals. Filter and scan financ
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    Trend Support Resistance Tool
    ISO Financial Services
    Smart Trend Line Alert is a unique professional Trend Line, Support Line and Resistance Line Touch and Break out Alert with awesome Alert History feature, designed to help traders easily manage many charts and symbols without staring at the monitor. Features Candle Break Out Alert, Price Touch Alert and Time Line Alert; 1 click for converting any drawn line into an alert line (Trend line and Horizontal line or Trend Line By Angle); Alerts History able to re-open closed charts or re-draw delete
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    CryptoCurrency MT4 history maker MTF
    Farzin Sadeghi
    This is a program in the form of an EA that attaches to a chart in MetaTrader 4. Then, by using API from Bittrex, Binance websites, it downloads the history of altcoins. By selecting a pair name, the EA automatically downloads all time frames history (Daily,H12,H4,H2,H1,M30,M15,M5,M3,M1) so there is no need to attach multiple EAs to different charts. You can select one pair from Bittrex and 4 pairs from Binance exchange with one running EA and create up to 15 timeframes for 5 different pairs. Th
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    Romeu Bertho
    Percent Crosshair is a powerful and easy percentage measure tool. Measure the chart percentage quickly! Don't waste your time anymore! Just attach the Percent Crosshair indicator to the chart, select crosshair mode at toolbars or press Ctrl+F and start using the crosshair as you always do! The percent measure will be next to the indicative price. Customize your indicator the way you want! There are four entry parameters: Positive % color: set the desired color when % is positive. Negative % colo
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    You can forward trade/order signal to the Telegram messenger app via a telegram BOT. It can also forward indicators alert to Telegram. This utility is able to forward signal for all type of trade activities such as "new order", "order modify", "pending order", "order close", "TP/SL hit", and "Expiration" to any telegram ID, group or channel. In promotion price is 69$ and after that the price will return to the normal price of 79$. Please add a review and give five stars. It will help me to provi
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    Forex Trade Manager MT4
    Determination of transaction risk by calculating possible profits and losses. Precise designation of TP and SL levels for each transaction. These are the basic activities that every trader of financial markets must face with. The purpose of these calculations is very simple, achieving satisfying profits from FX transactions, with a minimum of risk. This is certainly the dream of each trader. This makes it difficult for new investors to take their first steps in this market.  EA Forex Trade Mana
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    Telegram Signal Trader
    Ugur Oezcan
    Telegram to Metatrader4. Do not miss any trading signal or to be late to enter or exit from telegram channel anymore.  Our tool give user ability to parse all kind of telegram signals. You can use tool with any telegram forex Signal channels. Users can also copy their trades if they are only members of a VIP channel. Admin rights is not required. We include also valuable functions for trader, which you can use independently form channel signals 3 money management systems. Use tool to copy at any
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    Fibo Alert Ultimate
    ISO Financial Services
    This tool adds alerts to your Fibo Retracement and Fibo Expansion objects on the chart. It also features a handy menu to change Fibo settings easily and quickly! Features Alert for Fibo Retracement and Fibo Expansion levels. Sound, Mobile and Email alert. Up to 20 Fibo Levels. Continuous sound alert every few seconds till a user clicks on the chart to turn it OFF. Single sound alert with pop-up window. Keeping all user settings even after changing timeframes. New handy menu to change Fibo sett
    31.75 USD
    Trade Assistant MT4
    Evgeniy Kravchenko
    Trade Assistant is a trading panel designed for manual trading. The panel allows you to calculate risk, manage positions using the functions Trailing Stop, Trailing limit orders, closing a position in parts. And other useful features. Key features of the panel It works with any trading instruments - currency pairs, CFDs, stocks, indices, futures, cryptocurrencies. Set Stop Loss and Take Profit as the distance in points. Setting and displaying the potential loss to profit ratio. The panel suppo
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    MT4 to Tlgrm
    Fernando Morales
    Do not use Windows 7 with this EA MT4toTLGRM EA only sends text messages from Metatrader4 to a Telegram group or channel of your choice. From version 4.00 it sends messages to Twitter and Facebook. The messages are customizable to show information about any trading activity in the account. Also it shows a daily PnL report. Several instances of this EA can be used simultaneously in the same MT4 terminal for sending messages to different Telegram group/channel but ensure that each one has a diffe
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    Forward Alert To Telegram
    Trinh Dat
    The Expert Advisor will help you forward all alert from  MetaTrader 4 to Telegram channel/ group.  All alert must save to folder <Data folder>MQL4\Files\Alerts\ , text file with format *.txt and screenshot with format *.png. Parameters Telegram Bot Token   - create bot on Telegram and get token. Telegram Chat ID    - input your Telegram   user ID,   group /   channel ID Forward Alert - default true, to forward alert. Send message as caption of Screenshot - default false, set true to send messa
    100 USD
    Signal Multiplier MT4
    Pavel Kolchin
    The program allows you to automatically increase the volume of the lot received from any source by a specified value in the same terminal, on the same account, a program for working on " MQL VPS ", " Windows PC " and " Windows VPS ". The source can be any advisor program, manual trading, a trading signal MetaTrader 4  — Signal Multiplier MT4 —  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/23721 MetaTrader 5  — Signal Multiplier MT5 —  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/23719 How the program work
    35 USD
    Second Chart the Time Frame in Seconds
    Boris Sedov
    Second Chart indicator for MetaTrader 4 It is possible to create second charts using this indicator. The data is sampled based on the same principle as during the plotting the standard MetaTrader 4 charts, but with one-second period. Second period can be adjusted in the range of 1-59 sec., by changing the value of the "Seconds" parameter. You can apply indicators, Expert Advisors and scripts to the resulting chart. You get a fully functional chart on which you can work just as well as on a reg
    30 USD
    Ultimate No Nonsense Backtester
    I Kai Wu
    Ultimate No Nonsense FX Backtester - You can Run Forward Test Simulation with this tool! Do Not Download the Demo Here, Please Read Below! Join the   discord   for this backtester, you can have my direct support on there. Step by Step Manual Guide PDF for this backtester PDF List of Commands(Shortcuts) for this backtester Ultimate NNFX Backtester is a powerful utility tool that significantly reduces the length of backtesting process for NNFX followers.  As well as for Forex traders that
    84.99 USD
    Telegram Trading Signals
    Alexander Pekhterev
    (MT4 to Telegram) -   Fast and instant publication of your trade in the telegram channel (chat or personal message).  F rom version 1.77 it sends Alerts of any indicators in telegram! !!! Personally, I can't imagine a full-fledged trade without this utility)) TTS   can send the following messages in   all   languages: Opening a new position; Placing a pending order; Pending order activation; SL and TP modification; Pending order price modification; Removing a pending order; Closing a position;
    59 USD
    Active Lines for MT4
    Yury Kulikov
    Active Lines - a powerful professional tool for operations with lines on charts. Active Lines provides a wide range of actions for events when the price crosses lines. For example: notify, open/modify/close a position, place/remove pending orders. With Active Lines you can assign several tasks to one line, for each of which you can set individual trigger conditions, as well as conditions for re-activations and the number of possible activations. Active Lines helps you easily organize various tra
    65 USD
    KopirMT4 Copy trades for MT4
    Alexandr Gavrilin
    KopirMT4 (CopierMT4) - transaction copier for the MetaTrader 4 terminal, copies (synchronizes, duplicates) transactions from any accounts (copier, copy dealers).  Supports copying: MT4 <-> MT4, MT4 -> MT5 Hedge, MT5 Hedge -> MT4 Attention  : For correct operation, at least two terminals on one PC / VPS are required. The first for the account from which it will copy (Server), and the second for the account to which it will copy (Client). Demo version  https://yadi.sk/d/UHruyCGcqa04lg MT5  h
    39 USD
    Vladislav Andruschenko
    Trade copier for MetaTrader 4. It copies forex trades, positions, orders from any accounts. It is one of the best trade copiers MT4→MT4, MT5→MT4 for the COPYLOT MT4 version (or MT4→MT5 MT5→MT5 for the COPYLOT MT5 version). Copier  version for  MetaTrader 5  terminal ( МТ5→МТ5, МТ4→МТ5 )-  Copylot Client MT5   The unique copying algorithm exactly copies all trades from the master account to your client account. The product is also noted for its high operation speed Tough error handling. A powerfu
    79 USD
    Exp SafetyLock PRO
    Vladislav Andruschenko
    SAFETYLOCK allows traders to avoid strong market reversals by setting an opposite order for an already opened position. If a trader or an EA opens a position, SAFETYLOCK opens an opposite pending order for it. If the position becomes loss-making, the pending order is activated creating a lock. The EA allows you to close the initial position, work with a trailing stop, or multiply the lot. You can also modify the pending order Open price following the position price. SafetyLock - Full Description
    49 USD
    WaltSoft Trade Manager
    Automatically Calculate the Lot Size for a given Percent Risk  and place the order with Stop Loss and Take Profit with one single click of a button. Drag and position your Stop Loss and Take Profit before placing the actual order. Can close positions with one click of a button. Can lock in profit of your trades with a Set Break Even function and/or a Trailing Stop Loss. Can work with Market Orders, Instant Orders, Pending Stop Orders and Pending Limit Orders. Works on any instrument:  Forex, Bo
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    SDX Dashboard
    Tsvetan Tsvetanov
    SDX is our latest and most advanced dashboard for manual trading. The app is based on our proven grid platform and offers unique trading opportunities for both experienced and new traders. This unique combination of innovative tools is designed to simplify the trading process and to give you real advantage. The system is ideal for short term trend following, counter-trend trading and scalping on the Forex market. Main Features Ability to work simultaneously with 10 pairs from one screen. Abili
    80 USD
    News Loader Pro
    Vu Trung Kien
    News Loader Pro is a tool that automatically updates every economic news in real time with detailed information from several online data sources. It uses the unique technology to load data with full details from popular Forex websites. An alert will be sent to your mobile/email before an upcoming news release. Moreover, it also marks the news release points on the chart for further review and research. In Forex trading, news is one of the important factors that move the market. Sticking with new
    79 USD
    Vitaly Muzichenko
    Set hidden TakeProfit, StopLoss and pending orders at lines placed on the chart Work on time on the news Backtesting manual strategies in the tester Placing virtual orders Playing a sound signal when the price reaches a level Automatic closing of all positions on the account or symbol by the total take profit in the deposit currency Description Can be dragged to any part of the chart using the mouse Useful for pipsing and scalping. It recommended for use with the " VisualInfoMove " indicator f
    35 USD
    Easy And Fast Pro MT4
    Anatoli Kazharski
    Это расширенная версия программы  Easy And Fast MT4  для ручной и полуавтоматической торговли. Покупка и продажа сразу по нескольким указанным символам. В режиме хеджинга можно открыть позицию частями по одной цене. Установка сразу множества отложенных ордеров по заданным условиям, указав коэффициент расстояния между ордерами и коэффициент объёма. Установка отложенных ордеров одним кликом на графике. Удалить ордера можно по заданному критерию: (1) сразу все ордера, (2) по указанному типу, (3) то
    70 USD
    Fast Trade MT4
    Alexey Valeev
    This trading panel has been developed for fast and comfortable operation of the financial markets. It is equipped with the necessary functions for manual and semi-automated trading. Due to the presence of the order trailing feature, trailing stop and automatic closure by equity, profit, time. You can use it to automate your trading system. All you have to do is open a position and set the parameters for maintenance, everything else will be handled by the EA. If you want to limit your losses, set
    50 USD
    Cross Trend Line to Trade
    Ziheng Zhuang
    This Expert Advisor opens or closes orders when the price is crossing the specified trend line (or horizontal line). For example, you draw a trendline and name it "B1". When the price is crossing the trendline, the EA will open a buy order. The name "B1" is built-in EA, you cannot use other letters. Panel Green: change the panel Violet: change the line type (trend or horizontal) Del: delete lines X: close the panel Built-In Names The built-in names are used to open and close orders. All built-
    50 USD
    Mehdi Faraz Fard
    Mehdi Faraz Fard 2020.07.11 12:09 

    User didn't leave any comment to the rating

    sunnychow 2019.08.31 15:39 

    User didn't leave any comment to the rating

    Christian Lenz
    Christian Lenz 2019.07.15 17:56 

    Update: I use software and the accounts and trades are not in sync. / The support stops answering after my bad reviews.

    The product is ok and works mostly. BUT if you need some support from the author you get nothing but platitudes in my opinion.

    (I avoid saying illogical nonsense that was read from a FAQ page but doesn't fit the problem.) I'm sure everyone knows such a kind of answer.

    That's after I made a lot of effort to gather information. And although I insisted several times on proper support (analysis help).

    I am an IT Consultant with a 6 digit income and would therefore claim that I have least basic knowledge of IT.

    Update:I have already asked 3 times for the name of the supporter and asked for an escalation to a manager. The support ignores it every time.

    I've proven in the meantime that it was an unintentional behavior of the EAs. He didn't even understand, that I solved the problem by my own. He is simply ignored it or technically not understood it.

    The support still insists that it is normal that the EA needs 100% a 3.1 Ghz CPU core alone and i should upgrade the Hardware.

    While 19 other EAs + MT only need only a fraction of it.

    As said the EA of this Author now (after fix the problem) only needs 0-4% but the support still doesn't see that the EA had a problem. ^^


    If you want know how terrible the support really is take a look here and search for 2019.07.17 00:48: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/6140#!tab=comments&page=3&comment=12466869

    A quote from the AutoFxPro Facebook page: "AutoFX Pro copier is a scam. They will sell you product and don't give a fuck about bugs. Pass your way or loose money !!!!!!!!!" Or another quote from Facebook: "Their trade copier closed trades when it shouldn't and lost me over 2.5k! They acknowledged this in my chat to support (of which I have a copy) but are now refusing to talk to me. it seems they have blocked me as they don't want to return my money. I am taking legal advice"

    I haven't received an apology yet! My guess is he's gonna try to get my ratings removed but i hope MQL5 lets honest reviews online.

    Richard24 2018.10.08 13:15 

    I bougth it and it id working on a local VPS with the Remote TRade Copier Unlimitet. It annoys almost every weeek a new update. And always all positions should be better closed before the update. Absolutely impossible.

    I have on a Contabo VPS as local copier to 4 receiver. All receiver have different positions with considerable deviation. this copier has brought me significant losses. It is not one only one VPS. on other VPS it is the same.

    Matthew Todorovski
    Matthew Todorovski 2018.06.12 15:21 

    User didn't leave any comment to the rating

    Ali irwan
    Ali irwan 2017.07.27 14:27 

    nice, thank

    Francis Dogbe
    Francis Dogbe 2016.04.21 23:10 

    User didn't leave any comment to the rating

    NewWin 2014.10.01 17:22 

    User didn't leave any comment to the rating

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    Version 6.1 2020.09.29
    - Improved: Code optimized.
    Version 6.0 2020.09.24
    - Fixed: Minor bugs.
    Version 5.99 2020.09.23
    - Fixed: Minor bugs.
    Version 5.98 2020.09.19
    - Improved: Better re-connection.
    Version 5.97 2020.09.16
    - Improved: Send Telegram message to public group.
    Version 5.96 2020.08.24
    - Fixed: Receiver can still follow the last online signal.
    Version 5.95 2020.08.17
    - Improved: Better connection.
    Version 5.94 2020.08.11
    - Improved: Code optimized.
    Version 5.93 2020.07.19
    - Improved: Stop trying to copy when market closed.
    Version 5.92 2020.07.08
    - Improved: Code optimized.
    Version 5.91 2020.07.04
    - Improved: Better symbol matching.
    Version 5.90 2020.07.01
    - Improved: Works with lot size smaller than 0.01.
    Version 5.89 2020.06.29
    - Added: Add more auto-matched CFD symbols.
    Version 5.88 2020.06.22
    - Fixed: Minor bugs.
    Version 5.87 2020.05.26
    - Fixed: Set millisecond timer issue.
    Version 5.86 2020.05.19
    - Improved: Code optimized.
    Version 5.85 2020.05.11
    - Improved: Better Telegram sending.
    Version 5.84 2020.05.09
    - Fixed: Match with long order ticket number of MT5 accounts.
    Version 5.83 2020.05.02
    - Improved: Codes optimized.
    Version 5.82 2020.04.18
    - Fixed: Minor bugs.
    Version 5.81 2020.04.13
    - Fixed: Correct Telegram sending.
    Version 5.80 2020.04.12
    - Improved: Send signal notification to Telegram.
    Version 5.79 2020.03.23
    - Improved: Interface optimization.
    Version 5.78 2020.03.13
    - Added: Allow to enable/disable Email & Mobile notification options.
    - Added: Custom SL & TP options.
    Version 5.77 2020.01.23
    - Fixed: Exit option correction.
    Version 5.76 2020.01.20
    - Fixed: Signal alert correction.
    Version 5.75 2020.01.12
    - Improved: Code optimized.
    Version 5.74 2020.01.12
    - Improved: Better data structure.
    Version 5.73 2019.12.15
    - Improved: Code optimized.
    Version 5.72 2019.12.02
    - Fixed: Minor bugs.
    Version 5.71 2019.11.30
    - Improved: Faster connection.
    Version 5.70 2019.10.03
    - Fixed: Correct CloseBy function copying.
    Version 5.69 2019.10.01
    - Improved: Faster connection to copy server.
    Version 5.68 2019.09.28
    - Improved: Auto recognize market close/open.
    Version 5.67 2019.09.27
    - Fixed: MarketInfo() function gives FALSE value with some weird brokers.
    Version 5.66 2019.09.26
    - Improved: Data reading optimized.
    Version 5.65 2019.09.18
    - Improved: Speed improved.
    Version 5.64 2019.09.14
    - Fixed: Still keep market orders that transformed from copied pending orders even provider disable "Buy" and "Sell" filter.
    Version 5.63 2019.09.09
    - Improved: More attempts when EventSetMillisecondTimer() function failed.
    Version 5.62 2019.08.29
    - Fixed: Partial close with small volume.
    Version 5.60 2019.08.05
    - Fixed: Minor bugs.
    Version 5.59 2019.08.04
    - Improved: Receiver can received direct message from provider.
    Version 5.58 2019.07.30
    - Fixed: Custom Prefix & Suffix input correction.
    Version 5.57 2019.07.20
    - Fixed: Minor bugs.
    Version 5.56 2019.07.10
    - Fixed: Bug when huge provider account (millions of account balance) trade with minimum lot size.
    Version 5.55 2019.07.01
    - Improved: Better connection recover.
    Version 5.54 2019.06.25
    - Improved: Code optimized.
    Version 5.53 2019.06.21
    - Added: Prefix and Suffix parameters.
    - Added: Notify to mobile and email when the copier is disabled/enabled or disconnected.
    Version 5.52 2019.06.18
    - Fixed: Color fix.
    Version 5.51 2019.06.14
    - Improved: Parameters optimized.
    Version 5.50 2019.06.12
    - Changed: Minor interface changes.
    Version 5.49 2019.06.10
    - Improved: Interface optimized.
    Version 5.48 2019.06.10
    - Change: Add "No Copy Later Than" option/parameter.
    Version 5.47 2019.05.31
    - Improved: Faster connection to server.
    Version 5.46 2019.05.29
    - Fixed: Minor bugs.
    Version 5.45 2019.05.25
    - Improved: Auto recognize CFD and Metal symbols between different brokers.
    Version 5.44 2019.05.04
    - Improved: Add input parameters for simple control mode, which supports MQL5 VPS.
    Version 5.43 2019.03.15
    - Improved: Code optimized.
    Version 5.42 2019.03.13
    - Improved: Code optimized.
    Version 5.40 2019.02.14
    - Fixed: Minor bugs.
    Version 5.39 2019.02.13
    - Improved: Code optimized.
    Version 5.38 2019.01.24
    - Fixed: Minor bugs.
    Version 5.37 2019.01.21
    - Improved: Better partial close and closeby management from MT5 to MT4.
    Version 5.36 2019.01.04
    - Fixed: Adapt if provider use old version.
    Version 5.35 2019.01.01
    - Improved: Convert contract size of CFDs and Indexes between different brokers.
    Version 5.34 2018.12.19
    - Fixed: Minor bugs.
    Version 5.33 2018.12.18
    - Fixed: SetTimer issue.
    Version 5.32 2018.12.17
    - Improved: Code optimized.
    Version 5.31 2018.12.16
    - Improved: Load saved order faster after restarted.
    Version 5.30 2018.12.15
    - Improved: Auto hide Prefix&Suffix setting if the account has only one symbol for each pairs.
    - Improved: Better copied order management.
    Version 5.29 2018.11.24
    - Improved: Faster speed.
    Version 5.28 2018.11.22
    - Improved: Better prefix & suffix recognition.
    Version 5.27 2018.11.19
    - Improved: Code optimized.
    Version 5.25 2018.11.03
    - Improved: Add Prefix & Suffix option for receiver if there are more than one symbol for the same currency pair.
    Version 5.24 2018.10.21
    - Improved: Support duplicate trades within the same account.
    Version 5.23 2018.10.17
    - Improved: Code optimized.
    Version 5.22 2018.10.15
    - Fixed: Minor bug with copy same order comment from MT5 to MT4.
    Version 5.21 2018.10.04
    - Improved: Better copied orders management.
    Version 5.20 2018.10.02
    - Fixed: Minor bugs.
    Version 5.19 2018.09.22
    - Improved: Better orders management when switching between multiple PCs/VPSs.
    Version 5.18 2018.09.08
    - Fixed: "Stoploss Risk Percent" with small lotsize.
    Version 5.17 2018.08.24
    - Fixed: "Can not set millisecond timer" error fixed.
    Version 5.16 2018.08.16
    - Improved: Faster copying due to shorter account checking.
    Version 5.14 2018.06.22
    - Improved: Speed up at receiver mode.
    Version 5.13 2018.06.08
    - Fixed: Still manage copied orders correctly after move to another PC/VPS.
    Version 5.12 2018.05.31
    - Fixed: Minor bugs.
    - Improved: Increase data reading speed in remote mode.
    Version 5.11 2018.05.14
    - Fixed: Auto reconnect HTTP request if failed.
    Version 5.10 2018.05.04
    - Fixed: Fixed lotsize bugs.
    Version 5.1 2018.04.24
    - Fixed: Alert multiple times if copy server's URL is not added.
    Version 5.0 2018.03.06
    - Improved: Copy between MT5.
    - Improved: Code optimized.
    Version 4.37 2017.11.30
    - Fixed: corrected custom pairs filter.
    Version 4.36 2017.04.19
    - Improved: Allow different settings for different providers on each chart.
    Version 4.35 2017.03.24
    - Added: "Do Nothing" option to Equity Drawdown.
    Version 4.34 2017.03.10
    - Added: "Entry" to copy filter. So, receiver can choose to not copy new trades from provider while still follow the current copied trades.
    - Added: Equity drawdown protection. So, receiver account can be protected when a specific drawdown of equity reached.
    Version 4.33 2017.02.28
    - Improved: Faster update to copied trades when provider changes settings.
    Version 4.32 2016.12.22
    - Fixed: Minor bugs.
    Version 4.31 2016.12.13
    - Added: Same comment option -> the receiver will have the same order comment as provider.
    Version 4.30 2016.11.08
    - Improved: Allows negative slippage value (better copied entry).
    - Improved: Allows excluded custom pairs by adding exclamation (!) before the pair symbol. E.g: !EURUSD, !USDJPY, ...
    Version 4.29 2016.10.24
    - Fixed: Copy SL/TP modification when provider remove SL/TP.
    Version 4.28 2016.09.28
    - Improved: Better handle with copy invalid entry pending orders.
    Version 4.27 2016.08.22
    - Fixed: Avoid non-stop loop of error #130 when EP/SL/TP is invalid.
    Version 4.26 2016.07.18
    - Improved: Auto recognize the difference of metal symbols between brokers (XAUUSD <-> GOLD, XAGUSD <-> SILVER).
    Version 4.24 2016.06.29
    - Added: Scale factor for "Provider risk scaling" lotsize option, allow receiver to scale the risk of provider.
    - Added: Allow receive local copy.
    - Removed: "Trade Timeout" is removed. Orders will be copied at anytime as long as it has the same or better price of source's order.
    Version 4.23 2016.05.31
    - Added: User can edit the provider list by .csv file outside of MT4.
    - Improved: Auto calculate lotsize scale if provider's account currency is different from receiver's account currency.
    - Improved: Can concect to all other versions of my copier.
    Version 4.22 2016.02.18
    - Fixed: Save provider's special symbol after restarting the EA.
    Version 4.21 2015.12.01
    - Fixed minor bugs.
    Version 4.19 2015.11.30
    - Improved: Allow to copy large volume by mutiplying maximum lotsize per order.
    Version 4.18 2015.10.16
    - Improved: Add more detailed message to warn the user if connect to copier full version.
    Version 4.17 2015.09.04
    - Improved: Notify user about copy server URL if it has not been added.
    Version 4.14 2015.05.12
    - Improved: Only show trading symbol in Market Watch if necessary.
    Version 4.13 2015.04.29
    - Fixed: Conflict if maximum allowed order amounts between provider and receiver are different.
    Version 4.12 2015.03.27
    - Fixed: Unpredicted "array out of range" error.
    Version 4.11 2015.03.11
    - Fixed: Minor bug in printing provider list.
    Version 4.1 2015.03.06
    - Fixed: No more conflicts between multi-providers with new comment options.

    Caution: Close all existing copied orders before updating.
    Version 3.99 2015.03.03
    - Fixed: Removed untradeable symbols in Market Watch with some brokers (like Exness).
    - Improved: A receiver is able to set different options for each providers group by loading the copier on different charts.
    - Improved: Adapt to order comments from the new version of copiers.

    - All existing copied orders need to be closed before updating this version.
    - Trade Receiver and Copier must be of the same version.
    Version 3.98 2015.02.24
    - Fixed: Removed untradeable symbols in Market Watch with some brokers (like Exness).
    - Improved: A receiver is able to set different options for each provider by loading the copier on different charts.
    Version 3.96 2015.02.11
    - Improved: Slightly faster data transfer.
    - Added: Notification if Internet connection is lost.
    Version 3.9 2015.02.03
    - Fixed: Force to display all graphic objects to the front of the chart. They could be hidden at few low RAM computers with previous version.
    Version 3.6 2015.01.21
    - Reduced memory consumption.
    Version 3.5 2015.01.16
    - Fixed: Expert Advisor's status message correction.
    - Fixed: Eliminate potential zero divides.
    Version 3.3 2015.01.08
    - Added: Alert when logging in with an investor account as a receiver.
    Version 3.2 2015.01.06
    - Added: Copy filter options for a receiver.
    - Added: Backup servers input.
    - Changes: Switched server to copy.autofxpro.com.
    Version 2.8 2014.12.24
    - Added: Balance ratio option for lotsize.
    - Added: Support "Close By" function.
    - Added: Support "Partial Close" function.
    Version 2.6 2014.11.21
    Improved: Faster copying speed.
    Version 2.5 2014.11.18
    - Improved: More stable for data transferring.
    Note: Please make sure that there is no copied order processing before upgrade.
    Version 2.4 2014.11.14
    Increased the number of decimal points in lotsize multiply factor.
    Version 2.2 2014.10.01
    Fixed minor bugs about symbol recognition (reported from users).
    Version 2.1 2014.09.30
    - Fixed: minor bugs.